At Its Core

The essence of darkness is light

The essence of darkness is light.

We begin to journey into the resting season of the year,
witnessing the trees embrace the winter rest,
the song of birds and crickets lingers in the not-too-distant past.

The rhythm of the passing time slows down,
as darkness casts its thickest veil
we reignite the candlelight, 
to reflect the flame that burns inside.

Not merely waiting for the brighter season.
Instead – we shine forth, 
radiating from the core.
With all the might our cells and hearts soaked in
while the Sun was shining strong and high.
Without a speck of dim.

Rising, shining bright.
As within so without. 
As above so below.
The light is rising out of the dark.

Let’s celebrate the dark,
the festive months of winter tide.

The essence of darkness has always been light.