Lightning May Strike

Girl in a cloak, staining, watching,, lightning, stormy weather

I can never be quite sure
how my day is going to unfurl.

It starts off as a simple,
well intended, 
clear my mind of all the busy thoughts
afternoon walk.

Before the clock strikes five,
the lightning fires up my spine.

On that sacred spot,
beside my favorite rock.
Nothing special, barely visible,
A kind of sight no one cares to notice.

I stand there,
seeking solace,
pouring out my prayers,
my gratitude.
To everything and everyone
my life is blessed by.

To my fellow travelers.
So many of you have carried me through.
Many of our paths have parted,
as we journey on,
each responding to our own call.

I am the sum of the parts that made me who I am.

The sum of all your smiles,
your tears,
envies, desires,
shames and blames,
resentments, appreciations, admirations.  

All of it,
twisted together
with the hint of your trust,
your joy, your fear,
your love.
All of it,
without a twine of doubt.

I am wrapped in the cloak,
woven by all of your threads.

underneath that cloak I wear,
remains the untouchable, unclad,
timeless me.
The one wearing the cloak that soaked it all in.

Lightning may strike. 
It happens, 
all of a sudden, 
out of the blue.

To shake me, to wake me,
to ruffle my feathers,
reminding me of what truly matters.

Especially on days
when the cloak feels so dreadfully weary
and heavy to carry.
Like a beacon of much needed light,
sending a few wake-up shivers
up and down my spine.

Would I be here if it wasn’t for the love of some sort?

Would there be anything or anyone in this glorious world,
if it wasn’t for the sacred binding force that holds it all together?

The lightning may strike.
What is the force telling me now?

Perfectly timed prompt,
reminding me to humble down,
to count my blessings,
to celebrate, appreciate the life I own.
I must respond.
Because I am the only one who knows.
The only one who can.  
With love, fortitude, and grace.

If You Dare to Believe

There is a source of immense power you have access to,
through yourself,
at any given moment in time.
But only if you dare to believe.

You need to find courage,
extend your trust that you can,
and you will.

How else could you have come this far in life?
Every single day.  
Step by step you believed that you could,
since the moment you took your very first step.

Perhaps you were lucky
to have been graced by the support
from those precious ones on your way.

A nudge, a wink,
a few encouraging words or a heartfelt hug.
It might have been a good friend,
who extended his or her strong belief that you can.
And you did!

Such is the force of love,
courage, true friendship, and trust–
it moves mountains.
Inside out.

When you dare to believe.

I know you can.
You know you can.
You did it before.
by the power of Grace,
you will do it again!

I would like to share a few thoughts I had while finishing this beautiful poem. It’s about courage.  
Courage cannot be fabricated. When in the presence of a person who lives a life of integrity and authenticity you will get a very special kind of sensation that moves you from within – a palpable , tangible experience that penetrates beyond mental precept. The air around such an individual is denser, for they radiate a special kind of charisma and stamina that sets them apart from the rest. They have achieved a very high level of integration and are pretty much consistently living a life of inner peace, harmony, content with what life presents and what they are able to manifest. Such is the power of the force of the Self. Being aware, living a fairly simple yet noble life, being of service, being grateful, forgiving, understanding, kind, wise, loose in opinions.
Live and let live, with an open mind and a soft heart.
It’s a new day, a new dawn and such is my insight of today.
May it be blessed.

The Girl with a Rose

You gave her a rose,
made her heart flutter.

The line woke her up
as if time doesn’t matter.

The girl with a rose.

She beckons you,
asks you sincerely.

‘Please mind my kind heart,
I care for you dearly.’

So, it is true.
The saying by Lao Tzu:
‘From Caring comes Courage’,

The courage to listen and respond
to the calling of the Heart.

At Your Own Sweet Pace

There is a certain kind of beauty
when you trust and follow your own pace.
An enticing life of harmony,
not getting swayed away by the crazy race.

Often, there’s no need to rush,
trying to get ahead of yourself only to crash.

Synching in with your own natural speed,
finding your rhythm,
You tune into your unique unfolding of time.

Allowing yourself to listen, to explore fully,
to dive deeper into the source of your own voice,
to experience the grace as it unfolds,
in its own pace, just like the bud of a rose.

I do love the rush and excitement,
but not for the price of getting carried away.

Life is a balancing act.
Try to remember the equilibrium
in everything you do and choose to entertain.

Don’t get swayed away,
for the sake of wanting to be among
the first few ahead of the game.
Yes, there can be a reaping reward at the end of the day,
but there’s also a burning price you may have to pay.
Unless, of course, that’s how you were born
and how you freely choose to play.

Either way,
keep your feet firmly rooted on the ground.
Get to know who you are.
Assess your values, your priorities,
your potentials, your most dearest needs, and wants.

There will come a time,
when your wings will carry you
with a light speed ahead of all those
who once rushed and lost their way,
for the sake of fear of missing out,
only to be left behind.  

Find your own sweet pace.
Learn from mother nature.
Everything happens in perfect time & space.