Trust ~ The Opus Magnum 

Honey and Roses - The girl with a rose

Trust is a fine tuned dance.
Similar frequencies of soul formations are drawn
into a soft, gentle, fluid embrace. 

Shadows of the past grow faint;
Doubt’s grip weakens,
Me – coming to know myself,
You – coming to know yourself;
The balance can no longer be shaken,
or broken by the worldly events.  

Trust is the warp and the weft,
the rhythm and the rhyme,
The resonance of synchronous hearts,
emanating harmonies,
empowering people’s lives.

Purer, truer, transcending space and time.
The scent of fear and doubt
are but a faint memories of a distant life.

I hold the power to transform what I touch;
You lift me up toward the place you cannot go when on your own,
I open your eyes, your heart in ways I cannot reach my self alone.
Together, we transcend the ways of the old, 
untangling ancestral ties.

So much bliss, when we find ourselves adorned with grace.
Elevated by the mystical experience, lovingly embraced…  
Day by day, aligned, blessed with breakthroughs and potent insights.
No trouble or toil of the shadow world can reclaim our flight.

Such wonderous dance;
Infused with honey & roses;
Sweet like the the song of the happiest child.

Let your spirit soar high! 
One to One with the Eagle’s eye.

I smile. 
Grateful for handing over the key to unlock the passage of trust; 
The ready path for open minds and tender hearts. 


To a 10-Year-Old Me

Father and Daughter walking in the forest

To my Father;
I hope you found your peace.
(May 6, 1941 – May 30, 1988)

I’m walking down memory lane…  
I see the classroom full of familiar little faces;
Lively voices bouncing off the vibrant walls.
The scent of lilac and lime tree blossoms perfuming the air.
Old memories appear,
As I vividly remember my early school day years.
Always eager – yet no matter how hard I tried,
I never made it among the first few shining stars.

Just good enough, but never the best.
The very moment I let go and submitted the test,
all the solutions suddenly appeared, easy and clear.
At a point when it was too late to make any change.

Those were my school day years.
Nettlesome demeanor, messy hair, and lack of flair. 

Until my fourth grade – unsure how or why –
it was one of those unusual,
‘out of the blue moments in time’.

That was the year when I thought.
the Universe danced, spinning ’round my head!
Elected president of the year,
graduating as an A student at last.
For the very first and the last time.
So proud!

I wanted to make you feel proud of
what I considered to be the very best version of me.
 Yet, before the 4th school year came to an end,
before I could bring you the accolade,
your body lay cold, in the earth’s embrace, descend. 

I tried so hard, but the forces were misaligned,
Fate did not allow me to make you feel proud
of your sweet 10-year-old victory girl.
If only I had a magic wand.

With love to my father
short-tempered, short-lived.
Left behind was a dissolving clan of four;
a young, wounded widow & a mother,
two teenage brothers,
a lost little girl,
many broken hearts
and shattered dreams.

Plentiful legacy of blessings and shadows contained.
Ancestral toil woven deep, ingrained.
Inheritance of labor, secrets unfurled,
Enduring echoes, long outlast your departure from this world.

Our faces have changed,
our voices have softened,
and each spring’s been full of fragrant blossoms.

I am proud of how far we have come,
all that we have done,
and all we have become.

Water Flows on Fire

Water on Fire

Learning to surrender;
Calling forth the space and time to contemplate,
to comprehend.

I heard you say the other day: “Do not fight with life; love your life.”
Challenging my thoughts, your wisdom echoes far and wide.

“What kind of a day are you inviting in your life,
when you open the door of your home, of your car, of your heart,
as if marching into a battlefield’s strife,
unmindful of the gentle currents, of the graceful flow?

Going against the grain with your words, attitudes, behaviors,
causing unnecessary struggle and pain.
To others, to yourself.”

“Remind yourself that grinding your teeth is a costly affair.”

“Can you learn to accept,
to welcome events as they choose to evolve,
with all the wisdom they present,
knowing you are always in God’s hands?”

You know it too well –
some plans work out, some change,
some others simply need more time.

Snowdrops bloom in early spring;
Sunflowers feed the bees until the winter’s seize.

I am a witness,
learning when to paddle,
when not to meddle,
when to simply let go and surrender to the flow.
Sometimes to the unexpected, to the unknown.
Accepting, to be blessed,
by the magical synchronicity of fractals – at its best.

After all, what is time,
if not my greatest ally,
my faithful friend,
inviting me to embrace new possibilities,
to taste, to dance,
to revel in the abundance of different realities. 

To create synergies, to explore.
Learning to trust, to surrender. 
Knowing that I can.
Knowing I am held by Grace.

Pausing in the stillness of the eddy,
while the flames are burning,
while the water’s churning the elixir that fuels my inner fire.

Unveiling the Art of Surrender –
a gateway towards the state of inner peace.
The waters keep on flowing,
her blazing flames forever glowing.

Smile, Life is Good

Humming bird drinking the nectar of a flower

For if the words and sentiments I am able to convey – in such a way –
that it tickles you with the sweetest sensation pulsing through your heart,
a heart of another fellow woman or a man, 
than I’m grateful even more, 
for the minutes of the day have indeed been spent well.

And I – I know I have lived a more loving and fulfilling day. 

Have a glorious day! 
Folding and unfolding in all sorts of wonderful ways. 

Meet Me Where I Am

Robin Bird sitting on a branch

I’m standing still,
ears caught by the song of birds and humming drops of rain,
by the swoosh of passing cars and scheduled trains.

Again, I find myself aware of a rushing world,
a few days, a few miles away from sacred place
well-sheltered from the mechanic race.

I find myself at peace,
despite the traffic of the busy world.
I am what I have always been.

Eyes glance around the whirling Mother Earth,
gazing across the tangled web of restless thoughts
through space of manmade noise and ceaseless clutter,
with less and less remaining space,
where spirit comes to meet the matter.

Eyes peer toward the happy song of a Robin,
towards the chitter-chatter of three smiling ducks,
towards the graceful crane,
standing in the stillness of the flowing water,
waiting to receive its faithful share.

Fly high and rise above the plane of fear and worries.
Dive deep into the wonder of Gaia’s stories,
from mountain peak to ocean shore,
to steep valley through wind and storm,
until the day you reach the core;
There dwells a need to search no more.

The sun shines brighter when you live to love,
when your heart is open,
when you smile with childlike joy.
It’s all that really matters.
It’s all that really matters,
as we journey on,
hand in hand
heart to heart.

Perceive to Receive

Eyes of Perception

I perceive.
Eyes receive.
You perceive me.
Your eyes receive me.
How? Is there a difference?
The eyes are the mirror of the soul.
They look to see beyond.
No likes, dislikes, aversions, or attachments.  
When you realize that “Eyes receive”,
you too are ready to “receive.”
Fully, as it is – no filters applied.
Both, light and the absence of light flow through.
Such is my yardstick,
teaching me how to surrender.  
Being soft as mud not hard as a brick.  

Sun Rays Tickling the Ocean Waves

Girl sitting by the fire on the beach, the boy next to the water, looking towards the horizon.

Dancing with the Sun Rays Tickling the Ocean Waves… all Across the Seven Seas

The moment when the two opposites meet and greet.
In the twinkling of an eye,
swept away by the palpable attraction,  
two bipeds, taken over by the spell of nature,
they initiate a honey-sweet relation.

Until the mighty vigor of the fire clashes
against the unsurmountable force of water.
Like the sun and the ocean, endlessly romancing,
the waves never stop bouncing.

The fire and water, somehow,
find the most unusual ways to embrace.
Guiding our own primordial forces,
inviting us to express ourselves, to dance.

Yet, we, tiny-vast-human beings.
with all our aspirations, shortcomings,
anticipations, projections, and tone of reactions.
We struggle when our substratum
is still full of air bubbles.  

How can fire continuously burn and glow,
how can water shine and flow if the foundation
cannot sustain the force of its own creation?

So much interference, obstruction, resistance, arrogance, pride, 
with a lack of integrity, humility,
and pure love is gone,
with the flickering shadow
caused by the passing gust of wind.

Still, in their own unique ways,
both fire and water continue to rise,
from within.

To guide us,
to lead the way toward the horizon. 
There – we meet again.
After all the struggles we had to face,
to understand, to overcome,
to rise above, to arrive at the place
where the Sun Rays tickle the Ocean Waves.
free to play, to dance, embrace, and romance. 

A blissful sight to behold,
so innocent and tender sweet –
the heart expands, begins to sing.  

If only we are blessed to see,
and realize how exquisite,
how precious,
how fragile Life is. 

Gratitude to Fire, Wind, and Water.
To all the elements on Earth.

Let us never forget that we owe it all to Mother Nature.
All of our blessings, all of our lives and dreams.


Lightning May Strike

Girl in a cloak, staining, watching,, lightning, stormy weather

One can never be entirely sure
how the day is going to unroll.

It can start off as a simple,
well intended, 
clear my mind from all the busy thoughts
afternoon walk.

Before the clock strikes five, 
I hear the thunder
and as I turn around,
the lightning fires up my spine.

On the sacred spot,
beside my favorite rock.

I stand there,
seeking refuge,
pouring out my prayers,
my gratitude.
To everything and everyone
I have ever been blessed by.

To my numinous fellow travelers.
So many of you have carried me through.
Many of our paths have parted,
as we journey on,
each responding to the whispers of our soul.

I am a tapestry of moments, 
woven together by the threads of my life’s components.
The sum of all your smiles,
your tears,
envies, desires,
shames and blames,
resentments, appreciations, admirations.  

All of it,
combined together
with the hint of your trust,
your joy, your fear,
your love.
All of it,
without a twine of doubt.

I am wrapped in the cloak,
woven by all of your strings.

underneath that cloak I wear,
remains the untouchable, unclad,
timeless me.
The one wearing the cloak that soaked it all in.

Lightning may strike. 
Suddenly emerged from the shrouded azure hue.

To shake me, to wake me,
to ruffle my feathers,
reminding me of what truly matters.

Especially on days
when the cloak feels so dreadfully weary
and heavy to carry.
Like a beacon of much needed light,
sending a few wake-up shivers
up and down my spine.

Would I be here if it wasn’t for the love of some kind?

Would there be anything or anyone in this glorious world,
if it wasn’t for the sacred binding force that holds us all together?

The sky alight with bolts of fire, 
what secrets does the universe conspire?

A perfectly timed prompt,
reminding me to humble down,
to count my blessings,
to celebrate, appreciate the life I own.
I must respond.
Because I am the only one who knows.
The only one who can.  
With love, gratitude, fortitude, and grace.

If You Dare to Believe

There is a source of immense power
that you have access to,
through yourself,
at any given moment in time.
But only if you dare to believe…

You need to find courage,
extend your trust that you can,
and you will.

How else could you have come this far in life?
Every single day.
Step by step, you believed that you could,
since the moment you took your very first step.

Perhaps you were lucky
to have been graced by the support
from those precious ones on your way.

A nudge, a wink,
a few encouraging words or a heartfelt hug.
It might have been a good friend,
who extended his or her strong belief that you can.
And you did!
Such is the force of love,
courage, true friendship, and trust—
They move mountains
inside out
when you dare to believe.

I know you can.
You know you can.
You did it before.
by the power of Grace,
you will do it again!

A few thoughts I had while finishing this beautiful poem – they are about courage.  
Courage cannot be fabricated. When in the presence of a person who lives a life of integrity and authenticity I get a very special kind of sensation that moves me from within – a palpable , tangible experience that penetrates beyond mental precept. The air around such an individual is denser, for they radiate a special kind of charisma and stamina that sets them apart from the rest. They have achieved a very high level of integration and are pretty much consistently living a life of inner peace, harmony, content with what life presents and what they are able to manifest. Such is the power of the force of the Self. Being aware, living a fairly simple yet noble life, being of service, being grateful, forgiving, understanding, kind, wise, loose in opinions.
Live and let live, with an open mind and a soft heart.
It’s a new day, a new dawn and such is my insight of today.
May it be blessed.

The Girl with a Rose

Girl with a Rose

You gave her a rose;
made her heart flutter.

The scent wakes her up,
as if time doesn’t matter.

The girl with a rose,
she beckons sincerely:
“Please mind my kind heart;
I care for you dearly.”

So, it is true.
“From caring comes courage”,
the courage to listen and respond
to the calling of the Heart.