Seize the Day

Often, short and sweet is just enough to make my day.

Life in a Rose…

The beautiful rose that has captured attention and the hearts of millions throughout times and will continue mesmerizing our hearts until the end of time.

With its exquisite appearance, intoxicating scent, and powerful presence.

The rose equally demands your full presence, your complete attention, else it will not reveal itself to you in its fullest glory.

Yes, you may have noticed a rose, but when was the last time you have really noticed the rose? When was the last time you had the full experience of complete immersion and oneness with this magnificent, divine being full of grace?

When was the last time you made love to a rose? When did you really smell the rose? Can you even remember? Or will you go on living as if it doesn’t matter, only to realize how much it really matters when it’s too late and that rose has withered away?

You’re lucky, for there are plenty of roses blooming throughout the year in every corner of this wondrous world.

Seize the precious moment, as often as possible and keep your heart open and expanding as long as you can. 

Stop the madness of rushing to get to the next point in your life, to reach yet another goal. Reach you will but at what price? Do yourself a favor once in a while and pause by the rose, surrender yourself fully to that unique moment of oneness.

Experience the magic the rose is willing to share with you, to take you beyond what you ever sought was even possible. Life goes by so quickly. It’s those precious moments in life that make a difference, the moments that really make you smile, infuse your heart with joy, crack your heart open to love and receive love, and feel the gratitude for being alive.  

Carpe Diem 🙏

Your final words as you depart this realm of wonder should sound & feel a bit like this: thank you all, thank you glorious existence, I have lived a great life. Farewell, now I go in peace and with a smile. Wink, wink.


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