The Sum of Its Parts

Sunflower field and butterflies

I wonder,
how on Earth did it all come together?
How did it all start?
Was it the monkeys,
The aliens from outerspace?

Somehow it all worked out,
and here I am
and here you are,
marveling over our own imperfect perfections.
Combined elements of earth, fire, water, metal, wood, air…  
All of them are part of who we came to be.

363.000 nerves vibrating in synchronicity,
wired brains,
the all-combining flesh,
the pump that never stops called Heart,
the veins circulating vital sanguine fluid,
limbs that feed us, carry us around,
solid bones and joints that hold it all together,
flexi-muscle tissues giving us strength,
all the inner organs serving every night and day…

Seemingly simple yet profoundly complex,
this reality of each and every one of us,
irrespective of our age, religion,
gender, color of our skin, affinity,
belief system, level of awareness.

The sum of all its parts.

The sum of its parts
is always greater than the parts when taken separately.
Every part is tuning in and out.
A harmony of elements,
more enchanting than their parts.
The universal symphony,
greater than its notes,
reverberating in timeless harmony.

The almighty mind,
the brilliant thinking brainpower,
the tool of creation, destruction, completion,

acceptance, rejection, separation, reflection, perception,
causing our heart’s palpitation, expansion, contraction.
Forming, abandoning beliefs,
the web of countless thoughts,
continuously shaping or dissolving habits.
The bank of memories that come and go.
The sum of all its parts.

Desire to separate, dissect, analyze, prognosticate.
Failing to recognize the “I” relationship,
the wonderful amalgamation melting all together.
All the parts of my body, the milliards of micro-beings that inhabit my abode,
the heartbeat and my motion,
my breath and my commotion.
Plentiful ways, I am able to perceive,
to process information, to seek confirmation.

Your voice that makes me tingle,
your love that stokes my fire,
your touch I so desire.
The joy we share, innate.
The power to invoke.
Connections that our bodies make,
allowing to impress, express, rejoice, create.
The joy of subatomic particles when we accept.
Essentials are invisible to eyes.
What matters, always flows through our hearts.
The sum of all its parts.

The mother and the child,
one giving life to other,
continuously forming matter.
Nature, striving to do better
for the sake of evolution.
The sum of its parts is its contribution.

The glue between all forming parts of the whole,
the ubiquitous love.
There would be none of what we are,
what we have,
what we think, or appear to be,
if it wasn’t for the Mother’s love,
holding, binding, keeping everything together.
The intricate fabric of life.
Not a single bacteria would thrive without the mother’s heart.
Billions of unions between the soul and matter,
one rotating planet full of life,
no matter what the weather.
Velocity of energy buzzing around the clock,
hearts beating,
lungs grasping for precious air,
ears listening to your eternal song—
sharing, caring for each other,
for every form that life on earth assumes.

Tears of gratitude that I can be alive,
to have a heart to feel,
to reciprocate your love, to heal.
The sum of its parts and the magnitude that puts me in awe.
The force that binds us all together,
one mighty soul,
split into billions of different forms,
every single one complete perfection, reflection of the whole.

I breathe in, I exhale, I smile, I feel complete.
Thank you, life, for this experience,
for the opportunity to have the choice.

In holding

one tiny grain of sand
in the palm of my hand,
I hold it all.

I look at one single wild flower,
and I see all the beauty there is to see in the world.

It may take ages to get there,
but it only takes one moment in time to realize eternity.

It only takes a heartbeat to understand creation,
to know what God is all about.

For a moment,
I invite you,
to forget the everyday ways of the world 
and recognize that you are beyond duality.
You, awakened one who cannot see the truth of externality
through the distorted lens of separation caused by fallacy—
the one who dwells beyond plurality,
firmly rooted in unbreakable, unshakable, unified reality.

Realize that equanimous is godliness.
When you take no sides,
you cannot be conquered or divided.

No form, no time, no space
can ever take away,
the cognition of who I am. I am the sum of all its parts.

YOU ARE, therefore I AM.

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