Trust ~ The Opus Magnum 

Honey and Roses - The girl with a rose

Trust is a fine tuned dance.
Similar frequencies of soul formations are drawn
into a soft, gentle, fluid embrace. 

Shadows of the past grow faint;
Doubt’s grip weakens,
Me – coming to know myself,
You – coming to know yourself;
The balance can no longer be shaken,
or broken by the worldly events.  

Trust is the warp and the weft,
the rhythm and the rhyme,
The resonance of synchronous hearts,
emanating harmonies,
empowering people’s lives.

Purer, truer, transcending space and time.
The scent of fear and doubt
are but a faint memories of a distant life.

I hold the power to transform what I touch;
You lift me up toward the place you cannot go when on your own,
I open your eyes, your heart in ways I cannot reach my self alone.
Together, we transcend the ways of the old, 
untangling ancestral ties.

So much bliss, when we find ourselves adorned with grace.
Elevated by the mystical experience, lovingly embraced…  
Day by day, aligned, blessed with breakthroughs and potent insights.
No trouble or toil of the shadow world can reclaim our flight.

Such wonderous dance;
Infused with honey & roses;
Sweet like the the song of the happiest child.

Let your spirit soar high! 
One to One with the Eagle’s eye.

I smile. 
Grateful for handing over the key to unlock the passage of trust; 
The ready path for open minds and tender hearts. 


Balancing Act

Life is a balancing act.
Everything in life is about balance; down to a single molecule and atom, the building block of everything that forms your or my reality.

How much pressure I need to put on my fountain pen to write these lines, while streaming my thoughts and forming some meaning? How much is enough and what is too much?

How much air do I breathe in, how smoothly, and how much do I exhale? When do I stop?
At what point in time do I put forward my left leg and when does the right foot follow? How can I balance my body when I stand on one leg so I don’t topple over? My left side of the body is perfectly aligned with it’s opposite side. Balance is everywhere, everything is striving to remain in perfect balance.

I have to keep my body in balance after I jump off the plane, diving in the sky, just before my parachute opens, shooting me up, before gravity gently pulls me down again.

Swimming is all about finding the balance to keep afloat, for my body to move seamlessly through the element of water.

Ice-skating is all about keeping my balance as I slide on ice.

Skiing is all about finding and keeping my balance as I meander down the snowy hill. Snowboarding, surfing, horse riding, ski jumping, biking, rowing, dancing, tightrope walking, martial arts, rock climbing, gymnastics, athletics, team sports.

There is no sport in this world, no activity, no task that does not require and teach us about balance – inner balance (equanimity) and outer balance.

How much to eat of what, when to stop, How much to drink, when to say, it’s enough. How long to sleep, when to wake up. Work – rest. Daytime – nighttime. Feminine – masculine. Yin – Yang. Shiva – Shakti. Light – dark, left – right, up – down, in – out, cold – hot, passive – active, love – hate, sad – happy, and on and on. You got the point! The tiny dot, bang in the middle, with everything else around.

The whole existance is built based on balance. Birth – death and all inbetween that requires our attention so we can hone our innate balancing skills.

Why is balance so important? When there is lack of balance it shows in disturbance of peace and harmony. The further from the center we drift, the less peace and harmony we are able to enjoy. We start compensating one imbalance to create another. How long can the sand castle last before it gets washed away by the tidal wave, blown away by the wind, dismantled by rain? Only time will tell.

Learn to balance every aspect of your life. You have two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, two of each limbs. Human body is a perfect representation of balance. How much easier and straightforward could it be?

Identify areas in your life where less is more, where force is needed, where softness and gentleness is called for.

Listening vs. taking. Material vs. spiritual. Learning, mental activities, movement vs. quiet time & empty space, stillness.

What all have you promised in life and how much have you delivered? How much do you talk and how much do you walk your talk?
What all have you taken and how much have you given?

All seasons, all stages of life, every day, every moment in time is a mirror, reflecting our state of balance.

Including our financial sheet of balance – our assets vs. liabilities. Not only in this moment but through our entire life, and much longer, in case you remember. Our life story begins long before our birth and spans beyond our death. What legacy do you thread?

Where do you stand? What do you represent?  What is your true balance as an expression of life force? Who are you as a woman, as a man?

What is your true worth when you strip naked and all your wordly possessions are gone? Where do you stand? How do you stand? Who is the one standing on the two wonderful, balancing feet?

Balance – tick, tack, tick, tack,… booom.
The clock chimes with a tune.
It’s 12 o’clock, it’s noon.
It’s 12 again, only this time it’s midnight.
Twice a day, twelve o’clock.
One half spilling into another.
Together they form the whole,
and the circle of eternity is born.

Circle of Life.

No matter how expanding or contracting is the circle, how fast or slow it spins, regardless of its circular dimension, the central point is always in the middle, unchanging, in the same spot, no matter what. And nothing seems to matter more than a tiny, single, inconspicuous dot.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, Om

Peace, peace, peace
May there be peace on earth as it is in heaven

Peace be with us all. 11:11