If You Dare to Believe

There is a source of immense power you have access to,
through yourself,
at any given moment in time.
But only if you dare to believe.

You need to find courage,
extend your trust that you can,
and you will.

How else could you have come this far in life?
Every single day.  
Step by step you believed that you could,
since the moment you took your very first step.

Perhaps you were lucky
to have been graced by the support
from those precious ones on your way.

A nudge, a wink,
a few encouraging words or a heartfelt hug.
It might have been a good friend,
who extended his or her strong belief that you can.
And you did!

Such is the force of love,
courage, true friendship, and trust–
it moves mountains.
Inside out.

When you dare to believe.

I know you can.
You know you can.
You did it before.
by the power of Grace,
you will do it again!

I would like to share a few thoughts I had while finishing this beautiful poem. It’s about courage.  
Courage cannot be fabricated. When in the presence of a person who lives a life of integrity and authenticity you will get a very special kind of sensation that moves you from within – a palpable , tangible experience that penetrates beyond mental precept. The air around such an individual is denser, for they radiate a special kind of charisma and stamina that sets them apart from the rest. They have achieved a very high level of integration and are pretty much consistently living a life of inner peace, harmony, content with what life presents and what they are able to manifest. Such is the power of the force of the Self. Being aware, living a fairly simple yet noble life, being of service, being grateful, forgiving, understanding, kind, wise, loose in opinions.
Live and let live, with an open mind and a soft heart.
It’s a new day, a new dawn and such is my insight of today.
May it be blessed.

Unto ThySelf

Man sitting by the river

New day is setting in.
I wake up to begin,
To catch the magic in-between,
before I join the mainstream.

Stillness is arising from within.
The hummm reverberating deep inside my head.
I focus on my breath,
No, I am not mad.

What keeps me here I wonder.
Why on Earth have I become to be,
I ponder.

Who am I?
No more thoughts, all words reside.
The humm reverberating deep inside.

I fill my lungs with fresh, clean morning air,
I have the privilege, I can.
Thank you for this gift called life,
despite all the sufferings and misery,
of the Kali Yuga time.

We all arrive with diverse blessings,
accompanied with many burdens.
Plentiful desires painting each and every canvas.

The unfulfilled ones that we brought into this world,
the newly forged ones,
to keep us entertained.
I do wonder,
How long can we keep up this game?

What happens when all your desires get exhausted,
when they disappear?
When the joie de vivre loses its mystical appeal.

At last, will I be able to surrender,
to become your Luciferus, your Phosphorus, your light bearer?
Offering myself unto you,
Serving you without a question,
no expectations,
without resistance,
zero interference.

Will I? Can I?

My path is no longer a question of choice.
My journey is your journey.
A journey of surrender unto you.
As I bow before you,
I prostrate myself.
I give myself to you.
I lose MySelf,
Unto ThySelf.

Tears, cleansing from within,
I hold on to the eternal humm.

My truth is your truth,
and I shall walk this path as long as it may take.
Shining light upon you,
as long as fire burns inside me.
As long as you will have me.
As long as you will hold me, guide me.

Unto ThySelf


The Poet’s Flow

Waterfall and sunrise

It’s all right here,
at the tip of my fingers,
all I have to do is take my silver pen
and spill it over.

Words flow,
Water flows,
Blood flows,
Tears flow,
Sweat flows,
Emotions, love, time, thoughts, days, impressions, music, memories…
All are meant to flow, to go.

When they don’t flow,
we get all stiff and clogged up,
ready to explode, to erupt.

I have to let it go,
let it flow,
I have no choice but to hold on to my silver pen and spill my ink,
take the plunge,
so I can open up my clogged-up sink.

And you, my dear,
Yes, you who dwells behind those lovely gentle pair of eyes,
Soaking in the world around you,
What would your life look like
without your pair of priceless gems?

Thank them, for enabling you to see,
while you soak in the beauty that surrounds us,
embracing us, every step, every breath,
gifting us with endless sights for our sore eyes.

My life is full of vibrant colors,
yet too often I make it look as if it’s simply black & white.
If only I was wiser,
if only I would learn to be more grateful,
bear in mind to count my blessings every hour.

Why ohh why do you make them suffer?
How on Earth can you be so cruel?
Towards myself, to you, to those around us?

Will it ever be revealed?
True site of the tortuous monsters that like to feed on the misery of others?

Starvation is the key to set the monster free…
for it does not belong to you or me.
Set it free, so you can set yourself free.

Remember what it feels like to be free,
invoke the moments of pure joy, of lightness, love, and hope.

Take a brush,
paint your canvas with the colors of the rainbow,
let it spill over,
let it flow like you have never let it flow before.

Enter your inner most bliss,
through the symphony
of your unique composition of colors.

Let your signature ooze out your inner most joy,
the one that draws out your smile,
your shine,
the glory of your inner most being,
the one that transcends all your hidden monsters.
Let the battle for victory begin!

Content, grateful, liberated,
knowing you are dearly loved,
allowing to be loved,
yes, that love.

Allowing to be loved… the monsters fade away.

No pressure,
just show up,
open up,
lift up your spirit,
and let it flow.

We are all a bit afraid of being open,
allowing to be close to someone,
to be seen.

Because we are afraid of what they will see,
and if they see,
when they see,
will they still have us,
love us,
accept us fully,
see us for who we truly are?

Each of us harbors our own monsters,
the hidden ones,
the ones we are afraid of revealing to the world.
The ones we’ve grown up with.

But there comes a point in life,
when the monsters choose to be seen.
They have had enough of darkness,
and it’s time for them to feel the light.

Even monsters have a life to live,
a will to move on,
desire to evolve.
Once they’ve had enough,
they want to go.

When that moment comes,
it’s time for us to let the monsters go.

Remain grateful and let them go.
The time is now.

Good luck, with Grace and God speed.


Temet Nosce - KnowThyself

I will write myself towards liberation,
pull out all the required ink,
and spill myself over,
until not a single drop is left,
but me (@brigitree)