Over Horizon

Girls sitting under a tree by a lake, watching the sunrise

Far away, yet so close is the horizon.

Freedom is a state of mind,
feeling free a state of being.

There is a place under the sky,
under the stars,
under the shining sun,
where you will find me lying on the sand,
beside the flowing water,
nearby many trees,
the place where I come to be,
to feel more free.

I watch the birds stretching across the sky,
gliding towards the horizon.

Far away, yet so close is that horizon.

I often run away,
simply, on my own,
to a place where I can stare at the horizon,
feel the gentle breeze,
hear the flowing water,
smell the singing grass,
a place that helps me set my mind free.

My heart begins to open,
beat by beat it starts to swell and I begin to smile.
I remember those kind, loving eyes,
unlike any other living eyes under the sky.

Far away, yet so close is the horizon.

We live,
we love,
we learn,
and we continue living.

Life goes on,
until it’s time to cross that horizon.

I do not want to go back home,
not quite yet.
Sometimes, running is the way to be,
the way I learned to spread my wings,
to fly, to be more free.

Ahhh, you foolish girl,
how long can you dwell beside the shore,
watching the horizon,
before the body starts complaining,
shivering from cold,
ushering you to a place that you call home.

As long as I can.
I whisper to myself.
As long as I possibly can.

Far away, yet so close is the horizon.

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