A Tree?

I think Trees are marvelous! Don’t you?!

Each and every tree is A TREE. It does not think what it is, why, how or where it is. It simply is; well grounded and always perfectly complete. Every time I walk by the mighty tree I feel amazed and humbled. They are life givers and one of many Earth’s jewels; like the ocean, deserts, green hills and high mountains that keep me inspired, curious and grateful to be here and now.

Author’s Bio
Brigita Lajkovic <‘brigeeta like’o’wich’> is a European-Canadian and has been practicing meditation and yoga since 2002. She has a Masters degree in Sustainable & Holistic Economics from Schumacher College/ Plymouth University in Devon, UK.

She has worked across the 4 continents and lives in Canada with her best friend Chandan & their dog Daisy. Following Vedic tradition they practice sustainable living in harmony with nature. They live on a 2.5 acre property graced with large majestic white pine trees. They like to experiment growing different medicinal plants, mushrooms, flowers, roses, variety of fruit trees and berries that form a beautiful and thriving ecosystem. A delight for the sense and a buzzing place full of bees, butterflies, birds, chipmunks, squirrels, and many other living beings.
For living, she runs a Multimedia & E-learning business. She likes to travel, dance, explore new horizons and express her thoughts and insights through writing. Even a simple, yet soulful experience can become a poem, a blog post or a new chapter in the book.

I thank you for tuning in.


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