Trust ~ The Opus Magnum 

Honey and Roses - The girl with a rose

Trust is a fine tuned dance.
Similar frequencies of soul formations are drawn
into a soft, gentle, fluid embrace. 

Shadows of the past grow faint;
Doubt’s grip weakens,
Me – coming to know myself,
You – coming to know yourself;
The balance can no longer be shaken,
or broken by the worldly events.  

Trust is the warp and the weft,
the rhythm and the rhyme,
The resonance of synchronous hearts,
emanating harmonies,
empowering people’s lives.

Purer, truer, transcending space and time.
The scent of fear and doubt
are but a faint memories of a distant life.

I hold the power to transform what I touch;
You lift me up toward the place you cannot go when on your own,
I open your eyes, your heart in ways I cannot reach my self alone.
Together, we transcend the ways of the old, 
untangling ancestral ties.

So much bliss, when we find ourselves adorned with grace.
Elevated by the mystical experience, lovingly embraced…  
Day by day, aligned, blessed with breakthroughs and potent insights.
No trouble or toil of the shadow world can reclaim our flight.

Such wonderous dance;
Infused with honey & roses;
Sweet like the the song of the happiest child.

Let your spirit soar high! 
One to One with the Eagle’s eye.

I smile. 
Grateful for handing over the key to unlock the passage of trust; 
The ready path for open minds and tender hearts. 


Water Flows on Fire

Water on Fire

Learning to surrender;
Calling forth the space and time to contemplate,
to comprehend.

I heard you say the other day: “Do not fight with life; love your life.”
Challenging my thoughts, your wisdom echoes far and wide.

“What kind of a day are you inviting in your life,
when you open the door of your home, of your car, of your heart,
as if marching into a battlefield’s strife,
unmindful of the gentle currents, of the graceful flow?

Going against the grain with your words, attitudes, behaviors,
causing unnecessary struggle and pain.
To others, to yourself.”

“Remind yourself that grinding your teeth is a costly affair.”

“Can you learn to accept,
to welcome events as they choose to evolve,
with all the wisdom they present,
knowing you are always in God’s hands?”

You know it too well –
some plans work out, some change,
some others simply need more time.

Snowdrops bloom in early spring;
Sunflowers feed the bees until the winter’s seize.

I am a witness,
learning when to paddle,
when not to meddle,
when to simply let go and surrender to the flow.
Sometimes to the unexpected, to the unknown.
Accepting, to be blessed,
by the magical synchronicity of fractals – at its best.

After all, what is time,
if not my greatest ally,
my faithful friend,
inviting me to embrace new possibilities,
to taste, to dance,
to revel in the abundance of different realities. 

To create synergies, to explore.
Learning to trust, to surrender. 
Knowing that I can.
Knowing I am held by Grace.

Pausing in the stillness of the eddy,
while the flames are burning,
while the water’s churning the elixir that fuels my inner fire.

Unveiling the Art of Surrender –
a gateway towards the state of inner peace.
The waters keep on flowing,
her blazing flames forever glowing.

If You Dare to Believe

There is a source of immense power
that you have access to,
through yourself,
at any given moment in time.
But only if you dare to believe…

You need to find courage,
extend your trust that you can,
and you will.

How else could you have come this far in life?
Every single day.
Step by step, you believed that you could,
since the moment you took your very first step.

Perhaps you were lucky
to have been graced by the support
from those precious ones on your way.

A nudge, a wink,
a few encouraging words or a heartfelt hug.
It might have been a good friend,
who extended his or her strong belief that you can.
And you did!
Such is the force of love,
courage, true friendship, and trust—
They move mountains
inside out
when you dare to believe.

I know you can.
You know you can.
You did it before.
by the power of Grace,
you will do it again!

A few thoughts I had while finishing this beautiful poem – they are about courage.  
Courage cannot be fabricated. When in the presence of a person who lives a life of integrity and authenticity I get a very special kind of sensation that moves me from within – a palpable , tangible experience that penetrates beyond mental precept. The air around such an individual is denser, for they radiate a special kind of charisma and stamina that sets them apart from the rest. They have achieved a very high level of integration and are pretty much consistently living a life of inner peace, harmony, content with what life presents and what they are able to manifest. Such is the power of the force of the Self. Being aware, living a fairly simple yet noble life, being of service, being grateful, forgiving, understanding, kind, wise, loose in opinions.
Live and let live, with an open mind and a soft heart.
It’s a new day, a new dawn and such is my insight of today.
May it be blessed.

When Lie is a Virtue and Truth is a Sin

Woman and a man, man wearing a mask, woman half mask.

Noble truth and dirty lies? OR Dirty truth and noble lies?

It is not about you telling the truth or uttering lies that reveals who you are.
It is your intention that carries the weight and determines your fate.  

What is the point of your wretched truth you intend to apply,
if your sole intention is to destroy someone’s life,
to squander them, to put them down,
out of rage, revenge, jealousy,  
selfish interest, or some other malice
that is brewing on your mind?

On the other hand, you tell the noble lie to save the lives of many.
With your kindest intention you tell me the lie that stops me from sinking in life.
Mother tells a sweet little lie to sooth her son to sleep.
Father conceals the truth so life does not appear so bleak.

What is your intention when you start playing your game?
Be wise, ask questions before it begins.  

Truth can surely be a sin and a lie can be a virtue.
Hence, it is the intention behind your action that reveals your direction.

When your intentions are pure and come from the heart, there’s nothing to hide, to worry about. From that moment on, love starts to flow.

Choose well, my dear ones, choose to be free! As free & fluid as you can possibly be! 🌊🤍🦋🙏

Truth can be a sin and a lie can be a virtue.

Some people use truth to harm others – their only intention is to damage their so called ‘opponents’. The information they have can be used in a terrible manner – putting the person down, or in trouble, taking revenge. Would you call that a noble act of truth?

It’s the intention that decides the outcome. Hence, truth can be a sin and a lie can surely be a virtue.

Mothers lie to their children to get them to sleep, to persuade them to eat, to dress them, to make them move faster. Fathers sometimes lie to their sons or daughters to conceal how much they are struggling to provide for their family. The intention is out of pure love. To protect, to ensure they get enough sleep, to get properly nourished, to arrive to the rehearsal on time.  

Remember – lie itself is not a sin, it’s the intention that counts and decides the outcome.

Lying can sometimes be a necessary intervention to calm down the energies and achieve what is in one’s best interest. Sometimes you have to learn to trust the person who had to lie to you because you were not yet able to perceive or accept the truth. Revelation of truth had to happen gradually – with time.

Eventually truth had been delivered to you when you were able to accept it and receive it. Some people understand energies and consequences much better than others, hence trust is the paramount. Trust to the extent that goes beyond the notion of trusting the words of the person you trust. Trust in not merely trust – trust is a creative force. When you really trust, life starts unfolding accordingly.   

This is very different to intentional, deceitful lying, purely based on liar’s self-interest.

There’s a thin line that should not be crossed – it happens when lying occurs out of selfish, dirty, mean intention. Petty liars, corrupt politicians, social media deceivers, cheaters, manipulators who want to squeeze you for a dime, precious energy, and time.  

What about relationships? Have you ever been in a relationship when you started picking up subtle clues, and began noticing that you were being fooled – something in the back of your neck perked up, you picked up the vibration between the words that was not congruent with the story you were told. When you are attentive enough to observe, you learn how to read the body language, you can easily pick up the clues.

What options have you got if that happens – when you simply know. I can share with you three I know of.

First, you can smile and say to yourself, this too shall pass and ignore it, because it’s too petty for you to waste your energy on. If it continues, try to find a solution together – therapy, coaching, anything that would help. No matter what, you stay together and help each other get to the other side.   

Second option, you can roll your eyes, say to yourself – I’m not putting up with this again. It has happened too often, too much, we’ve discussed it already, it’s having an impact on our lives. The consequences are too detrimental to our relationship. Your partner could be an addictive, compulsive liar, who needs therapy and it’s too much for you to bear. You don’t want to stay; you can and you want to move on.  

Third case, often the most damaging is when confrontations happen in the heat of the moment. Arguments, defense, blaming, shaming, shouting, pushing, running away. I say, you better avoid that urge and wait for a more conducive moment, because in that particular moment in time you’ll be confronting the ‘liar’, which often represents a fragment of their personality, not the whole. That rarely ends well. Above all, don’t try to change the person, because you cannot.

What about lying to yourself about someone else not lying to you when all your senses tell you that they’re telling you blatant lies. I wouldn’t do that to myself – I don’t think it’s healthy on a long run. But that choice is entirely yours.

Animals don’t plan to lie, deceive, or cheat – if you have spent enough time in the company of dogs, horses, cats you probably noticed that. For example, our dog Daisy – she lies, but her lies are too cute – she pretends she hasn’t eaten so she could get more food even when we all know her tummy is full. Or, she starts barking to get my attention, trying to full me with her story that someone is at the door. All along she was only craving attention – how cute is that and how common to us human beings.
Have you ever heard the story about Koko the gorilla when she ripped the sink out of the wall? Koko knew how to use the sign language; when they asked her if she did it, Koko signed it was the cat, not her. 😊 (Source: Koko the gorilla best stories)  

Many of us like to impress upon people our best possible version of ourselves. As humans we need attention, acceptance, and love. When we lie, we get scared that others won’t forgive our lies and transgressions if they find out. We are afraid that we will look bad or lose their respect, their love. ‘Not trustworthy – no love.’ However, if you really love someone – you can see through their lies, recognize their intentions and you will notice if they were innocent and struggling with some deeply rooted issues from the past. In this case, try not to judge – instead, be fully present, so you can help.  

Just like you would with a child who was not able to tell you the truth because he/she was too afraid they’d get punished for breaking your costly, favorite vase – and that too, by mistake.

Some people learned to lie because it was the only way to survive in the harsh environment they grew up in. Later on, they built their lives and sense of security upon that particular behavior. Hence, they don’t know any better, they subconsciously became the servants of the ‘shadow called lie’.

Or, there’s another extreme where people simply don’t care, they became totally numb. Or, they choose to lie out of some compulsive habit that gives them a sense of authority and power. I bet there are endless reasons why people lie. That’s why it’s the intention behind the lie that counts and the main thing worth focusing on.

There are all sorts of people in this world, extremes and everything in between. There are people who represent honesty, stability, truthful, authentic, aware, noble hearts – and there are those who are crumbling, patched up, deceitful liars with crocked, and selfish intentions. The more one oscillates towards the latter end of the spectrum the more energy and time they have to spend to upkeep their lies, to fix things, patch it up, while having to continuously feed their lies hungry shadow. It has the power to corrupt their minds, consume them, turn them into a slave of an addiction. Good news is, that everything is reversible, but it does require hard & arduous work. The question is, how much energy, time, space have you got left in your life and do you really want to spend it all on fixing things? Be wise, chose well.

What about you?

Have you built any fragments of your personality that is based on crooked intentions, where you hide behind your lies, deceits, or manipulation? Try and identify which part – if there is such a part. Is it in your relationship to your partner, to parents, relatives, certain people or particular friends, to authority, colleagues, to yourself, with regards to your health, work, eating habits, when trying to impress others, etc.? Yes, you can be fooling yourself directly as well.

Looking in the past I had a strong urge to be accepted by people. I tried to impress upon – the more I tried to conform to various expectations and standards, the more I failed. I was oozing out the lack of authenticity, and above all I was deceiving myself about being something or someone I was not. Little did I know that I didn’t have to try, because I was special just the way I was. The same way as you are special & precious, just the way you are. They eyes can see, the ears can hear, the nose can smell, the tongue can taste, the skin can sense, but the heart – the heart simply knows.  

One thing you can take away in case you struggle with trust. You can trust anyone according to their level of consciousness at any given time. However, know that may change. Also know, that your assessment depends upon your level of consciousness and your creative force at any given time. Hence, know who you are, be and remain who you are, love yourself and you will never struggle knowing the other – the other – the most accurate mirror reflection of who you are in your life.   

I hope I was able to shed some light on this particular wide spread phenomenon from a slightly different angle. I certainly taught myself a lot, pondering about this topic while writing this ubiquitous piece.   

When your intentions are pure and come from the heart, there’s no need to hide, or worry about. It’s what matters in any relationship – the depth and the level of your authenticity and transparency. The place & space where you are love and not just a feeling, or recollection or memory of love.

Developing your ability to recognize the intention behind words is something you can bring to your attention. When it slips into your awareness it becomes a useful communication tool that provides valuable insights – just in case it’s time to clear the space with kind intervention and compassionate inquiry… 😊

…with love ❤️


Life is Your Oyster


Your life is your oyster,
so live fully
and love wholeheartedly.
Respect all life forms,
even the pesky army of ants invading your sink,
including the blood-thirsty bugs that prick

through your precious skin. 
Trust life – there are no mistakes.
Be grateful for all you have and don’t have now or quite yet.
Share your blessings.
Learn to generously give and graciously receive,

whatever it may be.

Swim through your life gracefully;
There’s no need to resist the flow.
Give yourself in, so you can glide effortlessly.
I know that you can,

I know that you will!

Be kind to yourself, to others.
Strive to do the best you can.

Work it out before you act it out. 
Work it thoroughly out.
Don’t let the old habits you no longer need act you out.
You have the power to alter and script your old story.
Where there’s wisdom, courage and will, there’s always a way.

Work ardently, patiently, and persistently!
You are bound to succeed

and cut down the number of Groundhog Days. 

Find your own pace, your sacred space,

and your inner peace.
Know thyself so you can trust yourself.

At all times, recognize what tingles your heart,
what kindles your flame,
what gives you joy, the spark in your eyes.

Use your time well,
and may your life be an incredible journey
to always be proud of, to behold!
Make sure you never feel remorse.

Before my eve comes to an end,
I say thank you,
I bid you farewell,
I send you my love with a smile,
with hope for another glorious day. May it be blessed. 

Love & Life

Sloth sitting on a branch

There’s so much to experience in life; for me, love tops it all. Our deepest need and desire to be loved, to feel loved, to be able to give love. Knowing our love is received, watching the love expand, bifurcate in multiple forms. Like the hundreds of seeds of a giant sunflower.

Why do I think lovers so blissfully content? Regardless if the whole world is in tatters and turmoil.

Life will always choose the best conduit for us to experience love at any given moment in time. Our children, our partner, our pets, friends, fairies… any force of nature you may be ready for, and anyone that reciprocates your love and enriches your existence, adds value to life, lifts you up, brings out the best in you, and those around you. Once you soak in that love you know.

Love is a force binding every atom together, reminding us about the meaning of life.

We start sensing the depth of human potential when we surrender to love.

There is no way to force love to come, to occur. The invitation however, is welcome. Love is always around, and our heart are its prime recipient. Love begins to flow through our heart when our heart is willing, ready, and open to both – giving and receiving love.

When? Hard to say. There are instances in lives of individuals when they had to endure many years or decades without experiencing the depth of love they knew it’s was possible to experience. Deep inside, one never knows when the lightning will strike, move us from inside out and outside in, tease out the deepest tears, banish any empty fears, make us quiver because of the certainty of the most profound knowable unknown. Because of knowing what we have always known.

Love has the most unique power to heal, to penetrate our soul, to nourish, to permanently alter our state of being – unlike any medicine, treatment, food, or drug we have ever received in our life for a medium called money, crypto, or gold.

Love is a currency and a value in its own right. Love simply is. There is no such thing as a tradeoff. Love flows freely, it can never be captured, conquered, divided, or altered in any shape or form. Not even in the name of god. Love is unaccountable for, infinite, it is superior, it is forever. Love is available to us all, always in abundance. Love itself is unconditional.

Love makes you grateful for being alive. Love turns your body into a bunch of vibrating atoms and electrons, morphing you into a magnetic force. It is so much more than you have ever dreamt of being possible. The whole existence bows down to love. Love is the quintessential, primordial force that keeps us all together. Like the ocean and its waves, the rose with its scent, the air and its breeze, the honey on your lips. Inseparable, just like love and life.

Never lose your hope, keep the fire burning, that flame that gave you life, the fire that enables you to stay alive. Whoever you may love… your partner, your brother, sister, parents, friends, your dog, your cat, the bees, birds, flowers, trees, rivers, mountains, stars, the sun, your loving thoughts, your life. Love them wholeheartedly. But above all love yourself.

It all begins right here, right now, at home. Your home, your core, your heart, every beat of it. The love you are able to tap into from within. At any given moment in your life.

Try it, try it NOW! Really try, and reach in, as deep as you can and you will feel it’s inside. It has always been there, perhaps a bit dormant or latent, from time to time. Or a bit shy, but it has always been there, like a rosebud in spring. Waiting for the sun to shine upon it, to awaken it, so it may begin to unfold. Petal by petal, slowly, magnifying its glorious presence and beauty. Showering its blessings with its divine grace. Releasing its fragrance, infusing its surrounding with its intoxicating scent – no bee can ever resist the call. They become lovers at first sight, there is no doubt, it’s a dance of giving and receiving, so that life can go on.

Love is the prerequisite of life. Love and life cannot exist without each other. The cosmic dancer and his/her dance, it’s all about the love and life – Shakti and Shiva. The force that brings this universe to life and the source that sustains it. Day in, day out, the never-ending cosmic dance – with you, me, us – all of us dancers, moved by life, infused with love.

To surrender, is to rise on the wings of the force most precious throughout the whole existence of this universe. I bow down to you, my love.

I love the following thought that came by on this special morning: “I belong to no body and no thing in this world. No body and no thing belongs to me. Yet, I am always willing to surrender to Love. I am the undividable extension of your Love. You are the forever expansion of my Love. Therefore, I am you and you are me. I own you and you own me, but only in Love, through Love, and with Love.”  ❤️🙏


Dependence vs Independence

Freedom loving, mighty tree

What does it mean to be independent and what is the value of dependence? Independence gives the ability to make certain choices. It means one is fee from the outside control, not depending on another’s authority, livelihood, or support. To what extent though? What about being independent from certain habits and the influence of your mind – particularly when it no longer serves you well? Independence is also comparative; it depends what we are comparing our current state of being to? I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I’m not sure there is a state of being totally independent. It would imply that we live in isolation from everything and everyone else– no ecosystem, no food, no sleep, no air. It means we no longer exist.

Every organism in nature depends on few other organisms and their ecosystem to survive and thrive. Our bodies depend on the food provided by nature. The food we eat is brought to our plates, thanks to the effort of multiple processes and hands. We depend on the air that We breath, the oxygen generated by trees and marine plants in the ocean. We need clean drinking water to survive, and a peace of mind to sharpen our senses, so we can properly function in our daily lives. If it wasn’t for millions of tinny organisms living in our bodies, depending on each other and our composed mind We would not be alive.

The other day I wrote something that struck a chord with me. It was about my father living his freedom out of repression, not from a blank page. As one would if their childhood was relatively perfect. I realized I have lived my independence out of rejection from being dependent – not from a blank page. Instead of learning the lesson of being humble, willing to ask for help, not always saying NO for an answer – I created a barrier that stopped me from the flow of giving and receiving.

When you depend on somebody in your life, when your dependence is reciprocated, you are also giving each other the opportunity to be dependable, so you can deepen your trust and improve the quality of your relationship.

On the other hand, what happens when one becomes obsessed with the badge of independence – is there something you are trying to prove to others in your life and if so – what is it and why? What is your opportunity cost and what do you gain if you continue this game?

I thought I gained a sense of autonomy’. But that’s just a feeling – and it does not mean I am actually free. It’s a mind-made concept that can easily be challenged and taken away from me. What am I left with when that feeling is gone? ‘I’m left feeling insecure.’ Your observation is spot on! This too is another mind concept.

OK, lets dive deeper. Why am I feeling insecure, if I know that I am imperfectly perfect expression of the Self? A decimal part of the whole, of creator itself. How can I still feel insecure if what I just said is my truth? Am I perhaps deceiving myself and not being fully authentic?

What’s true for me? Can anything that matters ever be taken away from me? Valuable objects, beliefs, memories, or people we hold precious to our heart? Of course, it pains when they are gone – they have provided us with the experience of joy and happiness, sometimes the experience brings tears and anger – it’s the whole 9 yards. Throughout life, we developed many relationships, hopefully beautifully ones, based on mutually reciprocating dependence, love, and trust. Remember, no experience can ever be taken away from you – but the object of experience can. Eventually every experience in life also comes to an end, but the source of the one who is experiencing all this can never be taken away. That which can never end, simply returns back to the source, until it is needed again. As many times as necessary until you finally realize you have always been here. It was all just a dream of the dreamer who dreams it all. Until the moment you wake up and see it for what it is – a dream and you are the creator.

How about you? Here and now. What is really going on when you think about your dependence vs independence?

Try to allow yourself to trust, to be vulnerable by reminding yourself how dependent you are in the most elegant, congenial way. By venturing out into the unknown, by being ok with being dependent. Start by trusting life, the life that knows so much more than your individual personality can ever apprehend.

Being humble, being grateful for being alive, here and now, for having been gifted this unique opportunity to play with your beloved ones, to express yourself, to learn how to flow like a river. To know that You are held by Earth’s gravity, no matter what. 

To be able to step outside your comfort zone that limits your full potential. Inching out, bit by bit, until you leave what serves you no more behind. Self-imposed limitations, ignorance, criticism, arrogance, resentments, sadness, fear of the unknown. 

Until you finally get a sense of real freedom, realizing that all this time You were being held and supported by so many caring hands, and loving hearts. Those that surround you those that came before you, those that are not even yet born. 

Ask yourself a question: ‘Why have I developed the following attitude and the stat of mind “I must prove to myself and the whole world that I can be fully independent?”  

One of the reasons is often a disconnect. Just like a temporary power cut, a tripping fuse box, that’s all. Go to the basement and find out what’s tripping your fuse box. Remove the faulty appliances that have been causing the issues or overburdening the system. Go back to the fuse, find the off button, flick on the switch, and carry on.

In peace, with joy, and sweet harmony! And if you find yourself waving the freedom flag again, which is likely to happen, just remind yourself to go back to square one.

I am held by the gravity on Earth, no matter what. Mother Nature provides enough for all of her children’s needs, I am her kin. I am a part of the infinite whole. No one can take what really matters away. I am being held and supported by many caring hands and loving hearts. Those that surround me, those that came before me, those that are not yet even born. I am supported by life itself.

You may ask: ‘Why all this seeking? What awaits at the end of the tunnel?’ Simply, all this happens due to a gravitational pull to the place of my inner peace and harmony. Space with less clutter, less friction in my mind. By going back to a certain level of innocence that makes my life calm by removing the struggles from within and conflicts that manifest on the outside.

Days become brighter, much lighter, more joyful – like the birds’ song. Remember, this state of being is not exclusive; it’s not something attainable by the saints and yogis only; we all carry the same seed – the potential within. It just needs some attention, nurturing, and TLC. We can all grow into it, just like the beautiful, freedom living & life giving, interconnected, and interdependent trees. 

It’s ok to say yes, to be held and to hold, to be part of the flow, to trust. When you start changing your attitudes based on these few basic life principles, your insecurity loses its grip. You start being at peace with yourself, at peace with life – no matter who with, when, or where ever you are. This is what true independence is all about. It happens every moment of every day, not only on Independence Day.