The Blade Forged in Fire

Blazing amber

Finest blades are forged in roaring heat of fire. The kind of fire that does not leave behind any impurities. All that is impure burns away.

Can you imagine yourself being in the fire that purifies and draws out any remaining residues that serve you no more.

A fierce, willing, peaceful warrior with a distinct sword is an image I’ve always been mysteriously drawn to. The blade formed of 33,000 layers, forge-welded to one another – it leaps, it slopes, and pivots in my hands as one single blade. Don’t ever be fooled based on a simple looking appearance. It often takes 33,000 layers for magnificence to take place.

I wonder, how many perfect layers had to come together before I took birth? Every lifetime is an opportunity to realize and demonstrate the perfection that we already are. With or without the Samurai sword.

After conception and before we’re born – the only connection we have to our mother ship is our food providing link. It’s a necessary dependency which enables us to grow from a seed into a fully developed bi-ped. While in the womb, we hang in-between the worlds. On one side is our innate connection to the universe we well know. The other side is the emerging connection to the world we know very little of. All we are able to do is feel everything that goes on the outside of our little bubble through the carrier of the womb – our mother.

The initial imprinting starts early – in the womb. It represents the foundation of how we respond later on in life, it’s the basis of our personality. A fairly simple set of equations that determine our head-start. If you want to know more there are a few basic parameters to look into in figoure out what might have contributed to the way you are:

  • Have I been nourished, fed well, and enough?
  • Was my mother exhausted, was she ever afraid, sad, angry, insecure?
  • Did she bathe me in joy, happiness, inner peace and love?

All these impressions form the very foundation are the beginnings of us starting to experience the world around us. If you discover there’s been a deficiency, fret not. Take it as it is – without any resentment – and start actively working to bring that aspect of you in balance. 

Born into this world, our early days are very similar, we’re still in a kind of a soup and we slowly start developing our abilities to see, hear, taste, and smell, as we begin to sharpen our senses.

Feeling the world around continues being omni present, impressions continue building upon our base foundation.

Our senses amplify our experience of me in this world, making our life more exciting. The way each of us starts and continues our journey to becoming a man or a woman we are today is different. Each of us represents a very unique story – one of a kind DNA. No 2 grass blades are the same, yet alone people.

I have often been scratching my head when it comes to relations. What causes attractions between the two people?

I’m sure there have been and will be thousands of books written on this topic, but have I consciously chosen not to engage in. It would introduce someone else’s point of view and interfere with my free though flow and direct experience. As direct as that can be, based on how clear I am currently able to see.

What do I see? Attraction happens how and why?

Magnet gets pulled towards the iron because of magnetic properties of the attractor. Both the attracted object and the magnet react, they respond by moving closer, until they connect. Reaction depends on the size of the iron and the potency and the size of the magnet. Magnets have their opposite poles – they also attract one another and can only be kept apart by the same force.

As a child, I was fascinated by these reactions and would spend hours playing in my dad’s garage. Simply goofing around, learning about properties of iron, copper, lead, melting zinc, playing with the fire torch, molding the zinc into different shapes and forms. I was fascinated by the way different elements respond to various treatments. My father trained as an electrician, which gave me an insight into the world of the precious current we managed to capture to harness the energy that brings inanimate objects to life.

Amongst all I had on disposal, my most favorite was mercury they used to put in thermometers those days. I would sneak out the thermometer from the first aid cupboards and break them on purpose, only to add a few more silver drops to my precious collection. I could spend hours being mesmerized by the mysterious ways mercury moves. Watching how it seamlessly merges together and the way it separates when teased out, how it responds to temperature, with all the qualities it imbibes.

Where am I going with this, you may wonder? Curiosity is one of my strong drives. Trying to figure it out. Trying to understand what it is that makes this world and keeps it all together? Relationships, bonds, attraction between multiple elements coming together to enrich their own experience? To enhance our experience?

I believe that the law of attraction is innate, unique to each particle, element, object, human being.

The law of attraction cannot be imposed, unless you do it by force, which always backfires and distorts the balance in this world, because its foundation depends on complete harmony and seamless flow.

Why do we get attracted to certain people, places, food, objects, sounds, sights, emotions, scents? What is the secret of attraction?

Why does the honey bee get so attracted to the cherry blossom in its prime? They seem to complete each other – one providing food and the other continuity of life. The whole dance appears to be an ecstasy for the hungry bee. One is hungry, the other in abundance and existential need. It all happens for the sake of the fruit; the new seed needs to take place. Nature does this endlessly, its goal is to produce zillions of seeds, knowing that not all of them are meant to sprout and grow into another apple bearing tree. Only a handful of the strongest that promise continuity survives and continue the course of evolution.

What about us? Human beings? For example, why are you attracted to me? Where does your attraction to me come from? What is the “thing” that creates our magnetism. Why do we respond the way we do? That is my question.

They say perfect match is made in heaven before we are born.

I’ve been thrown in the thick of it, a few times, so I could taste what it feels like. But why do we respond the way we do? What is the purpose of it all? Where do I stand when the law of attraction comes into action?

Two magnets, their opposite poles, pulling them together – the force. It takes equal force to keep them apart. What is the secret of attraction?

Is it fusion that occurs between two light atoms bonding together to make a another one? For life to emerge, there needs to be fusion. To enable this wonderful perpetual show. It makes perfect sense.

Back to two people. Attraction, magnetism that goes beyond visual and mental attraction. I’m interested in the pull instigated on all levels… body, mind, heart, and the soul between two individuals. In between, one should consider themselves lucky and blessed if they ever get to experience that connection.

What is the purpose of such attraction that occurs in this realm? How do I honor that unique experience of infinite possibilities?

In most cases in nature, the purpose is to create something together. Usually, it turns out to be a child, but that’s not always necessarily. The energy of creation can be channeled into various streams for different purposes – when done consciously, of course. What comes out of that unique place where the two stand firmly in love and connect will be a gift to everyone else to observe and behold. A blessing, something reinforced and inspired beyond the sum of the two. That makes more sense, at least to me.

There are endless expressions of the law of attraction in this universe. Everything coming together-moving away, drawing nearer-drifting apart. When you zoom in, it appears so. But if you zoom out you will only ever see everything coming together. Very slowly, barely possible to notice, but nevertheless it’s all coming home.

The larger the expressions of the Self, the stronger the law of attraction with it’s pulling force, the bigger the ripple effect in the space they infuse with their presence. For the greater good? Why not. Knowing I am being my larger Self I’m happy to be in the game, participate, be part of the flow and become the instrument that you play.

Yours truly; the fiddle.

Om Namo Gurudev Namo

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