To Write or Not to Write

Girls sitting at the table, in a gazebo, writing.

To write or not to write…
Is that a question?
Is that even a choice?
When the only way to ease the traffic running through my head and feelings flowing through my heart is to take a pen and spill it all out, at once. It feels too unnatural, stuck, and sticky when my creative juices are not able to freely flow; it causes too much tension and unnecessary anxiety.

We are a bunch of odd ones in this world. Perhaps we’re spilling it out for the sake of us all – having this peculiar vocation. Some people out there in the world have a calling for being doctors, healing other people, some do plumbing, selling, farming, growing plants, some cook, make our meals, others build rockets that fly into space. Each of us responds best to our inner most calling. Seems like mine is writing. Feels right, even though it I need a break from time to time.

I take a deep breath in, only to breath it all out again. Makes me feel at ease, puts me in the place where I feel at peace.

Writing is a bit like raining. Comes summer drought and it all gets withered, grass turning yellow, leaves drying out, there’s less & less life – prana to go around. Feels a bit exhausting. Too much sun and things get out of balance, so we start praying, hoping for the rains to come, to soak the thirsty land, so life can thrive again. I suppose what rain is to the land, inspiration is to me – I somehow need to draw it, tease it, pull it out. Drip by drip it’s coming back… it’s right here, on the tip of my fingers, I know it is. I just need some hope & patience & will to get it flowing once again.

Yeah, I hope, I trust I will get it flowing – again and again. Om

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