Life Matters

I am not small or insignificant.
I am as large and as relevant as Life itself.
I am Life.

In life, there is no such thing as comparison.
In life, everything is Life—
Big or small,
single or multicellular organism,
there is no separation between

different representations of Life.
You are the living proof.

Mind is what mind does.
Mind is an innocent child.
It likes to play games.
It likes to find different venues,
in endless ways.
Mind is entirely in your capable hands,
once you become ripe enough to become more aware.

Awareness is like the perfectly ripe fruit

of Mother Nature and Baba Sun.
Each of us nurture that fruit,
that nimble child of ours.
Each of us in our own unique way and time
are just like fruits ripening in nature.
It’s that simple.

I love the scent of the ripe strawberries,
radiant red,
infused with sun power,
bursting with life force.

It tastes unlike any other fruit

I have ever picked directly off the plant
and delightfully packed into my mouth.
Eyes closed.
Perfection when it all comes together,
as it should,
as it was meant to be.

The journey of the ripened strawberry should not be forced.
It will never taste the same and you will know.
Once you have tasted the perfectly sun-ripened strawberry,
receiving the sensorial explosion in your mouth
with its fully intense strawberry taste,
you will never forget the experience—
even if time comes when you have to settle for less.

Life can be such.
All you need to do is close your eyes,
focus on that delightful perfect strawberry moment in your life,
and you will be able to recall its sense,
perhaps even its taste.
Such is the power of mind.

Appreciate all what you’ve been gifted to experience in life.
Don’t try to possess or take anything or anyone for granted.

Each of us represents equally significant part

of one permeating Life Force.
Don’t ever be fooled in misleading beliefs

or dogmas indicating otherwise.
Your every breath, each heartbeat

is your greatest guide showing you that you are Life itself.

Nuances are here to be celebrated—
varieties to make our life experience more abundant,
joyful, and complete.

Let’s celebrate Life!

Respect Life!
Like you have learned to respect yourself,
or how you would truly like to be respected.
Protect Life like you protect your own life!

Every bit matters.
You are Life.
Life is You.
You matter.
Life matters.

Infinity of 9

I haven’t written much in the past few days. My mind was in a bit of a turmoil.

And when I feel my mind is not as clear as the sky, my heart not as pure, open, flowing as it could and should be, I can not and I do not write. It would not be fair to you, me dumping my burdensome mind to you. It is not my style.

I choose carefully what I give, I am aware of what you receive. There is enough fallacy, misery, and regurgitation in this world as it is. I call it mental masturbation. If it doesn’t add value needed for a healthier balance of this world today, I process it by myself first, and only come out when I’m clear.

When we share the very best of ourselves we offer our greatest service and gift to this world. That is exactly what is needed the most.

As one of my teachers at Schumacher college used to say – half baked bread will give you indigestion.

I don’t want to do that, because I know what cramps caused by indigestion feel like. What kind of human would I be if I did that? The kind of human I choose not to be.

My gift, here and now should bring out the very best in you and through you. I believe, I know, words woven in such mode have immense power to capture your attention, to touch and move your heart, and to transform the way you are as a being in this world. Just like a very special music and art. Your heart knows very well what I’m talking about.

But only when you start looking in nature for inspiration, the place where it all begins to unfold – everything you get to experience, see, hear, and feel. Perfect art, music, science; an absolute harmony of perpetual symphony.

I watched the beautiful story about a Man who chooses to live in such harmony. His romance with numbers, with dolphins, fractals, patterns, flowers, connection to the wisdom of the infinity of possibilities, kindness of his heart, depth of his compassion moved my heart. His ability in staying grounded and humble despite all the riches of his brilliant mind. His understanding of life is profound.

It inspires me to think about the kind of art I choose to engage with. I expect nothing less from myself when it comes to what I am compelled to share with this world of infinite possibilities. Each moment is a choice, so let’s choose well my friends.

Thank you Michael.

‘Evolution is a process of iteration. There is no plan. It’s in each moment of what happens. My life is a process of iteration.’ (Michael)’

So much for today

Dependence vs Independence

Freedom loving, mighty tree

What does it mean to be independent and what is the value of dependence? Independence gives the ability to make certain choices. It means one is fee from the outside control, not depending on another’s authority, livelihood, or support. To what extent though? What about being independent from certain habits and the influence of your mind – particularly when it no longer serves you well? Independence is also comparative; it depends what we are comparing our current state of being to? I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I’m not sure there is a state of being totally independent. It would imply that we live in isolation from everything and everyone else– no ecosystem, no food, no sleep, no air. It means we no longer exist.

Every organism in nature depends on few other organisms and their ecosystem to survive and thrive. Our bodies depend on the food provided by nature. The food we eat is brought to our plates, thanks to the effort of multiple processes and hands. We depend on the air that We breath, the oxygen generated by trees and marine plants in the ocean. We need clean drinking water to survive, and a peace of mind to sharpen our senses, so we can properly function in our daily lives. If it wasn’t for millions of tinny organisms living in our bodies, depending on each other and our composed mind We would not be alive.

The other day I wrote something that struck a chord with me. It was about my father living his freedom out of repression, not from a blank page. As one would if their childhood was relatively perfect. I realized I have lived my independence out of rejection from being dependent – not from a blank page. Instead of learning the lesson of being humble, willing to ask for help, not always saying NO for an answer – I created a barrier that stopped me from the flow of giving and receiving.

When you depend on somebody in your life, when your dependence is reciprocated, you are also giving each other the opportunity to be dependable, so you can deepen your trust and improve the quality of your relationship.

On the other hand, what happens when one becomes obsessed with the badge of independence – is there something you are trying to prove to others in your life and if so – what is it and why? What is your opportunity cost and what do you gain if you continue this game?

I thought I gained a sense of autonomy’. But that’s just a feeling – and it does not mean I am actually free. It’s a mind-made concept that can easily be challenged and taken away from me. What am I left with when that feeling is gone? ‘I’m left feeling insecure.’ Your observation is spot on! This too is another mind concept.

OK, lets dive deeper. Why am I feeling insecure, if I know that I am imperfectly perfect expression of the Self? A decimal part of the whole, of creator itself. How can I still feel insecure if what I just said is my truth? Am I perhaps deceiving myself and not being fully authentic?

What’s true for me? Can anything that matters ever be taken away from me? Valuable objects, beliefs, memories, or people we hold precious to our heart? Of course, it pains when they are gone – they have provided us with the experience of joy and happiness, sometimes the experience brings tears and anger – it’s the whole 9 yards. Throughout life, we developed many relationships, hopefully beautifully ones, based on mutually reciprocating dependence, love, and trust. Remember, no experience can ever be taken away from you – but the object of experience can. Eventually every experience in life also comes to an end, but the source of the one who is experiencing all this can never be taken away. That which can never end, simply returns back to the source, until it is needed again. As many times as necessary until you finally realize you have always been here. It was all just a dream of the dreamer who dreams it all. Until the moment you wake up and see it for what it is – a dream and you are the creator.

How about you? Here and now. What is really going on when you think about your dependence vs independence?

Try to allow yourself to trust, to be vulnerable by reminding yourself how dependent you are in the most elegant, congenial way. By venturing out into the unknown, by being ok with being dependent. Start by trusting life, the life that knows so much more than your individual personality can ever apprehend.

Being humble, being grateful for being alive, here and now, for having been gifted this unique opportunity to play with your beloved ones, to express yourself, to learn how to flow like a river. To know that You are held by Earth’s gravity, no matter what. 

To be able to step outside your comfort zone that limits your full potential. Inching out, bit by bit, until you leave what serves you no more behind. Self-imposed limitations, ignorance, criticism, arrogance, resentments, sadness, fear of the unknown. 

Until you finally get a sense of real freedom, realizing that all this time You were being held and supported by so many caring hands, and loving hearts. Those that surround you those that came before you, those that are not even yet born. 

Ask yourself a question: ‘Why have I developed the following attitude and the stat of mind “I must prove to myself and the whole world that I can be fully independent?”  

One of the reasons is often a disconnect. Just like a temporary power cut, a tripping fuse box, that’s all. Go to the basement and find out what’s tripping your fuse box. Remove the faulty appliances that have been causing the issues or overburdening the system. Go back to the fuse, find the off button, flick on the switch, and carry on.

In peace, with joy, and sweet harmony! And if you find yourself waving the freedom flag again, which is likely to happen, just remind yourself to go back to square one.

I am held by the gravity on Earth, no matter what. Mother Nature provides enough for all of her children’s needs, I am her kin. I am a part of the infinite whole. No one can take what really matters away. I am being held and supported by many caring hands and loving hearts. Those that surround me, those that came before me, those that are not yet even born. I am supported by life itself.

You may ask: ‘Why all this seeking? What awaits at the end of the tunnel?’ Simply, all this happens due to a gravitational pull to the place of my inner peace and harmony. Space with less clutter, less friction in my mind. By going back to a certain level of innocence that makes my life calm by removing the struggles from within and conflicts that manifest on the outside.

Days become brighter, much lighter, more joyful – like the birds’ song. Remember, this state of being is not exclusive; it’s not something attainable by the saints and yogis only; we all carry the same seed – the potential within. It just needs some attention, nurturing, and TLC. We can all grow into it, just like the beautiful, freedom living & life giving, interconnected, and interdependent trees. 

It’s ok to say yes, to be held and to hold, to be part of the flow, to trust. When you start changing your attitudes based on these few basic life principles, your insecurity loses its grip. You start being at peace with yourself, at peace with life – no matter who with, when, or where ever you are. This is what true independence is all about. It happens every moment of every day, not only on Independence Day.

Introduction of a new Journey – Education and SustainAbility

I was inspired to share my observation and understanding of Sustainability after seeing a Facebook post on my friend’s wall with a title “Human Induced Climate Change is False”. I followed the link with a video and listened carefully, with an open mind to what the person was about to share.

From where I came to be and from what I came to understand about this topic, I noticed this person using the word complexity, without grasping its meaning. He was talking about economic, social and environmental problems as being unrelated to implications of Climate Change. He spoke of unnecessary investments and efforts to create a more sustainable ways of living and doing business.

Such presentations can easily misguide many, especially newcomers who are still forming an understanding about Climate Change and Sustainability; even more so during times when critical thinking is in decline. My understanding is not complete; but I’m confident to say it is more complete when compared to much of what I hear, read and see in connection to Sustainability.  However, I leave you with a “ResponseAbility” not to take what you see and read for granted, but to form “your” own opinion, while keeping your heart and mind open.

Inquiry into Sustainability   Author: Brigi

The topic is broad, hence I have decided to divide the areas of Sustainability affecting the health of the biosphere our lives depend upon into several parts. In my next post I will present part one – “Population Growth”. The parts I’m about to share are interconnected and interdependent – hence I will emphasise the focus of the one I have chosen, while drawing connection between all of them.

My journey of intellectual and a more holistic understanding of Sustainability started in September 2011 at Schumacher College in Devon, when I signed up for a full time Master’s in Economics for Transition – a program specialized in Environmental Sustainability, Low Carbon Economy and Holistic Education.

I have deeply delved in the area of sustainability for the past 2 years and have tried to see it from as many perspectives as possible – as a human being – biologist, economist, banker, investor, psychologist, agriculturist, anthropologist, educator, ecologist, mathematician… and most importantly, as part of nature.

 Ecocentric Egocentric                  Author: Brigi

My intention to learn and know more is being driven by the care for all of life that surrounds us. To address the issues we are facing I wish to shed light on the process of what is happening. By my humble opinion, it is the process that matters most – means that lead to a never ending end.

Next: Part 1: “Population Growth in Relation to Sustainability