The old is coming to an end.
The old with its tight grip,
as if nothing else matters.

As the grip of the old tightens,
the new can sense the waning hour of its power.
The old knows, as soon as it let goes,
it has to give its final blessing,
that bit we call farewell.

The bull,
majestic bull is standing on the plateau,
faced towards the rising sun,
rising out of the horizon.

The first few rays are spilling into the ocean,
just before the sun is up, above the edge.
That breathless moment,
when it all appears to be standing still.

The old and the new.
Mystery as old as time.
What have I to learn from all that is passing by?

Decay, death, birth, a new start.  

I give my gratitude to all that is fading away.
Burning out, giving its final emanating surge of power,
until it’s time to give it up.

It’s time to give it up.
Your time, your rule, your reign is over.

So many valuable lessons,
so much generosity,
so many good deeds,
all of it going towards new, fresh seeds.
It’s time to let go, graciously.

Out of the old roots grow the new shoots.
Come spring, watch the glory unfold in its full swing.  

Roaring fireplace, a few soft cushions,
the sound of crackling fire wood,
a copper flask of water and myself,
gazing towards the blazing fire,
as it eats the wood away,
sending heat my may.

And me, holding my favorite pen, etching and scratching
the final few pages of my 5th thick notebook of this year.

When the New Year starts,
I will pull out a fresh, new, sky blue one!

May the New Year be blessed,
full of inspiration, joy, strength,
as we navigate through all sorts of times.
Joyful, challenging, struggling, healing, messy, exiting, sad, hungry, happy.  
May we learn, may we grow and become wiser, suppler, more caring, and stronger,
as we bravely sail on.

Out of the gracious Old comes the radiant New.