Life is Your Oyster

Happy girl with long hair walking in the field of flowers

Your life is your oyster,
So live fully.
Love wholeheartedly.
Respect all life forms – yes, even the pesky army of ants invading your sink,
including the blood thirsty bugs that prick through your irresistible skin. 😊
Trust life – there are no mistakes.
Be grateful for all you have, don’t have – or not quite yet.
Share your blessings.
Learn to generously give and graciously receive – whatever it may be.

Swim through your life gracefully,
no need to resist the flow –
give yourself in, so you can glide effortlessly.
I know that you can, I know that you will!

Be kind – to yourself, to others.
Strive to do the best you can.

“Work it out before you act it out”. ❤️
Work it thoroughly out –
don’t let the old habits you no longer need act you out.
You have the power to alter and script your own story.
Where there’s wisdom, courage and will, there’s always a way.

Work ardently. Work patiently, and persistently!
You are bound to succeed and reduce the number of ‘Groundhog days’. 😉

Find your own pace, your sacred space, and your inner peace.
Know Thyself so you can trust Yourself.

At all times recognize what tingles your heart,
what kindles your flame,
what gives you joy, the sparks in your eyes.

Use your time well,
and may your life be an incredible journey
to always be proud of, to behold!
Make sure you never have any regrets.

Before my eve comes to an end,
I say thank you,
I bid you farewell,
I send you my love, with a smile
with hope for another glorious day.

May it be blessed – always. 🦋🙏🌹


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