The Glory

Melting, flowing like soft water.
Eyes gently closed, infused with the sacred hum.
The sound of rain: drip, drop, drip, drop, drip, drop.

The overwhelming sway
is taking over once again.

Breathing deeply,
softly into my belly and up towards my chest,
expanding, contracting
with my every breath.
Riveting silence of the night is inviting me to write.

I willingly respond.
Half asleep in my twilight zone,
my ink-soaked eager nib begins to flow.

In moments rare, I glimpse the grace of flow,
To be like water, free and unconfined.

And though we seem so firm and set in stone,
The truth of life is fluid, ever changing.
Like waves that crash upon the shore and roam,
We’re part of nature’s dance, forming and transforming.

We are hanging on to something
while we’re breathing—
Semipermeable containers of some sort:
not quite as solid as a rock,
nor swift as the wind.
Meandering through life
like a river towards the ocean,
always embraced by the sky,
holding on to the consecrated ground.

We imbibe it all:
clay, water, air, fire.
They all came together,
summoned to give life to our glorious forms.
With utmost mathematical precision,
you and I were born.

Life came together,
as life always comes together.

Every morning,
we open our eyes to greet the rising sun.
As within so without, the dance of Shiva1 must go on.

Dance, my friend, the very best you can.
May your life be merry!
For you are the summoning of life,
reflected through every cell of your body.

One with the rising sun,
you are the Graceful Glory.

1. Shiva (Sanskrit: शिव): auspicious one.

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