Sun Rays Tickling the Ocean Waves

Girl sitting by the fire on the beach, the boy next to the water, looking towards the horizon.

Dancing with the Sun Rays Tickling the Ocean Waves… all Across the Seven Seas

The moment when the two opposites meet and greet.
In the twinkling of an eye,
swept away by the palpable attraction,  
two bipeds, taken over by the spell of nature,
they initiate a honey-sweet relation.

Until the mighty vigor of the fire clashes
against the unsurmountable force of water.
Like the sun and the ocean, endlessly romancing,
the waves never stop bouncing.

The fire and water, somehow,
find the most unusual ways to embrace.
Guiding our own primordial forces,
inviting us to express ourselves, to dance.

Yet, we, tiny-vast-human beings.
with all our aspirations, shortcomings,
anticipations, projections, and tone of reactions.
We struggle when our substratum
is still full of air bubbles.  

How can fire continuously burn and glow,
how can water shine and flow if the foundation
cannot sustain the force of its own creation?

So much interference, obstruction, resistance, arrogance, pride, 
with a lack of integrity, humility,
and pure love is gone,
with the flickering shadow
caused by the passing gust of wind.

Still, in their own unique ways,
both fire and water continue to rise,
from within.

To guide us,
to lead the way toward the horizon. 
There – we meet again.
After all the struggles we had to face,
to understand, to overcome,
to rise above, to arrive at the place
where the Sun Rays tickle the Ocean Waves.
free to play, to dance, embrace, and romance. 

A blissful sight to behold,
so innocent and tender sweet –
the heart expands, begins to sing.  

If only we are blessed to see,
and realize how exquisite,
how precious,
how fragile Life is. 

Gratitude to Fire, Wind, and Water.
To all the elements on Earth.

Let us never forget that we owe it all to Mother Nature.
All of our blessings, all of our lives and dreams.


Lightning May Strike

Girl in a cloak, staining, watching,, lightning, stormy weather

One can never be entirely sure
how the day is going to unroll.

It can start off as a simple,
well intended, 
clear my mind from all the busy thoughts
afternoon walk.

Before the clock strikes five, 
I hear the thunder
and as I turn around,
the lightning fires up my spine.

On the sacred spot,
beside my favorite rock.

I stand there,
seeking refuge,
pouring out my prayers,
my gratitude.
To everything and everyone
I have ever been blessed by.

To my numinous fellow travelers.
So many of you have carried me through.
Many of our paths have parted,
as we journey on,
each responding to the whispers of our soul.

I am a tapestry of moments, 
woven together by the threads of my life’s components.
The sum of all your smiles,
your tears,
envies, desires,
shames and blames,
resentments, appreciations, admirations.  

All of it,
combined together
with the hint of your trust,
your joy, your fear,
your love.
All of it,
without a twine of doubt.

I am wrapped in the cloak,
woven by all of your strings.

underneath that cloak I wear,
remains the untouchable, unclad,
timeless me.
The one wearing the cloak that soaked it all in.

Lightning may strike. 
Suddenly emerged from the shrouded azure hue.

To shake me, to wake me,
to ruffle my feathers,
reminding me of what truly matters.

Especially on days
when the cloak feels so dreadfully weary
and heavy to carry.
Like a beacon of much needed light,
sending a few wake-up shivers
up and down my spine.

Would I be here if it wasn’t for the love of some kind?

Would there be anything or anyone in this glorious world,
if it wasn’t for the sacred binding force that holds us all together?

The sky alight with bolts of fire, 
what secrets does the universe conspire?

A perfectly timed prompt,
reminding me to humble down,
to count my blessings,
to celebrate, appreciate the life I own.
I must respond.
Because I am the only one who knows.
The only one who can.  
With love, gratitude, fortitude, and grace.


The old is coming to an end—
the ancient one gripping tight,
as if nothing else matters.

As the grip of the old tightens,
the new can sense the waning hour of its rustic power.
The old knows, as soon as it lets go,
it has to give its final blessing,
that bit we call farewell.

The splendid bull
is standing on the plateau,
faced towards the sun,
rising from horizon.

The first few rays spill into the ocean,
just before the sun is up, above the skyline.
That breathless moment,
when existence appears to be standing still…

The ancient and the new.
A mystery as old as time.
What have I to learn from all that is passing by?

Decay, death, birth, a new start.

I give my gratitude to all that is fading away,
burning out, passing on its final emanating surge of power,
just before it’s time to give it up.

It’s time to give it up!
Your time, your rule, your reign is over.

An ocean of valuable lessons,
overflowing generosity,
kindness and good deeds…
All of it going towards new, fresh seeds.
It’s time to let go, graciously.

Out of the old roots grow the new shoots.
Come spring, watch the glory unfold in its full swing.  

Roaring fireplace, several soft cushions,
the sound of crackling firewood,
a copper flask of water and myself,
gazing towards the blazing fire
as it eats the wood away,
sending vital heat my way.

Holding my favorite pen, I etch
the final few pages of my fifth notebook of this twilight year.

When the one starts starts,
I will pull out a fresh, new, sky blue one!

May the New Year be blessed
with infinite inspiration, joy, and strength
as we navigate through distinct moments:
joyful, challenging, struggling, healing,
messy, exiting, sad, hungry, happy.  
May we learn, may we grow and become
wiser, suppler, more caring, and stronger
as we bravely sail on.

Out of the gracious Old
comes the radiant New!


Groundhog peeking out of the hole

I have attempted to write a piece on self-acceptance half a dozen time by now. It didn’t feel quite right, so I couldn’t share. Today is the day when I feel the time is right.

What do I mean by acceptance?

The acceptance of the physical form each of us has been born with. Our physical form that enables your soul, my soul to express itself in this world – through our bodies – our vehicles – our vessels – our temples. I’m talking about acceptance of my tangible, physical form, my precious body.

Perhaps this has been one of my toughest challenges I had to go through in life thus far. Acceptance of my physical form, the way I appear to be, the way I look – the transitory vanity, yet an important aspect of our soulful expression in this world.

When we’re born, the soul incarnates.

In+carnates – ‘carneus’ – Latin word for ‘of the body, flesh’.

Each individual soul enters the body, infuses the physical form with life, with a very unique essence, one of a kind.  

I can’t see any other logical or illogical way to explain my understanding of this mystical union between the spirit and matter.

When it’s time for the soul to depart, the heart beats its final beat. The soul and the body part once again. The body goes to dust, back to mother Earth who extended its own material form to give us the structure when we began this journey. On the other hand, the soul is free to float again, to linger in timeless, spaceless soup as long as that is required. Unless the soul has become completely liberated, ready to fuse back with the source. If that is not the case, the soul prepares to join the queue and start the earthly journey all over again.  

Human beings – we are all spiritual beings who have been given or have chosen this transformative opportunity of experiencing life through the physical form in this wondrous realm.

It has often been said, that we are spiritual beings with physical experience and not just physical beings merely having a spiritual experience. If that was not true, it would be the body the precedes the soul, and not vice versa. Seems like a fact even logic can’t deny. Though, feel free to challenge my thought, I welcome it, because nothing is set in stone!

Why do some of us struggle in our form so much that we put ourselves through experiences that are detrimental to our body & soul, not allowing the soul to express itself freely, to the fullest? Why do we put up so much resistance and fight? What is the root cause of such an attitude devoid of an altitude worthy of every glorious soul?

Could it be that deep inside we haven’t fully let go of the previous life experience when the soul left the body to return to the ‘soup state’? Before assuming a new one? Not accepting the outcome of all our actions that have led us to another Groundhog Day, where we get one more chance to rectify all we have done and haven’t done accordingly to how things should have been done to achieve a perfect balance and harmony? Body, soul, and mind?

My resistance in this life was so deep and strong that I manifested a life where I was told from an early, most imprint-able age that I was ugly, slow, dumb, and weird. The mantra slipped so deep under my skin that it became my reality, although it was not. It was all happening in my mind.

I was always a very skinny, lean child – however my self-perception got distorted. As I became a teenager, every time I looked myself into the mirror, I would see myself being too large – even though that was not the fact.

When someone took a picture of me all I would see was an image of an unattractive face that I deeply disliked. When I look at those pictures today, all I can see is an innocent, beautiful looking child with glowing eyes.

Such false self-perceptions, reinforced with reoccurring, not-supportive parenting methods in upbringing can lead to various eating disorders that have a potential to disrupt the balance body, mind balance, it can mess up essential digestive fires, and interfere with the will to live.    I have experienced this first hand. Due to my self-destructive behavior, I nearly drove myself over the edge. I was lucky & graced to have found a way out. It probably took a setback of around 12 years of my life when it comes to my career, relationship, peace of mind, general stability and balance in life. What a price to pay, nevertheless, it all fell into place at the end.

My stomach & digestive system was out of synch; my body cells were so inflamed that it took 10 years of intense healing to restore it to its original state of homeostasis. State of balance, harmony, and peace was not there. I was saved by the grace and grace alone. If it wasn’t for my dearest friend, his kind and generous heart, I would not be where I am right now.

What have I learned? I have learned about the enormous power that external projection has on forming our self-perception – the way we see ourselves and our bodies and what an important part it plays in the upbringings of every single precious child. The impact it has throughout our entire life if perceptions remain distorted, hidden in the subconscious, and unhealed. Our reality becomes twisted and it can take years to undo the damage.

Food plays an incredibly important role in our life; it sustains us, nourishes our bodies, provides all the nutrients required for us to function. The balance is very delicate, yet incredibly crucial for the journey of the soul.

Will the soul be able to shine through or will we get lost in struggles and shadows of self-destruction, resistance, various food related obsessions, issues with visual appearances, and false perceptions?

Quick reality check: Ask yourself a question: “What is your relationship to food?”

How much time in my life have I already managed to hijack from myself – from my soul’s full expression? Do I still want to continue doing so, or is it time to resolve and let the soul shine through?

I know that only by welcoming myself fully, accepting the full length of how my life has unfolded can set me free. Accepting the way I look, how I sound, the way I move, my thoughts, how other perceive me; accepting myself physically, fully, 100%.

No external opinion about my appearance, no remark, no comment anyone makes can shake me anymore. Even when those comment come from the people closest to me in my life. I understand that whatever somebody says has nothing to do with me and everything to do with themselves – their proclivities, projections, part of their healing process. All I can do is listen and stay consciously aware.

This can only happen because I have fully healed that aspect of once my wounded self. If I get triggered and react it would simply mean I have some more work to do on that front – some more outstanding healing.

I also accept the fact that whatever has happened to me in the past was for a reason. It’s what we make out of it that crates a difference and that mostly depends on our level of awareness at any given point in life.

When I was a child, I didn’t have much awareness, hence I was easily manipulated in thinking whatever anyone else had thought of me. It took many years to figure out who I was and get rid of all the projections my brothers, parents, school, society, etc., has imprinted upon me. I had my weak spots. At some point in life, every weakness has the potential to turn into the source of our greatest strength. That depends entirely on me in my case or you in your case.

Today, food is my source of strength, health, creativity, and inspiration. I have developed a deep appreciation and respect for what sustains me in life – what keeps my cells alive, gives me power, and adds clarity to how I think, what I do, what I’m able to share, and how I am able to express myself in this world. Thank you, life, for all the teachings, for all the abundance I am able to receive, for all the blessings showered upon me and us all. Thank you, life. May all be free.


Seize the Day

Boy with a rose

Life in a Rose…

The beautiful rose has been capturing attention and the hearts of millions, ever since we come in touch with the queen of the flowers. I like to believe the queen will continue mesmerizing our hearts until the end of time. With its exquisite appearance, intoxicating scent, and powerful presence.

The rose equally demands your full presence, your complete surrender and attention, else it cannot reveal itself to you in its fullest glory.

You may have noticed a rose, passing by, but when was the last time you have really seen the rose? When was the last time you had the full experience of complete immersion and oneness with this magnificent, divine being full of grace?

Have you ever made love to a rose? When did you really take in all her scent? Can you remember? Or will you go on living as if it doesn’t matter, only to realize how much it really matters when it’s too late and that rose has withered away?

You’re lucky, for there are plenty of roses blooming throughout the year in every corner of this wondrous world.

Seize the precious moment, as often as possible and keep your heart open and expanding as long as you can. 

Stop the madness of rushing to get to the next point in your life, to reach yet another goal. I’m sure you will reach it, but at what price? Do yourself a favor once in a while and stop by the rose, surrender yourself fully to that unique moment and get a sense of oneness.

Experience the magic the rose is willing to share with you, to take you beyond what you thought was even possible. Life goes by so quickly. It’s those precious moments in life that make a difference. The moments that bring the smile from deep within, the moments that infuse your heart with joy, crack your heart open to love, receive love, and feel the gratitude for being alive.  

Carpe Diem 🙏

Your final words as you depart this realm of wonder should sound & feel a bit like this: thank you all, thank you glorious existence, I have lived a great life. Farewell, I go in peace, with a smile.


The Power of Your Inner Resolution

Campfire with 3 friends and a child

I’d like to dive into the following set of ubiquitous questions that are pertinent to so many of us.

How do we come out of drama? Why does my mood get influenced by other people’s actions or reactions? Why do I get sad, angry, irritated? I try to stay composed, but when I see someone else close to me being grumpy it disturbs my peace… what to do in that moment?

The power of resolution is within you. What do I mean?

It’s the QUESTion that drives the resolution. It’s the question that defines your stance, current situation, and your future. The question is your guide.

To start with – instead of asking a question “How do WE” – the emphasis should always be on ME! How do I…? The power of resolution is concentrated inside yourself. The correct use of language is important. When I start disidentifying myself with we, I take away a great portion of my own strength.

Imagine you saying to yourself, and there’s only you, nobody else – now WE will eat this piece of scrumptious pie that is laid in front of US on the plate. We will drink the juice from this glass. WE cannot – only YOU can.
I can eat the blueberry pie, as slow or as fast as I wish, with my fingers, with a fork, or a spoon. I can even have it with ice-cream, as an appetizer, main dish or a desert. Breakfast, lunch or midnight snack. I can finish it off by licking the tips of my fingers if I wish so. The emphasis is on the experience of “I”. 

It’s that simple.

A more precise question formation would be: How do I come out of drama. Now that’s a more accurate guide. Once you ask yourself that question, close your eyes and start tapping into your deeper layers of your mind.

What do I mean by drama? What does drama represent to me?

The answer is very personal to each of us, nobody else can provide that answer to you. We each have different backgrounds, level of tolerance, perception, awareness – each of us is bound to perceive life events and drama in a different way. What irritates me? If I remove that irritation from my life, what does that feel like? Where is this irritation coming from?

For example, my irritation gets triggered by me noticing someone smacking their lips when they eat, I start rolling my eyes, as soon as I hear that smacking sound.  I say to myself: ‘It’s been so many years and it still gets to me? What is this craziness, obsession of me even noticing that sound? Why can’t I simply let go?’

The point here is not about me trying to change someone because their action irritates me, but by figuring out what is it with me that causes that reaction? Why can’t I get over it. So much so, that I begin being irritated by myself not being able to get over it. The drama takes the twist, becoming even more “drama rama”.  

As I tangle myself in irritation, I lose my focus, my presence of what really matters. I become consumed by trivial matters in life and that is the price that I pay, being overshadowed by the mighty drama.

When I get irritated by something, it indicates my own inner resistance to what is occurring here and now. My resistance to get over the obstacle that prevents me to be fully present, to breath freely, to laugh, to love, to enjoy the moment.

Instead, all the beauty is gone – delicious blueberry or apple pie I am eating – I can’t even taste it to the fullest anymore. I forget about the precious comfort of my home, the joy of sharing, the sheer fact of what it took to make such a delicious piece of pie I have the privilege to enjoy eating. I totally forget about the gratitude that I am actually being able to enjoy this experience. Gone is the full experience presented to me by life, right here, right now.

All that abundance is being consumed by irritation, by resistance to move beyond. And it outcome of my choice – it’s a simple human choice. I can reset my mind with a breath or two, remind myself of what truly matters to me in that very moment and just be with that. Moment to moment. Being perfectly content.

Also, I often forget and underestimate the power of projection. Do you have any ideas how powerful your thoughts are? So much so they have the potency to add to the struggles of others by strengthening their shackles, with the power of your mighty thoughts, hence prolonging their current status quo. Close relationships can be incredibly powerful opportunities to help us transform and us helping the other to transform by noticing such nuances. When in a relationship we all carry the responsibility to ourselves and the other not to perpetuate the endless circle of samsara – suffering.

We all manifest our own realities – moment to moment we continue feeding and reinforcing our life situation by actively painting the seeds of next growth.

We all know the saying: ‘the more you resist, the more it persists.’ The intensity of my resistance defines where I am in life – the more I resist, the more challenging are my life experiences. Things get harder. The stronger I am as a personality, the more intense is the experience – for me and everyone around me. Until it snaps, it breaks, people fight, they split, life becomes a mess, leading to one big drama.

When you see someone being grumpy and jumpy and that starts to irritate you, you internally start forming a thought pattern about that person – a picture that paints them. If that’s a very close person, you share a bond, a connection.

Even when you don’t say a word, every projected, silent, intangibly thought has an impact. Do not underestimate the power of your thought; your thoughts can be as real as your actions. They have the power to influence people around us and their behaviour.

Thanks to your contribution, the grumpiness and jumpiness of the other can become a notch stronger and the possibility of the other person to come out of their misery just a bit harder.

If this resonates, and if it feeds into your reality – it could be that a part of you enjoys seeing other people being grumpy and jumpy. Be mindful to notice your deepest intentions; inquire into your actions. Notice if someone else is doing that to you, be the one stops this endless wheel of unnecessary suffering.   

Having all these insights, what does that make you feel like?

It makes me feel responsible for every thought that I give space to arise and grow in my mind. Not just my words or my action, which are the tip of the iceberg. The real stuff is hidden beneath.

When I became so obsessed by being irritated by the action of others, I lose touch with myself. Gone is my awareness – I’m totally into someone else. It also indicates how much I resist the change and how stuck I am in my own little ways. 

I have to ask myself another questions. Do I really want that kind of reality for myself? What am I like? Does my resistance to change help my general wellbeing? Is there a different way? I have a choice. Oh, the glorious freedom of choice that was given to us all, human beings.

Free will – but only when I become aware. How much, how often, and how long do I remain aware before I slip and snap again? I know I will slip & snap – until you no longer will. It’s like any other skill – the more we practice, the more skilled we become. It applies to every single action – baking cookies, painting, playing music, gardening, cleaning, designing, engineering, programming, or being aware.

My dear one, I truly wish you all the best in your life, because you deserve a beautiful life. It’s time to start imagining that and slowly bringing it into existence. My dear, only you have the power to do so. Don’t allow to get consumed and sucked into thinking “others” are the cause of your irritation. They are simply there to mirror your own perfect imperfections. They are actually doing you a favor, by helping you to recognize those imperfection, so you can work on it, let go, and get over. Life is much bigger and so much more magnificent than the narrow focus that might have temporarily consumed our attention. You have the tools, use them well and good luck, much love to you! Sharing is caring, there’s no shame in facing challenges in life. We’ve all been there, this way or another.

When you genuinely recognize and share your struggles, you invite the help that is needed to heal those struggles. You become open to receiving the many gifts this universe has to offer. So many gifts hanging out there, like ripe fruit, waiting to find their place. Isn’t that a nice thought?

Always remember, the power to resolving any issues is within you, always within your reach. Other people can show you the way, nudge you to walk towards a certain direction – but they cannot walk instead of you. Stay brave, you already are – you have made the first step by recognizing and asking the QUESTion. Stay persistent, keep up with it – one step at a time. Keep on walking and stay present. May the answers you derive at guide you towards you inner resolution. I wish you good luck!  

What About Regrets?

Meandering river surrounded by mountains

How often do you catch yourself regretting something you should have done, but you didn’t? Or something you shouldn’t have done but you did it anyways?

You revealed your secret or you didn’t.
You accepted the new offer or you didn’t.
You moved to the new place or you didn’t.
You dissolved a romantic attachment or you didn’t.
You ventured to new destinations you’ve always dreamt of
or you didn’t… not yet.
You opened your heart or you kept it closed.
You allowed the kiss to unfold or you sealed your lips and bowed out.
You devoured the juicy orange or you waited too long
and the sun-ripened fruit was gone.
You said I’m sorry or you didn’t… not yet.

You are exactly where you want to be, who you want to be, how you want to be. And if you think you’re not (not yet), because you generated too many regrets, you are still exactly where you want to be. Also, you can still get exactly where you want to go, with more ease if you are willing to drop your regrets that hold you back.

You think, there for you are. I am, therefore you are. Being right here, right now, because when you are – fully here and now – there is no space for regrets.

Learn to strengthen your faculty of presence – become fully engrossed in the present moment.

Feel the wind breeze on your skin – fully.
Smell the freshly baked bread or some other aroma you may like, that brings up a sense of happiness.
Watch the birds flying, the squirrels jumping, branches of the tree swaying in the wind.
Touch your arm, massage your neck, kiss your own hand!

Bring your attention to something that anchors your senses here and now, so your thoughts may follow, so you can bring your mind home, here & now – yes, this is home!

Or simply – read these few lines totally engrossed – the lines I have put together with my fullest attention, for you, my dear fellow traveler, wholeheartedly.

Life is like a meandering river, full of life, ever changing. Never can you step in the same river twice. Never are you the same person again. And so is your life journey – continuously morphing. You can never repeat the same moment again, hence, try to live it fully, whatever that fully may be for you. Don’t compare your life with someone else or with your past self – don’t get lost in comparing, judging, regretting. Accept your life and every single moment that brought you here & now. Be grateful for everything that happened or didn’t happen in your life.

Why? Because in this very moment of time you are the sum of all the moments that have brought you to this point in life. A culmination of all the bits that have made you the way you are.

I would not be here & now if one single twinkle was left out. It doesn’t matter how I perceived that moment in the past – but it matters now, because although that moment cannot be changed, my current perception of that moment can.

And there is nothing else more powerful than the realization that everything is perfect, just the way it is.

Health, sickness, wealth, poverty, happiness, sadness, regrets, pain, suffering, acceptance. Yes, even your regrets are part of who you are in this very moment. Even regrets are perfect as soon as you are able to perfectly accept them and accept yourself for having them. And if you struggle doing so, ask yourself a question: ‘Do they serve me well? Are they life enriching companions? Do they bring me peace, joy, a smile to my face? Or do they make me cry and cringe? Being soaked in my own regrets what happens to me? Does it take away my ability to be more present, from living my life fully here & now? Do I need really them? Is it time to let go?’

What is your emotional state right now? How does it feel having to experience these feelings? Look into yourself, be honest with yourself – no judgement. Take a deep breath, hold your breath for a few moments, allow your thoughts and emotions to sink together, then… breathe it all out. With a sigh or two if needed be. Do this motion a few times, as many times as you think & feel you need to, and then, take a few moments to be fully present with yourself. Nobody else but your own self.

There’s not much else left, really. Acceptance, knowing you are here & now, whoever, wherever you are, whatever you have or not. Simplicity. Feel & recognize yourself fully, be grateful for being alive, as you enter the flow and you ride with the force of your own, powerful, life-giving breath. Simply, by being, remaining aware, for as long as you can. Move your fingers, your toes, your nose, your legs, shoulders, smack your lips, blink with your eyes – just because you can.

What an empowering thought. ‘I can!‘ So simple, taken for granted – yet – when I realize that no stone, tree, or building has that same ability & gift as I have, it makes me smile, I feel empowered and grateful to be what, where, how, and who I am.

As human beings we are blessed to dwell in perfect human bodies, we have brilliant minds, capacity to move, think, feel, sense, love, spill our hearts out. I can scratch myself when I feel an itch – and I am the only one in this whole wide world who knows that I have an itch, only I know where and how to scratch myself to sooth my itch. Hence, I know what freedom is, even if it has to start by noticing an innocent itch that never goes unnoticed and unattended. At leas for me.

You know that very well, we all have that in common, that’s why it made you chuckle & smile. Say ‘thank you life’, next time you get the pleasure to scratch yourself again! 

Fundamentally, life is good. Rivers flow, just like your precious, god/force/nature given life. Human beings – what a miracle and force of nature, such an incredible potential, so many possibilities at any given time in life.

One final conscious breath, lungs filled up with fresh air, a short pause, and out I go following my exhale. In with the new, out with the old! It’s the only way forward weather you think it or not. I am, therefore you are. I did what I could, and I didn’t what I couldn’t.

I try and do my best in whatever I do. Even if I have to say I’m sorry, I really didn’t know better, but now I do. I learn from mistakes, I let go, and I move on. Just like the flowing river. It’s the only way forward, not by being an obstacle to myself and to my continuously inherent flow.

Allow life to flow, remain as present as you can so you can respond accordingly at any given moment in time, do your best, and use your time wisely & fully & well.

Life is precious. It’s a good life. So, let it flow!