Life Matters

I am not small or insignificant.
I am as large and as relevant as Life itself.
I am Life.

In life, there is no such thing as comparison.
In life, everything is Life—
Big or small,
single or multicellular organism,
there is no separation between

different representations of Life.
You are the living proof.

Mind is what mind does.
Mind is an innocent child.
It likes to play games.
It likes to find different venues,
in endless ways.
Mind is entirely in your capable hands,
once you become ripe enough to become more aware.

Awareness is like the perfectly ripe fruit

of Mother Nature and Baba Sun.
Each of us nurture that fruit,
that nimble child of ours.
Each of us in our own unique way and time
are just like fruits ripening in nature.
It’s that simple.

I love the scent of the ripe strawberries,
radiant red,
infused with sun power,
bursting with life force.

It tastes unlike any other fruit

I have ever picked directly off the plant
and delightfully packed into my mouth.
Eyes closed.
Perfection when it all comes together,
as it should,
as it was meant to be.

The journey of the ripened strawberry should not be forced.
It will never taste the same and you will know.
Once you have tasted the perfectly sun-ripened strawberry,
receiving the sensorial explosion in your mouth
with its fully intense strawberry taste,
you will never forget the experience—
even if time comes when you have to settle for less.

Life can be such.
All you need to do is close your eyes,
focus on that delightful perfect strawberry moment in your life,
and you will be able to recall its sense,
perhaps even its taste.
Such is the power of mind.

Appreciate all what you’ve been gifted to experience in life.
Don’t try to possess or take anything or anyone for granted.

Each of us represents equally significant part

of one permeating Life Force.
Don’t ever be fooled in misleading beliefs

or dogmas indicating otherwise.
Your every breath, each heartbeat

is your greatest guide showing you that you are Life itself.

Nuances are here to be celebrated—
varieties to make our life experience more abundant,
joyful, and complete.

Let’s celebrate Life!

Respect Life!
Like you have learned to respect yourself,
or how you would truly like to be respected.
Protect Life like you protect your own life!

Every bit matters.
You are Life.
Life is You.
You matter.
Life matters.

To Write or Not to Write

Girls sitting at the table, in a gazebo, writing.

To write or not to write…
Is that a question? Is that even a choice?
When the only way to ease the traffic running through my head
and feelings flowing through my heart
is to take a pen and spill it all out, at once.
It feels too unnatural, stuck,
and sticky when my creative juices are unable to freely flow.

I think we are a bunch of odd ones in this world.
Perhaps we’re spilling it out for the sake of us all
by having this special vocation.
Each of us responds to our innermost calling.
It feels like mine is writing.
And so it is, even though it seems like
I need a break from time to time.

I take a deep breath in, only to breath it all out again.
Noticing my breath makes me feel at ease
and puts me in the place where I feel at peace.

Like rain to the arid earth,
inspiration guides my hands,
A wellspring I desire and need,
it feels magnificent when it flows with ease.

In the drought of life, I seek anew,
the hope, the patience, to pull through.
With willpower, I break the binds,
and get the flow back, time after time.

Each dry spell is a chance to start again,
To ignite the flame within my heart,
I trust in my will to lead the way,
to spark my muse, to let it sway,
and bring inspiration back to play.