A Tree?

I think Trees are marvelous! Don’t you?!

Each and every tree is A TREE. It does not think what it is, why, how or where it is. It simply is; well grounded and always perfectly complete. Every time I walk by the mighty tree I feel amazed, inspired, and humbled. They are life givers and one of many Earth’s jewels; like the deep ocean, silent deserts, green hills and vast mountains that keep me inspired, curious and grateful to be here and now – to be alive.

Brigita Lajkovic, M.S.E., is a European-Canadian poetess and a writer with a vision to inspire and connect with fellow gliders on a soul-level through the power of words. She also serves as a Learning Consultant and Creative Director at Bitnet MEDT Inc. When she isn’t empowering others through poetry and prose, this authentic soul enjoys communing with nature, meditating, doing tree pose, and dancing her heart out. An avid multilingual traveler, she has resided and worked in over a dozen countries to date. To find out more about Brigita, visit her official website at http://www.brigitree.com, Instagram (@BrigiTree) or LinkedIn.

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Enchanted Spark – Rhyme Through Poetry and Dance! The choice is yours to discover!

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Cover Page - Enchanted Spark, Rhyme Through Poetry and Dance, by Brigita Lajkovic

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