It’s been a few days since I’ve had an inspiration to write something new. Today it came. Thanks to PW 50: ‘What is my relationship with synchronicity and what do I imagine is possible when I bring more awareness to the role it plays in my life?

For me, synchronicity is all about perfect harmony, matching movements, sounds that are totally in tune, aligned frequencies, umami tastes, moments when your heart is open, overflowing with love, joy, and trust. Things happen, I meet people I was supposed to meet, I end up in places I was meant to be timing is impeccable.

Synchronicity is powerful, mesmerizing, it draws in, it attracts. For example, if we all started breathing following the same rhythm we would create a flow and become part of that same flow we created.

Just imagine watching 50 Irish dancers on the stage, tapping their feet at the same time, totally in tune. Or listening to a choir of 30 people singing a song, their voices joint, blended as one. How about the orchestra and all the instruments playing the same beautiful melody?

What about nature?
Watching, listening to the river can be incredibly soothing. All the water is moving towards the same direction, singing the same song, each drop of water is absolutely aligned.

Have you ever watched a flock of birds flying in the sky – or a murmuration of starlings? Hundreds and hundreds of birds flying as one, every single bird perfectly aligned. What an incredible performance!

What about two or more people brainstorming, coming up with great ideas, their frequencies matching, bubbling, in sync with one another, in their thoughts, intentions, working together, being part of the same flow

Synchronicity is all around us – we just need to pause, pay attention, and recognize it.

Take a look at your wonderful body, the movement of your legs and arms as you walk, when you run. It wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t in sync, not in a million years.’

Synchronicity brought me synchronicity itself. How much more in sync could I get?

Working through the 20 PrivateWork prompts has revealed a number of insights. It was a much needed exercise of confirmation. Now that I’m in that flow I want to capture every drop of it. Squeeze it out, here, on a paper, so every time I need to recollect and realign myself, all I need to do is refer to this moment. Come back to these words – to the space that binds these synchronistically infused thoughts. The empty, silent space out of which the flow emerges and carries on. To me, living words are the most beautiful art & science of magic that gets captured in a very special way, but not really captured because it remains free – always.

The words I read carry the powerful fragrance that is strong enough to bring me back to this moment when I digress. We all digress from time to time and that’s ok. We all wobble in life. Life is a challenging affair – we are constantly dealing with thoughts, information, never ending stories upon stories, emotions, we continue storing gigabytes of memory.

As if nature, the most brilliant architect I have ever come across, has engineered this game that seems to have no end, unless you take charge, unless you awaken, become more aware and start working, tirelessly. Until you expand your pause between the stimulus and your response, not allowing to continue reacting – re+acting. Have you ever thought of this word – it’s genius. It holds the meaning of itself – continuously repeating the same old act. We all react – until we don’t.

Instead of reacting, all we need to do is learn to introduce the pause – we have to master the art of expanding the length of the mighty pause, so we can allow the clarity to arrive – we enter the flow and we gain the ability to respond.

Relationship with myself and others is about being in sync with each other. When you’re in sync with your self you can be in sync with anyone. Even when they are not. Therefore it is my responsibility – it starts with me. Responsibilityability to respond. Either I choose to bring harmony, peace of mind to this world or I choose not to. Hence, we all seek activities that help us realign with ourselves – and that’s a good, useful approach. For me it’s swimming, yoga, writing, meditation, dancing, being in nature, listening to particular music, horse riding, churning mugs on a potter’s wheel. For you it can be something else – find out what that is, because it’s more important than you think.

Synchronicity is a state of pure bliss – Ananda – no friction, no fear, no resistance, no control, no doubt. Responding while having trust, complete trust in the way you respond to the stimulus that came your way.

Skillfully, gracefully, with a smile, with an open heart. In sync, in tune, at one, in alignment, in the flow… back to oneness with life, back to the Self. Like a river, like gazillion droplets of water, all flowing towards the Ocean. Like a dancer becoming merging with music. Like your heartbeat, perfectly aligned with yourself, with the universe. Body, mind, and soul, completely in sync.

What an experience – what a beautiful life to be able to live like that. Now that’s what I call a life worth living.

In sync, in harmony, in tune with One Self, hence in sync with everything and everyone else.


Love & Life

Sloth sitting on a branch

There’s so much to experience in life; for me, love tops it all. Our deepest need and desire to be loved, to feel loved, to be able to give love. Knowing our love is received, watching the love expand, bifurcate in multiple forms. Like the hundreds of seeds of a giant sunflower.

Why do I think lovers so blissfully content? Regardless if the whole world is in tatters and turmoil.

Life will always choose the best conduit for us to experience love at any given moment in time. Our children, our partner, our pets, friends, fairies… any force of nature you may be ready for, and anyone that reciprocates your love and enriches your existence, adds value to life, lifts you up, brings out the best in you, and those around you. Once you soak in that love you know.

Love is a force binding every atom together, reminding us about the meaning of life.

We start sensing the depth of human potential when we surrender to love.

There is no way to force love to come, to occur. The invitation however, is welcome. Love is always around, and our heart are its prime recipient. Love begins to flow through our heart when our heart is willing, ready, and open to both – giving and receiving love.

When? Hard to say. There are instances in lives of individuals when they had to endure many years or decades without experiencing the depth of love they knew it’s was possible to experience. Deep inside, one never knows when the lightning will strike, move us from inside out and outside in, tease out the deepest tears, banish any empty fears, make us quiver because of the certainty of the most profound knowable unknown. Because of knowing what we have always known.

Love has the most unique power to heal, to penetrate our soul, to nourish, to permanently alter our state of being – unlike any medicine, treatment, food, or drug we have ever received in our life for a medium called money, crypto, or gold.

Love is a currency and a value in its own right. Love simply is. There is no such thing as a tradeoff. Love flows freely, it can never be captured, conquered, divided, or altered in any shape or form. Not even in the name of god. Love is unaccountable for, infinite, it is superior, it is forever. Love is available to us all, always in abundance. Love itself is unconditional.

Love makes you grateful for being alive. Love turns your body into a bunch of vibrating atoms and electrons, morphing you into a magnetic force. It is so much more than you have ever dreamt of being possible. The whole existence bows down to love. Love is the quintessential, primordial force that keeps us all together. Like the ocean and its waves, the rose with its scent, the air and its breeze, the honey on your lips. Inseparable, just like love and life.

Never lose your hope, keep the fire burning, that flame that gave you life, the fire that enables you to stay alive. Whoever you may love… your partner, your brother, sister, parents, friends, your dog, your cat, the bees, birds, flowers, trees, rivers, mountains, stars, the sun, your loving thoughts, your life. Love them wholeheartedly. But above all love yourself.

It all begins right here, right now, at home. Your home, your core, your heart, every beat of it. The love you are able to tap into from within. At any given moment in your life.

Try it, try it NOW! Really try, and reach in, as deep as you can and you will feel it’s inside. It has always been there, perhaps a bit dormant or latent, from time to time. Or a bit shy, but it has always been there, like a rosebud in spring. Waiting for the sun to shine upon it, to awaken it, so it may begin to unfold. Petal by petal, slowly, magnifying its glorious presence and beauty. Showering its blessings with its divine grace. Releasing its fragrance, infusing its surrounding with its intoxicating scent – no bee can ever resist the call. They become lovers at first sight, there is no doubt, it’s a dance of giving and receiving, so that life can go on.

Love is the prerequisite of life. Love and life cannot exist without each other. The cosmic dancer and his/her dance, it’s all about the love and life – Shakti and Shiva. The force that brings this universe to life and the source that sustains it. Day in, day out, the never-ending cosmic dance – with you, me, us – all of us dancers, moved by life, infused with love.

To surrender, is to rise on the wings of the force most precious throughout the whole existence of this universe. I bow down to you, my love.

I love the following thought that came by on this special morning: “I belong to no body and no thing in this world. No body and no thing belongs to me. Yet, I am always willing to surrender to Love. I am the undividable extension of your Love. You are the forever expansion of my Love. Therefore, I am you and you are me. I own you and you own me, but only in Love, through Love, and with Love.”  ❤️🙏