André Gravatá’s list of accomplishments makes one think he can’t be only 22
years-old. When he was 17, he got a scholarship at an English School and
started studying English. When he was 20, he sent a handwritten letter to
an elite school specialized in short courses because he wanted to know
more about Goethe, Schopenhauer and other philosophers. His life has
been like this: dreaming big and building his dreams little by little,

He is currently a journalist and happy to have published his first front
page article at a a magazine called “Vida Simples” (Simple Life) at the age
of 21. He does not hesitate to do “field work” when he wants to explore a
new subject – like when he went to the city’s most crowded avenue and
held a poster that asked: “Do you think Brazilian education should

After graduating he wanted to continue studying and decided to do an
“informal doctorate”. For that, he got the support of some of Brazil’s top
professors who are now tutoring him throughout this experience.
In 2011 he was the organizer of a TEDx event about “microrevolutions”
and in 2012 he won a sponsorship from TED to go to Doha for a TEDxer’s
event, along with other 800 people from all over the world.
His involvement with education started during his teenage, when he
realized the importance of knowledge in his life. He read some books that
changed his life and took part of some unforgettable experiences, like
when he went to the Amazon in a course for young journalists. He has
been developing an educational project in a consultancy – a game for
public school students that promotes youth protagonism.




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