Infinity of 9

I haven’t written much in the past few days. My mind was in a bit of a turmoil.

And when I feel my mind is not as clear as the sky, my heart not as pure, open, flowing as it could and should be, I can not and I do not write. It would not be fair to you, me dumping my burdensome mind to you. It is not my style.

I choose carefully what I give, I am aware of what you receive. There is enough fallacy, misery, and regurgitation in this world as it is. I call it mental masturbation. If it doesn’t add value needed for a healthier balance of this world today, I process it by myself first, and only come out when I’m clear.

When we share the very best of ourselves we offer our greatest service and gift to this world. That is exactly what is needed the most.

As one of my teachers at Schumacher college used to say – half baked bread will give you indigestion.

I don’t want to do that, because I know what cramps caused by indigestion feel like. What kind of human would I be if I did that? The kind of human I choose not to be.

My gift, here and now should bring out the very best in you and through you. I believe, I know, words woven in such mode have immense power to capture your attention, to touch and move your heart, and to transform the way you are as a being in this world. Just like a very special music and art. Your heart knows very well what I’m talking about.

But only when you start looking in nature for inspiration, the place where it all begins to unfold – everything you get to experience, see, hear, and feel. Perfect art, music, science; an absolute harmony of perpetual symphony.

I watched the beautiful story about a Man who chooses to live in such harmony. His romance with numbers, with dolphins, fractals, patterns, flowers, connection to the wisdom of the infinity of possibilities, kindness of his heart, depth of his compassion moved my heart. His ability in staying grounded and humble despite all the riches of his brilliant mind. His understanding of life is profound.

It inspires me to think about the kind of art I choose to engage with. I expect nothing less from myself when it comes to what I am compelled to share with this world of infinite possibilities. Each moment is a choice, so let’s choose well my friends.

Thank you Michael.

‘Evolution is a process of iteration. There is no plan. It’s in each moment of what happens. My life is a process of iteration.’ (Michael)’

So much for today

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