What’s the Time?

It’s 2 minutes to 12!

Whats the time1


Whats the time2

So, how long can the growth continue as a result of the discovery of 3 new bottles: this quadrupling of the proven resource?


Whats the time3

Can we continue with the same rate of population growth?

Can we continue with the same rate of oil extraction?

grandma to child

Earth can surely provide to satisfy everyone’s need but not everyone’s greed!

It is not so much about the numbers – it is about the attitude we have towards other living beings, towards Planet Earth, towards limited resources!

“Earth is the home we all share, providing us with the air & water we all breathe & drink. When talking about planet Earth, which I find the most loving & motherly, it never occurs to me to think of any *isms*…  we are all human beings, capable of understanding what is happening, and what we’re doing…. sometimes, all we need is a pinch of  clarity.

When I come accross such anomalies as exponential population growth, it reminds me of a behaviour of virus, which spreads for the price of life of the host, and of itself… we may have a tendency to behave like virus… but we are not virus, we can think and act to protect and to care for life…. We are all expression of the same Self. It’s not about what we think we are, it’s about who we truly are.

I dare to believe that most people are simply too busy with their daily lives, earning their daily bread and they can’t see the consequence of our small daily actions.

A bit of light always helps to see things clearly.

Introduction of a new Journey – Education and SustainAbility

I was inspired to share my observation and understanding of Sustainability after seeing a Facebook post on my friend’s wall with a title “Human Induced Climate Change is False”. I followed the link with a video and listened carefully, with an open mind to what the person was about to share.

From where I came to be and from what I came to understand about this topic, I noticed this person using the word complexity, without grasping its meaning. He was talking about economic, social and environmental problems as being unrelated to implications of Climate Change. He spoke of unnecessary investments and efforts to create a more sustainable ways of living and doing business.

Such presentations can easily misguide many, especially newcomers who are still forming an understanding about Climate Change and Sustainability; even more so during times when critical thinking is in decline. My understanding is not complete; but I’m confident to say it is more complete when compared to much of what I hear, read and see in connection to Sustainability.  However, I leave you with a “ResponseAbility” not to take what you see and read for granted, but to form “your” own opinion, while keeping your heart and mind open.

Inquiry into Sustainability   Author: Brigi

The topic is broad, hence I have decided to divide the areas of Sustainability affecting the health of the biosphere our lives depend upon into several parts. In my next post I will present part one – “Population Growth”. The parts I’m about to share are interconnected and interdependent – hence I will emphasise the focus of the one I have chosen, while drawing connection between all of them.

My journey of intellectual and a more holistic understanding of Sustainability started in September 2011 at Schumacher College in Devon, when I signed up for a full time Master’s in Economics for Transition – a program specialized in Environmental Sustainability, Low Carbon Economy and Holistic Education.

I have deeply delved in the area of sustainability for the past 2 years and have tried to see it from as many perspectives as possible – as a human being – biologist, economist, banker, investor, psychologist, agriculturist, anthropologist, educator, ecologist, mathematician… and most importantly, as part of nature.

 Ecocentric Egocentric                  Author: Brigi

My intention to learn and know more is being driven by the care for all of life that surrounds us. To address the issues we are facing I wish to shed light on the process of what is happening. By my humble opinion, it is the process that matters most – means that lead to a never ending end.

Next: Part 1: “Population Growth in Relation to Sustainability