Karma – the Law of Cause and Effect

Human beings – on a physical level we all look similar, however, on a soul level we may be completely different. Soul journeys can span across tens, hundreds or thousands of lifetimes. Rarely will the individual in this life time remember the journey of their soul through those life times. Yet, you may feel to yourself as if you are an old soul – you are even able to recognize one, wondering: ‘are you sure we have not met before?’ … Read More Karma – the Law of Cause and Effect

The Power of Your Inner Resolution

The answer is so very personal to each of us, nobody else can provide that answer to you. We each have different backgrounds, level of tolerance, perception, awareness – each of us is bound to perceive life events and drama in a different way. What irritates me? If I remove that irritation from my life, what does that feel like? Is the irritation coming from within or without – or from 3 areas at once?… Read More The Power of Your Inner Resolution