Happiness is hurkle-durkling

Little girl and the dear dreaming

“I don’t want to get up,
I don’t want to leave my warm and cozy bed,
leave my precious dreams behind,” she said.
The world she woke up to as a child was so different
from what she experienced inside.
Her precious dreams so fragile…
Afraid she would forget.

Now she’s all grown up,
so she takes her favorite pen,
to spill her reveries out.
She writes them all down.
to anchor her visions,
so they no longer float around.

Her dreams begin to spill over to her waking state,
and her hopes for a more beautiful,
magical experience grows brighter and stronger.

*Hurkle Durkle: a 200 year-old Scottish term meaning to lounge in bed long after it’s time to get up. Happiness is hurkle-durkling.

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