To Write or Not to Write

Girls sitting at the table, in a gazebo, writing.

To write or not to write…
Is that a question? Is that even a choice?
When the only way to ease the traffic running through my head
and feelings flowing through my heart
is to take a pen and spill it all out, at once.
It feels too unnatural, stuck,
and sticky when my creative juices are unable to freely flow.

I think we are a bunch of odd ones in this world.
Perhaps we’re spilling it out for the sake of us all
by having this special vocation.
Each of us responds to our innermost calling.
It feels like mine is writing.
And so it is, even though it seems like
I need a break from time to time.

I take a deep breath in, only to breath it all out again.
Noticing my breath makes me feel at ease
and puts me in the place where I feel at peace.

Like rain to the arid earth,
inspiration guides my hands,
A wellspring I desire and need,
it feels magnificent when it flows with ease.

In the drought of life, I seek anew,
the hope, the patience, to pull through.
With willpower, I break the binds,
and get the flow back, time after time.

Each dry spell is a chance to start again,
To ignite the flame within my heart,
I trust in my will to lead the way,
to spark my muse, to let it sway,
and bring inspiration back to play.

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