Nine Billion of Us

Nine billion of us, drumming the same beat – together.
I chiseled out the following few verses for you, for me, for us all.

Let’s get this vibe right.
Gently close your eyes, breathe in and out.

Only this time, breathe through your heart.

If you feel the sudden twitch, it’s alright.
Take a deep sigh of relief – that’s a good start.

And so it begins…
My story is but one of billions of stories unfolding
in this moment of time. 
There are many common themes we share.
This one is about love and acceptance. 
It’s how it all begins,
with the sweet loving fragrance called life. 

Yet, I’m always seeking something more,
wondering: What am I here for? 
What have I got to give that can be lovingly received?
How can I best serve in this life?

Am I not enough the way I am?
The question – at times it feels intense.
Is it possible to feel too much?
So much, it sometimes drives me nuts…

We all come with a safety switch,
just like the fuse box comes with the home.
When the surge gets too strong,
the room will yield to the absence of light.

When it’s nighttime, it gets dark inside out.

I know that too well; I also switch off,
going from one extreme to nothing at all in my own magnetic field. 
Thank God for the impeccable heartbeat;
it knows how to drum on its own.

I closed the doors on countless dreams,
and shattered futures, or so it seems,  
out of worry, out of fear.
Worry and fear, a deadly weight,
can stop the flow, and seal our fate.

I need to let go of my compulsion to control,
being hesitant with the unfamiliar, the unknown.
The lasting imprints of past events
can make us fight or run away.

In the moment when I’m about to fade,
the lighting strikes…
I get an insight.

I recall that there’s a different, lighter way to take.
I can breathe through my heart,
and vibrate in a different way.
It’s not how I was programmed to respond,
it’s what I was truly meant to be.
If you know what I mean…
There’s a way to be.
I know it well; it’s always been there.

Light is right
and often, less is more.

I’ve always been grateful for guidance and words of wisdom,
but I no longer seek gurus to define my way. 
because I am ‘the way’.
The wisdom of ages is inherent in us all.
Through billions of us, it flows, when we open up
and trust the synchronous flow.

As I remember and hum these sacred words
every hour of my day, 
both fight and flight begin to fade away.
A kind, loving, receptive heart is what sets me free.

I thank you for hearing me out,
for receiving me,
with your open heart.
By being received, I’m able to give,
to feel and to heal.

I am not just an inept kid I was once thought to believe.
Each child holds treasures, precious and rare,
a heart that’s gentle, selfless, and fair,
a spirit that’s caring, kind, and true,
a gift to share, with me and with you.

There are 9 billion of us, drumming the same beat,
with 9 billion beautiful hearts, each moment, together,
humming the sacred tune.

A symphony of notes is more enchanting than their parts.
The union of souls, more powerful than each solitary heart.

And no matter how far on the highway I reach,
I’m always the same distance away from the ditch. 

The Soft Flow

Whatever happens in this world,
in my life,
to live by my heart, I try—
by holding on to my favorite pen
and a sheet of paper,
then spilling out my inspiration.  
I offer that to you, to the world
without any hesitation.

While my creative blood’s on fire,
here… take it, drink, quench your thirst,
your heart’s desire.

Drink deep the cup of life divine,
imbibe each word and every sign,
till every fiber of your being glows,
and every breath feels like a rose.

Such bliss, swimming with the flow…

We are of a different kind, yet
you remain my muse,
the one that sets me free…
So drink and be merry!
May your life be richer
for this verse I offer here to thee.

Never have I found such strength,
to tease out each and every thought
out of the unknown into the world.

Writing is my dopamine-fueled hike,
a fix for my incurable romantic heart,
both my ebb and my flow.
And I sway softly between them all…
I wonder, do I really seek a way to set myself free
from the ocean of both bliss and misery?

My favorite pen,
will you help me,
show me the way as I sail through?
Can you? Will you?
I know you can. I know you will.

“Enough, you have made a fool of yourself,”
mind whispers.
“Silly girl, with her head in the clouds,
wandering in fairyland, round and round.
Come back to the ground.”

Where is this coming from?  
Who am I? Who are you?
Who are we to each other?

This story has no end.
This tale is beyond my time.

I thank you for each
and every breath of inspiration,
guiding me deeper into contemplation.

Such fun!
I never know when
or where my next golden nugget is coming from!
All I need to know is
it’s mine to share with you.

Such gifts are mine to give,
to whomever I so will.
I choose and give it all to you.

Through me—if it resonates—
it flows to you,
and on and on it flows to someone else,
as far and as wide as it wants.

Softly, let it flow.

Full circle is always complete,
in love, in bliss, in pain, or misery.
Two moments are never the same.
Choose wisely what you do, think, write, or say.

The sum of its parts
is always greater than the parts when taken separately.
Togetherness is stronger when expressed as oneness—

when love is there,
when joy is the glue.
Or else… well, 
your heart can surely tell 
if what you hear is true.

The End

Woman, watching the horizon

Ever story that has a beginning has an end. It’s inevitable, no matter what.

Beginning and the end – they meet at the same point. Sounds crazy? That’s because it is.

Nothing really happens, apart from the stories happening in my mind. It doesn’t feel that way though. We get so invested in stories that we weave – physically, emotionally, mentally – that it feels real. It has to be, for the sake and for the existence of the illusion.

The more invested we are in the story, the more real it feels, the more real it is. The more infused, the more attached we are to the illusion.

Here’s an opportunity to check where you stand.
What are the areas that get you hooked the most?

Those are your weak spots that keep you away from going free, from being totally free.

It can be attachments, aversions, obsessions, beliefs, habits – anything from work, school, success, health, food, sex, family, children, music, art, relationships, money, fame, sports, spirituality, lifestyle, etc.

What is your drive? Where does your attention flow? Towards entanglement or dissolution? That is the key, because any of those areas above can either be a way out or a way deeper into the matrix.

All the areas are benign on its own. Innocent. It’s us who apply meaning to each area; we are the story writers. The weavers of our reality.

Is the story I have just written offering you a way out or is it locking you further in? It’s that simple.

Use this simple checkmark, every step of the way, with every activity you engage in, to help you understand if you are on your way in or out.

I like this thought, it offers hope – well, at least to me.

I can still have passion for things in life, but my attitude becomes different, my focus is no longer about getting all wrapped in. It’s about taking each opportunity as a lesson, to live and let live. To taste, to experience and to move on (i.e., to be). No stories, no attachments, no aversions. Just like breathing air – breathing in, breathing out, in and out.

The sun simply shines, it never gets involved in any stories. Our minds do. Love is – light as a feather – yet we tend to make it all heavy, complicated. River flows and somehow we like to mess it all up, butt in, interfere with the flow, muddle the waters.

The flowers bloom, the birds sing, the honey tastes sweet. They all are & do what they are meant to be & do. Just like you & me could – and still can. You get the picture?

Life is is an abundant representation of pure energy flow and look what all we’ve managed to achieve.

We reduced it to daily problems, lies, manipulations, dramas, struggles, events of joy or sadness and we marinate there with our presence, fully engrossed – sucked in. We easily forget what life is all about.

Our stories become more relevant than what is – we become most important, so that the illusion can live on. The illusion wins.

The beginning becomes the end.

Try – sometimes – try to let go. See where it takes you… the pure flow.


“All that is gold does not glitter; 
not all those who wander are lost;
the old that is strong does not wither;
deep roots are not reached by the frost..”
― J.R.R. Tolkien