Unto ThySelf

Man sitting by the river

A new day is setting in.
I wake up to begin,
to catch the magic in-between,
before I join the mainstream.

Stillness is arising from within,
the hum reverberating deep inside my head.
I focus on my breath—
No, I am not mad.

What keeps me here?

I wonder.
Why on Earth have I become to be?
I ponder.

Who am I?
No more thoughts, all words reside.
The soothing sound starts resonating deep inside.

I fill my lungs with fresh morning air.
I have the privilege, so I can.
Thank you for this gift called life,
despite the pressure of the Kali Yuga1 time.

We all arrive with assorted blessings,
accompanied by eclectic weighings,
plentiful aspirations painting each and every canvas.

The unfulfilled desires that we brought to this world,
the newly forged ones
to keep us entertained…
I do wonder, are we all a bit insane?
How long can we keep up this game?

What happens when all your desires get exhausted,
when they disappear?
When the joie de vivre2 loses its mystical appeal?

At last, will I be able to surrender,
to become your Luciferus,
your Phosphorus,
your light bearer?
Offering myself unto you,
serving you without question,
no expectations,
without resistance,
zero interference…

Will I? Can I?

My path is no longer a question of choice.
My journey is your journey—
a journey of surrender unto you.
As I bow before you,
I prostrate myself.
I give myself to you.
I lose MySelf
unto ThySelf.

Tears cleanse from within
and I hold on to the eternal hum.

My truth is your truth,
and I shall walk this path as long as it may take,
shining light upon you
as long as fire burns inside me—
as long as you will have me,
as long as you will hold me, guide me.

1. “Joie de vivre“(French):  joy of living or enjoyment of life.
2. Kali Yuga (Sanskrit कलियुग): the age of darkness or the age of quarrel and hypocrisy.

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