The old is coming to an end—
the ancient one gripping tight,
as if nothing else matters.

As the grip of the old tightens,
the new can sense the waning hour of its rustic power.
The old knows, as soon as it lets go,
it has to give its final blessing,
that bit we call farewell.

The splendid bull
is standing on the plateau,
faced towards the sun,
rising from horizon.

The first few rays spill into the ocean,
just before the sun is up, above the skyline.
That breathless moment,
when existence appears to be standing still…

The ancient and the new.
A mystery as old as time.
What have I to learn from all that is passing by?

Decay, death, birth, a new start.

I give my gratitude to all that is fading away,
burning out, passing on its final emanating surge of power,
just before it’s time to give it up.

It’s time to give it up!
Your time, your rule, your reign is over.

An ocean of valuable lessons,
overflowing generosity,
kindness and good deeds…
All of it going towards new, fresh seeds.
It’s time to let go, graciously.

Out of the old roots grow the new shoots.
Come spring, watch the glory unfold in its full swing.  

Roaring fireplace, several soft cushions,
the sound of crackling firewood,
a copper flask of water and myself,
gazing towards the blazing fire
as it eats the wood away,
sending vital heat my way.

Holding my favorite pen, I etch
the final few pages of my fifth notebook of this twilight year.

When the one starts starts,
I will pull out a fresh, new, sky blue one!

May the New Year be blessed
with infinite inspiration, joy, and strength
as we navigate through distinct moments:
joyful, challenging, struggling, healing,
messy, exiting, sad, hungry, happy.  
May we learn, may we grow and become
wiser, suppler, more caring, and stronger
as we bravely sail on.

Out of the gracious Old
comes the radiant New!

Balancing Act

Life is a balancing act.
Everything in life is about balance; down to a single molecule and atom, the building block of everything that forms your or my reality.

How much pressure I need to put on my fountain pen to write these lines, while streaming my thoughts and forming some meaning? How much is enough and what is too much?

How much air do I breathe in, how smoothly, and how much do I exhale? When do I stop?
At what point in time do I put forward my left leg and when does the right foot follow? How can I balance my body when I stand on one leg so I don’t topple over? My left side of the body is perfectly aligned with it’s opposite side. Balance is everywhere, everything is striving to remain in perfect balance.

I have to keep my body in balance after I jump off the plane, diving in the sky, just before my parachute opens, shooting me up, before gravity gently pulls me down again.

Swimming is all about finding the balance to keep afloat, for my body to move seamlessly through the element of water.

Ice-skating is all about keeping my balance as I slide on ice.

Skiing is all about finding and keeping my balance as I meander down the snowy hill. Snowboarding, surfing, horse riding, ski jumping, biking, rowing, dancing, tightrope walking, martial arts, rock climbing, gymnastics, athletics, team sports.

There is no sport in this world, no activity, no task that does not require and teach us about balance – inner balance (equanimity) and outer balance.

How much to eat of what, when to stop, How much to drink, when to say, it’s enough. How long to sleep, when to wake up. Work – rest. Daytime – nighttime. Feminine – masculine. Yin – Yang. Shiva – Shakti. Light – dark, left – right, up – down, in – out, cold – hot, passive – active, love – hate, sad – happy, and on and on. You got the point! The tiny dot, bang in the middle, with everything else around.

The whole existance is built based on balance. Birth – death and all inbetween that requires our attention so we can hone our innate balancing skills.

Why is balance so important? When there is lack of balance it shows in disturbance of peace and harmony. The further from the center we drift, the less peace and harmony we are able to enjoy. We start compensating one imbalance to create another. How long can the sand castle last before it gets washed away by the tidal wave, blown away by the wind, dismantled by rain? Only time will tell.

Learn to balance every aspect of your life. You have two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, two of each limbs. Human body is a perfect representation of balance. How much easier and straightforward could it be?

Identify areas in your life where less is more, where force is needed, where softness and gentleness is called for.

Listening vs. taking. Material vs. spiritual. Learning, mental activities, movement vs. quiet time & empty space, stillness.

What all have you promised in life and how much have you delivered? How much do you talk and how much do you walk your talk?
What all have you taken and how much have you given?

All seasons, all stages of life, every day, every moment in time is a mirror, reflecting our state of balance.

Including our financial sheet of balance – our assets vs. liabilities. Not only in this moment but through our entire life, and much longer, in case you remember. Our life story begins long before our birth and spans beyond our death. What legacy do you thread?

Where do you stand? What do you represent?  What is your true balance as an expression of life force? Who are you as a woman, as a man?

What is your true worth when you strip naked and all your wordly possessions are gone? Where do you stand? How do you stand? Who is the one standing on the two wonderful, balancing feet?

Balance – tick, tack, tick, tack,… booom.
The clock chimes with a tune.
It’s 12 o’clock, it’s noon.
It’s 12 again, only this time it’s midnight.
Twice a day, twelve o’clock.
One half spilling into another.
Together they form the whole,
and the circle of eternity is born.

Circle of Life.

No matter how expanding or contracting is the circle, how fast or slow it spins, regardless of its circular dimension, the central point is always in the middle, unchanging, in the same spot, no matter what. And nothing seems to matter more than a tiny, single, inconspicuous dot.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, Om

Peace, peace, peace
May there be peace on earth as it is in heaven

Peace be with us all. 11:11


The ‘I’ of the Storm

I move
Through any season;
pleasant summer time,
silver moonlit night,
cold stormy winter sigh.

I move into the storm,
frost biting through my skin,
I move as if I am the storm.

The wind sweeps the snow beneath my feet,
clearing the path ahead of me
making way
As if I am the way.
I am the wind, the storm, the snow.

As if I am the force of nature.
Your indispensable I.

Mother nature,
where is this road taking me now?
Where must I go?
What must I shed, what else is there to learn, to experience, to give, to know?

My joy is your joy.
My rage, my tears, my fire,
my strength… it all comes through you.

I know.
I do as you will.

I move, I walk, I run, I sing, I dance, I breath, I fight, I love, I swim, I cry, I fly through you.
As you do through me.

Until you let me go.
So ‘I’ can go back home.


What a difference a day makes, 24 little hours…. Time after time. <3

The Joy of Life

In a nutshell, sleeps the mighty oak tree.
Knock, knock.
beckons him the Life Force.
“Your time has come,
Your time is now.
Your journey reinitiates.

The rain,
the sun,
the earth,
the wind,
the storms,
the season,
your tribe…

We’re all here because of you.

You are the Joy of Life.

Joie de vivre.
Radost življenja.
Radost života.
Gioai della vita.
Alegría de la vida.
Radost’ zhizni.
Shēnghuó de lèqù.
Jinsei no yorokobi.
Niềm vui của cuộc sống.
Prazer da vida.

Nine Billion of Us

Nine billion of us, drumming the same beat – together.
I chiseled out the following few verses for you, for me, for us all.

Let’s get this vibe right.
Gently close your eyes, breathe in and out.

Only this time, breathe through your heart.

If you feel the sudden twitch, it’s alright.
Take a deep sigh of relief – that’s a good start.

And so it begins…
My story is but one of billions of stories unfolding
in this moment of time. 
There are many common themes we share.
This one is about love and acceptance. 
It’s how it all begins,
with the sweet loving fragrance called life. 

Yet, I’m always seeking something more,
wondering: What am I here for? 
What have I got to give that can be lovingly received?
How can I best serve in this life?

Am I not enough the way I am?
The question – at times it feels intense.
Is it possible to feel too much?
So much, it sometimes drives me nuts…

We all come with a safety switch,
just like the fuse box comes with the home.
When the surge gets too strong,
the room will yield to the absence of light.

When it’s nighttime, it gets dark inside out.

I know that too well; I also switch off,
going from one extreme to nothing at all in my own magnetic field. 
Thank God for the impeccable heartbeat;
it knows how to drum on its own.

I closed the doors on countless dreams,
and shattered futures, or so it seems,  
out of worry, out of fear.
Worry and fear, a deadly weight,
can stop the flow, and seal our fate.

I need to let go of my compulsion to control,
being hesitant with the unfamiliar, the unknown.
The lasting imprints of past events
can make us fight or run away.

In the moment when I’m about to fade,
the lighting strikes…
I get an insight.

I recall that there’s a different, lighter way to take.
I can breathe through my heart,
and vibrate in a different way.
It’s not how I was programmed to respond,
it’s what I was truly meant to be.
If you know what I mean…
There’s a way to be.
I know it well; it’s always been there.

Light is right
and often, less is more.

I’ve always been grateful for guidance and words of wisdom,
but I no longer seek gurus to define my way. 
because I am ‘the way’.
The wisdom of ages is inherent in us all.
Through billions of us, it flows, when we open up
and trust the synchronous flow.

As I remember and hum these sacred words
every hour of my day, 
both fight and flight begin to fade away.
A kind, loving, receptive heart is what sets me free.

I thank you for hearing me out,
for receiving me,
with your open heart.
By being received, I’m able to give,
to feel and to heal.

I am not just an inept kid I was once thought to believe.
Each child holds treasures, precious and rare,
a heart that’s gentle, selfless, and fair,
a spirit that’s caring, kind, and true,
a gift to share, with me and with you.

There are 9 billion of us, drumming the same beat,
with 9 billion beautiful hearts, each moment, together,
humming the sacred tune.

A symphony of notes is more enchanting than their parts.
The union of souls, more powerful than each solitary heart.

And no matter how far on the highway I reach,
I’m always the same distance away from the ditch. 

The Glory

Melting, flowing like soft water.
Eyes gently closed, infused with the sacred hum.
The sound of rain: drip, drop, drip, drop, drip, drop.

The overwhelming sway
is taking over once again.

Breathing deeply,
softly into my belly and up towards my chest,
expanding, contracting
with my every breath.
Riveting silence of the night is inviting me to write.

I willingly respond.
Half asleep in my twilight zone,
my ink-soaked eager nib begins to flow.

In moments rare, I glimpse the grace of flow,
To be like water, free and unconfined.

And though we seem so firm and set in stone,
The truth of life is fluid, ever changing.
Like waves that crash upon the shore and roam,
We’re part of nature’s dance, forming and transforming.

We are hanging on to something
while we’re breathing—
Semipermeable containers of some sort:
not quite as solid as a rock,
nor swift as the wind.
Meandering through life
like a river towards the ocean,
always embraced by the sky,
holding on to the consecrated ground.

We imbibe it all:
clay, water, air, fire.
They all came together,
summoned to give life to our glorious forms.
With utmost mathematical precision,
you and I were born.

Life came together,
as life always comes together.

Every morning,
we open our eyes to greet the rising sun.
As within so without, the dance of Shiva1 must go on.

Dance, my friend, the very best you can.
May your life be merry!
For you are the summoning of life,
reflected through every cell of your body.

One with the rising sun,
you are the Graceful Glory.

1. Shiva (Sanskrit: शिव): auspicious one.

The Soft Flow

Whatever happens in this world,
in my life,
to live by my heart, I try—
by holding on to my favorite pen
and a sheet of paper,
then spilling out my inspiration.  
I offer that to you, to the world
without any hesitation.

While my creative blood’s on fire,
here… take it, drink, quench your thirst,
your heart’s desire.

Drink deep the cup of life divine,
imbibe each word and every sign,
till every fiber of your being glows,
and every breath feels like a rose.

Such bliss, swimming with the flow…

We are of a different kind, yet
you remain my muse,
the one that sets me free…
So drink and be merry!
May your life be richer
for this verse I offer here to thee.

Never have I found such strength,
to tease out each and every thought
out of the unknown into the world.

Writing is my dopamine-fueled hike,
a fix for my incurable romantic heart,
both my ebb and my flow.
And I sway softly between them all…
I wonder, do I really seek a way to set myself free
from the ocean of both bliss and misery?

My favorite pen,
will you help me,
show me the way as I sail through?
Can you? Will you?
I know you can. I know you will.

“Enough, you have made a fool of yourself,”
mind whispers.
“Silly girl, with her head in the clouds,
wandering in fairyland, round and round.
Come back to the ground.”

Where is this coming from?  
Who am I? Who are you?
Who are we to each other?

This story has no end.
This tale is beyond my time.

I thank you for each
and every breath of inspiration,
guiding me deeper into contemplation.

Such fun!
I never know when
or where my next golden nugget is coming from!
All I need to know is
it’s mine to share with you.

Such gifts are mine to give,
to whomever I so will.
I choose and give it all to you.

Through me—if it resonates—
it flows to you,
and on and on it flows to someone else,
as far and as wide as it wants.

Softly, let it flow.

Full circle is always complete,
in love, in bliss, in pain, or misery.
Two moments are never the same.
Choose wisely what you do, think, write, or say.

The sum of its parts
is always greater than the parts when taken separately.
Togetherness is stronger when expressed as oneness—

when love is there,
when joy is the glue.
Or else… well, 
your heart can surely tell 
if what you hear is true.


After many life-learned lessons and days and years of contemplation,
 I wrote myself a poem.

May this poem be a beacon of light for your heart.

That is, if self-forgiveness is what you seek…

I seek forgiveness—
forgiveness from myself
for judging what I did or did not do,
blaming me for failures
only I defined as such.

Driven by the force of merciless,
self-made judge;
creating events that give rise to the unyielding force,
wrapped in a long, black,
fear-mongering cloak.

I did that to myself.
Most of the time.
Forgive me, my heart,
for cutting you short.

Forgive me for playing so harsh,
for causing you grief, self-imposed strain.

Forgive me
for not letting you be free.

Finally, I am learning to forgive.
The iron chain begins to crack,
as I start leaning in and letting go.

Be free,
my beloved heart,
invincible source and force of love.
Be free.

Out Of The Fog Into The Light

I see…
The fog has ascended down on the path laid out before me.
My feet continue with their vigorous stride.

I take one step at a time.
So does the fog – she appears to be leading ahead,
one step at a time.
No matter how fast, slow, powerful, weak, large, or small I may be,
we are moving in two separate planes that can never meet.

She moves – I move:
forward, back, left, right.  
I stop – she stops.
Two dancers
moving in perfect harmony,
yet they never touch.

She bestows the blinding gift;
I cannot see the path unfolding ahead of me.

But that’s okay.
My heart leads the way,
no matter how much denser she gets.
My core is much more solid than the scattered fog.

When I stand still, you stand still.
When I move forward, you begin to move on.
Yet, we never meet.

I gaze toward the sky,
and the sun appears from behind the clouds.
The light so bright is piercing through.
And the fog – puff – the fog is gone and I carry on.

But wait, there’s a twist to my story!
While there is still fog,
what happens if I jump higher,
rise above you,
like the sun glides above the clouds?

When I fly above,
you seem to stand still.
That does the trick!

All I need to do is grow my wings,
so I soar high above with grace and ease.

I can move above you, but I cannot move through you.

I make a step forward, backward, to the left, to the right.
You continue sliding away.
We appear to be in perfect harmony,
yet we never meet.

Two dimensions that cannot collide or intertwine.
Almost, but never…

So it is in the lower planes,
where the fog appears to rule the terrain.

Hence, I choose to rise above
and remind myself:
“You have the wings,
so there’s no need to wait for the sun.
You can leap above this fog and rise!”

So I climb the mountain,
I ascend above the hazy glen,
I choose to move toward the sun,
away from the frail, foggy trail.

Standing on the top of the mountain,
beside my favorite rock,
by the tree,
above the fog,
in the planes where the sun shines brighter,
I remember how I used to dance when I was in the misty dell

and recollect: “What was that drama all about?”
I smile, let go, and gracefully accept.

Come and visit me sometime!
To the planes beyond the murky vale.
the place where the sun’s radiance never fades.

You see,
you are free to choose and stay wherever it is you may.
There is no such thing as higher or lower planes for the sunrays.
They reach everywhere and clear the mist away…
‘All paths lead to Rome.’  

Your choice, your life, your dance, your destiny…

I gladly came here to reach out my hand to my beloved friend.

Life Matters

I am not small or insignificant.
I am as large and as relevant as Life itself.
I am Life.

In life, there is no such thing as comparison.
In life, everything is Life—
Big or small,
single or multicellular organism,
there is no separation between

different representations of Life.
You are the living proof.

Mind is what mind does.
Mind is an innocent child.
It likes to play games.
It likes to find different venues,
in endless ways.
Mind is entirely in your capable hands,
once you become ripe enough to become more aware.

Awareness is like the perfectly ripe fruit

of Mother Nature and Baba Sun.
Each of us nurture that fruit,
that nimble child of ours.
Each of us in our own unique way and time
are just like fruits ripening in nature.
It’s that simple.

I love the scent of the ripe strawberries,
radiant red,
infused with sun power,
bursting with life force.

It tastes unlike any other fruit

I have ever picked directly off the plant
and delightfully packed into my mouth.
Eyes closed.
Perfection when it all comes together,
as it should,
as it was meant to be.

The journey of the ripened strawberry should not be forced.
It will never taste the same and you will know.
Once you have tasted the perfectly sun-ripened strawberry,
receiving the sensorial explosion in your mouth
with its fully intense strawberry taste,
you will never forget the experience—
even if time comes when you have to settle for less.

Life can be such.
All you need to do is close your eyes,
focus on that delightful perfect strawberry moment in your life,
and you will be able to recall its sense,
perhaps even its taste.
Such is the power of mind.

Appreciate all what you’ve been gifted to experience in life.
Don’t try to possess or take anything or anyone for granted.

Each of us represents equally significant part

of one permeating Life Force.
Don’t ever be fooled in misleading beliefs

or dogmas indicating otherwise.
Your every breath, each heartbeat

is your greatest guide showing you that you are Life itself.

Nuances are here to be celebrated—
varieties to make our life experience more abundant,
joyful, and complete.

Let’s celebrate Life!

Respect Life!
Like you have learned to respect yourself,
or how you would truly like to be respected.
Protect Life like you protect your own life!

Every bit matters.
You are Life.
Life is You.
You matter.
Life matters.