Introduction of a new Journey – Education and SustainAbility

I was inspired to share my observation and understanding of Sustainability after seeing a Facebook post on my friend’s wall with a title “Human Induced Climate Change is False”. I followed the link with a video and listened carefully, with an open mind to what the person was about to share. From where I came… Read More Introduction of a new Journey – Education and SustainAbility

Iterration no.3

Third screening of Documentary “Schooling the World”, Waldorf School, May 2012 Every film we watch, offers a unique experience. I was interested to find out more about that unique experience of individuals after watching the documentary “Schooling the World”. Following my curiosity and weaving all together with my final project on a postgraduate course. I organized… Read More Iterration no.3

Iterration no.2

Second Screening, Kevicc High School, Totnes, May 2012 Iteration process  2 The second screening took place at Areal Cinema Theater, at Kevicc High School in Totnes. The event organization was supported by Earth Inheritors, a group of young inspiring students from Kevicc High School. Approximately 40 people attended the screening, ranging from college students to… Read More Iterration no.2