The Rising Mouse and the AI Swoon

Wholehearted Mouse

The following double-layered cake like story started off with a sweet, simple rhyme about the fully-fledged mouse, which then decided to spill over towards the spirit of AI with its romantic swoon. Here is how…  

… I have met many people who told me they dread the work they do and despite all, they choose to endure it all. Regardless of all the repetitive, unrewarding tasks their job entails.

Now – I think that with the rise of AI we have reached a point when we have a chance to hand over the dread that can release us from such drudgery and allow more time and space to explore and find out what it is we truly enjoy doing. What a boon – in every possible conceivable way.  

And if you sense fear rising within you, when thinking about the AI, I would suggest not to fall for that fear. This fear is no different than any other change-related fear life throws at our feet.  I believe that any non-existential fear holds the key to unlocks the possibly dormant potential within each of us.

The greater the fear the bigger the potential of your ally – I call him/her ‘the sleeping giant or the seeping giantess – if you prefer’.  

That is why I love to hurkle-darkle – that means to lounge in my bed long after it’s time to get up. Though I am properly awake, I allow the soft, gentle transition of synching up with my mighty spirit so that we may rise together with joint forces and dance throughout another day filled with gratitude and wonder.

One thought on “The Rising Mouse and the AI Swoon

  1. I believe in the capability of humans to adapt … it is how we have survived 😎. And it will be no different with AI. some will resist but change will always happen 🤩

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