Sunyata – Emptiness

Rationally, we all know and understand that not all things in life carry equal weight and importance.  

Yet, when we zoom in – we behave like emotional bin bags – we easily get sidetracked, depending on different life situations. We do that entirely by ourselves to ourselves. Sure, the stimulus comes from the outside, but it’s us who receive it, process it, and act or react upon it.

You think, you believe, you convince yourself that you like something – and that this ‘something’ you like is good for you.

Yet, when we’re not very conscious about the choices we make, most of the things we like are actually not that good for us.

Reflect upon it for a moment. You go crazy after ice-cream, chocolate, cookies, pizzas, burgers, fries. You forget how many hours have passed since you plugged into Netflix. You start popping cannabis gummies day in day out, staying up late at night. You get accustomed behaving in a certain way, staying in a relationship that doesn’t serve anyone well. You go on a spending spree, buying things you don’t really need.

I’m not saying ice-cream is bad, full stop – as long as you’re aware, conscious of your choices, you’re fine. When you manage to do, whatever it is that you do in moderation, it’s ok. But can you? Can you brace yourself from ‘just a bit more, a bit longer, one more bite, one more try, a bit faster’, and say no thanks, I had enough.

What is good for you? How do you know? Have you learned by now, what supports you in life and what not?

All the stories that you accept or create, they dwell and operate inside your head, inside your mind. It’s all in there – already thought of by billions of minds at any given second, over eons of time.

Make sure to differentiate and know what goes in and on inside your mind! Who is thinking those thoughts, what you are thinking about, and above all, what do you do about those thoughts. The way you choose to churn them out. Learn to watch, to hold the pause, to reflect, not to react, to have that conversation with yourself, learn to respond.

There’s all that and there is the void.

Your own void that you keep on feeding with all sorts of information, thoughts, beliefs, hopes that can suddenly come to an end. You know what it feels like, when you lose someone precious in life, and only realize what you’ve had when they’re gone? That moment in life you feel the emptiness that was not there before. At first, the emptiness feels unknown. It was absent for a while – hence you became unaccustomed to what living with emptiness feels like.

Emptiness feels vast, grand, magnificent, scary, unknown, uncomfortable, unpredictable.

Emptiness prefers to remain as it is. A black hole into which all matter disappears, out of which new life is born. The void has to remain void.

Yet, we try our best to fill it up, to cover it up so we can avoid facing the void – we a+void witnessing our own origin.

Try not to continue with endless ‘must fill it up with noise and activities’ – because that hunger never ends. You’ll get sidetracked; your focus will easily get consumed, absorbed by the traffic you continue creating – by yourself. It’s how we forget the reason why we have chosen to come here in the first place.

It’s OK to feel uncomfortable with the unknown.

Empty the mind,
empty your heart,
whatever comes,
let it come,
whatever goes,
let it go.

Don’t try to hold on to anything – in fact – accept that you can’t hold on to anything, not even your life. Life experiences will present you exactly what you need, when you need it in the most perfect, synchronous way. Magic happens every day, be rest assure of that. This is not about being passive; on the contrary, one has to stay constantly aware in order to respond to what life presents and do the best they can. Stay soft, perceptive, attentive, so you can move swiftly. Like the weeping willow’s branches swaying in the wind. Dancing to the music, ever so gracefully, without resistance, yet, filled with stability and inner force. Knowing that your trunk – your spine is solid and your roots – your origin runs deep.

Two beautiful, graceful weeping willows. Its branches drooping over the lake of lilies.

“Be Water, My Friend.
Empty your mind.
Be formless, shapeless, like water.
You put water into a cup, it becomes the cup.
You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. (Bruce Lee)

History repeats itself; it’s happening all the time, most of it has already happened before – hence, learn to become an observer, a watcher. Learn to step out of the repetitive cycle. Learn to see the life events, people, their intentions for what they are – not for what you want them, like them or even fear them to be.

From that standpoint make a conscious decision of what you want next – based on your needs, wants, heartfelt desires that are supportive of your life journey and don’t harm others. Remain cool like a cucumber. Like a seasoned gambler: ‘you gotta know when to hold’em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away and know when to run! You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table. There’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealin’s done.’ (The Gambler, Kenny Rogers)

My life experiences have brought me here, where I am right now. Your life experiences have brought you here, where you are, right now. Present, switched on, and fully aware. And thus we stand. Here we meet, we share what we can share. Plenty of human experiences, passing thoughts, knowing who we are, heart full of gratitude, peace of mind, soul strength, sense of freedom. One step, one breath, one heartbeat at a time. Fullness and the void. There is more that connects us than what sets us apart. Yes… I do like that thought.  

Everything is as it is – perfect or imperfectly perfect. Including the vast, expanding emptiness that stretches my limited understanding of what it means to be perfectly at peace & free.


Emptiness – bubble bursts into thin air
The sound comes from emptiness
The self emerges out of emptiness
The self returns into emptiness

There is a void in my heart that connects me to emptiness,
to remind me of all that I am and all that I am not.

With that in mind I begin reclaiming my soul power.
Without it, I am not.
I draw my inspiration out of nothingness.
My love emerges from emptiness.
It comes and goes back to where it begun.

We come on behalf of emptiness,
We disappear on behalf of emptiness.
Emptiness occupies the space when we are not yet, and no longer here.
Unknowable, unpredictable, I sense the unease.
Beautiful, enriching, soul nourishing emptiness.
I know you, I honor you, your royal emptiness.


Black Magic Pen

The black pen starts to sing,
I begin to write,
a song yet unsung,
unheard to any human ears but mine.

Teasing out my thoughts,
it makes me smile,
I never noticed how smooth, elegant, graceful is your flow.
Forgive me, I did not know.

Silver pen in blazing fire, fading my desire.  

Sweet are your words,
yet, you slack in some actions.
Don’t grumble, be grateful, be humble!
Let go of certain expectations,
loosen up, reset,
and drop your idea of perfection!

Illusion is strong,
the spell is quite binding,
but no earthly attraction could keep me from finding, 
the truth you were hiding. 

Silver pen in blazing fire,
smoke arises, 
higher, higher,
all consumed is my desire.

The nib is bent,
beyond repair,
the ink that spills no more is spent.
I smile…

Life lessons of a different, peculiar digression,
that takes me on a ride I willingly take part.
A side of me I no longer wish to hide.
The wholeness comes with all its parts.

Fleeting memories of a little girl,
who once took fancy in a froggy tale…
It all began to fade away.
Has this chapter come to end?

I gaze towards the sky,
the hum so perfectly aligned.
I hear the ocean in my veins,
I feel the coming waves,
sweeping me away.

The tide has reached its height,
I can no longer linger, stay behind.
The bond is strong,
the calling of the heart,
more powerful than any sound.

I don’t look back, towards the shore.
My gaze steadfast towards horizon,
I break the spell.
My breath, my inner fire, my heartbeat.
My dear chaitanya*, unconsumed, pure, free, everlasting.

In my heart, 
I reignite the flame,
that keeps me present,
it keeps me sane.

On this faithful, cloudy night,
I’m pulling out this stream of thoughts,
with my good old, reliable, black magic guide.

And that’s it for now…
because no matter which one I choose or when,
black, silver, or white,
purple, yellow, red, or any shades of grey.
It’s all ok, as long as I don’t lose my way.

I thank you, I thank you, I thank you,
I thank you for always being here for me,
I thank you for showing me the way,
to be and not to be.


*Chaitanya (Sanskrit: चैतन्य) refers to ‘awareness’, ‘consciousness’, ‘Conscious Self’, ‘intelligence’ or ‘Pure Consciousness’.

My Creative Flow

Walking with umbrella

How does it all unfold?
When what comes – comes,
when what goes – goes…

When forces fluctuate like iffy weather,
unknown until known,
right before my eyes,
when sun means warm,
and storm means rain.

At times I get the urge to grab my favorite pen,
I feel the bubbling story itching to appear.
At times I swipe the Notes app on my phone,
swiftly following my thoughts,
packing them all in before they disappear.

There is no consistency,
the passage of the flow is unforeseen. 
Satisfying – yes, to say the least,
by allowing it to flow –
being part of every written row,
how many – I shall never know.

Until the pouring comes to end,
and the weather is no more,
I say thank you,
close my notebook, laptop, or the phone.

Willing to walk the uncharted journey,
what an incredible privilege,
this scrumptious dance of fractals we can all enjoy.

How, why, when… so many questions
I have no answers to explain.
And even if I tried,
it often makes no sense to anyone but me.

Each to their own unique ways,
each of us here to find our own how, why, or when.

You can read as many blogs and books as you may wish,
indulge in stories,
soak in all the podcasts, audios,
take in all the animations, videos.
Nice way to spend your days,
I’m sure it helps achieve a few important goals,
but does it give you what you seek?

You tell me!
Have you found what you’ve been looking for?

Rarely have I found my unique self through interpretations, other’s stories.
Yes, there are some golden nuggets of wisdom, inspirations,
filled with thoughts, charged up emotions, associations, memories,
lots of learning opportunities, motivations.

Yet I find myself most profoundly resourceful when I put my mind to rest,
when I integrate, fuse within my own ‘out of time and sacred space.’
The answers bubble up when temperature is ripe,
when I am willing, ready, open to receive,
when I too become a part of this extraordinary, creative flow.

Just like the ramble you now read and see.
It’s not so much about the content I hereby submit. 
It’s all about the flow,
so you can hop on,
bounce off,
and off you go,
do your thing.

Catch it if you can,
and use it well!


Background reflections:

How does writing occur in my case?

I suppose this process or point of entry varies from one writer to another. Lately, my indication has been counter intuitive – at least for me.

My creative flow happens when I get overwhelmed with incredible sense of boredom. When I’m on the verge of entering another episode of dreading the current reality.

Luckily, I learned to dodge that bullet. All I have to do in is take a pen or a keyboard and let the flow do the rest – allow it to take me for a different kind of spin of my creative endeavors and exciting outpours. I allow myself to become executed for whatever note, message, story wishes to unveil.

And that my friend is my secret of how I enter my creative flow. The secret that’s not a secret anymore.

So, next time boredom, irritation, anxiety, sadness, anger, or anything similar, ‘downward spiraling’ comes to visit… face it with a completely opposite – face it with the unassailable force of uplifting energy. Whatever works for you – painting, singing, playing an instrument, dancing, chiseling, trading, moving, writing, cooking, gardening, etc. Spin its course, chart your own! Just try it out and let the magic of the flow unfold while you become the vessel for whatever needs to happen as you put your naughty mind to rest.

Have a great day and a splendid life


Graceful Flow

Goddess of gentle strength

Choose wisely, focus fiercely.
Persevere – do not give up your dreams.
Have patience.

Move gracefully – like a swan.

Stay one with the flow.
Act exceptionally in the chosen show.

Where your intention goes,
your energy flows,
manifestation shows.
Power, abundance & love grows.

ps…whatever success comes to you in life,
remember to be grateful,
remain humble,
and always share your blessings!

In the Midst of the Night

Mermaid, ship and a dragon in the ocean

There are moments in life when we get stuck.
Feeling stranded, depressed, emotionally disabled.
No sight of the Rock to wash upon.

Lost among the sand dunes.
Scorching sun is blazing from the sky.
No sign of life,
it’s a no-man’s-land,
forever burning sand,
sucking my life out high and dry.

No sight of oasis
in those bleak moments of seeking truth,
praying to Goddess or God,
forget about connecting to my higher Self.

A different aspect of reality,
Buddha calls it Dukkha,
Many call it misery, sorrow, suffering.

The place most people fear to face,
they rather ignore it or avoid it,
they tune out,
choose Netflix, ice-cream, or a bottle of vine to feel numb.
Roll a joint, force themselves to sleep with a tranquilizer of some kind,
succumb to temptation,
or conjure up a new type of distraction.

Sometimes it’s ok when it’s too much to face all of a sudden,
but there comes a day,
when you have no choice but to face your own face.

Dark moments come – it’s ok.
Let them come.
Let them sway you away,
pull you into darkness.
Let go – slide down, hit the rock bottom.

Feel it, breath it, become it,
let it rip you apart, shred you to pieces,
devour you, until nothing is left.
Until no thing is left of your frightened self.

So, let go, stop resisting, go with that flow.
Look into your black hole – what do you see?

What do you feel?
What are you avoiding?
Not willing to see?
Is it the change you’re resisting, pushing further away?

What would it take to face your own fears,
your demons, your shadows, your hungry ghosts?
Fully present, on your own!

How about this time you choose to dive into darkness,
without a slightest idea when you will see the light of another day.
Deep into the rabbit hole – willingly choosing to leap,
to dive deep.

Going to places where the world appears bleak, desolate, cold, and hostile.
You stop, you wonder: ‘What have I done to deserve all this?
The agony, complete absence of peace and sanity?

Deep into the blue I choose to dive,
as I watch the mermaids swimming by my side,
luring me deeper into the deepest,
darkness of the deep blue.

A place of no return?
I sense death,
I welcome the end,
I fear not,
I don’t mind.
It’s simple to bow down and bend.

Fool yourself not – falling for the ingenious plots of your pitiful mind.
Forget not!
There is no end, no death, no escape,
not this sort of cutting it short.
Full yourself not – I dare say.
Snap out, stay with me, do not drift away!

Eyesight splinters,
I receive the insight:
When you blindly follow your desires,
thinking there are no consequences to your thoughts, your words, your actions – think twice
In that very moment you have already began charting the course of your next re-action.

To balance the equation – for the universe to maintain in perfect harmony,
everything – every thought, word, or action has a counter reflection,
if you want it or not. 
That is not a choice or a question open for discussion.
You reap what you sow,
there is no escape from the perfect, mathematical equation.

There is a shortcut though – called vairagya*
It requires active renunciation.
It means no more chasing after or creating new desires.
It demands arduous discipline, your fullest attention,
living according to the principles of yoga,
abstinence, service to others,
no room for projections, no more reactions.
You are no longer the center of rotation.
More and more – you focus on the world around you
through the eyes of the creator/ Brahma/ God, the Force.

Your daily life goes on – unaffected.
Your thoughts, habits, behaviors, attitudes – they change.
The real transformation happens from within.
There’s no way to fake it.

No need to feed your ego anymore.
Having to feel good about yourself is gone.
Continuously seeking recognition for your deeds, your acts,
needing to make a ‘difference’ in this world – that game is out.
This includes my poem – it all comes, it all goes.

I let what comes come, I let what goes go, I observe what remains.
I am who I am. Thank you baba Ramana.

Gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā
Gone, gone, gone beyond, gone all together beyond, oh what an awakening. All hail!

You are nothing, no thing anymore.
You give yourself up to the force that sustains You,
and every other living form.
You are no more.
You are no less.
You are NOT the form of God,
God IS the form of YOU.

Contemplate upon this thought.
Find out where you really are on the path,
when trying to realize your deepest truth.

I’m ready to walk. May the new leg of this journey begin.

Blessed Guru Purnima day

Om Namo Guru Dev Namo 
(I bow to the infinite teacher within,
and open myself to the infinite source of wisdom
and creativity within me)

*Vairāgya (वैराग्य) is a Sanskrit term used in Hindu as well as Jain philosophy that translates as non-attachment, desirelessness, dispassion, without attraction or aversion.  

Life is Your Oyster

Happy girl with long hair walking in the field of flowers

Your life is your oyster,
So live fully.
Love wholeheartedly.
Respect all life forms – yes, even the pesky army of ants invading your sink,
including the blood thirsty bugs that prick through your irresistible skin. 😊
Trust life – there are no mistakes.
Be grateful for all you have, don’t have – or not quite yet.
Share your blessings.
Learn to generously give and graciously receive – whatever it may be.

Swim through your life gracefully,
no need to resist the flow –
give yourself in, so you can glide effortlessly.
I know that you can, I know that you will!

Be kind – to yourself, to others.
Strive to do the best you can.

“Work it out before you act it out”. ❤️
Work it thoroughly out –
don’t let the old habits you no longer need act you out.
You have the power to alter and script your own story.
Where there’s wisdom, courage and will, there’s always a way.

Work ardently. Work patiently, and persistently!
You are bound to succeed and reduce the number of ‘Groundhog days’. 😉

Find your own pace, your sacred space, and your inner peace.
Know Thyself so you can trust Yourself.

At all times recognize what tingles your heart,
what kindles your flame,
what gives you joy, the sparks in your eyes.

Use your time well,
and may your life be an incredible journey
to always be proud of, to behold!
Make sure you never have any regrets.

Before my eve comes to an end,
I say thank you,
I bid you farewell,
I send you my love, with a smile
with hope for another glorious day.

May it be blessed – always. 🦋🙏🌹


The Sum of Its Parts

Mother and a child, happy, embrace

I wonder,
how on Earth did it all come together?
How did it all start?
Was it the monkeys,
Was it God?
The aliens from out of space?

Somehow it all worked out,
and here I am
and here you are.
Marveling over our own imperfect perfections.
Combined elements of earth, fire, water, metal, wood, including air.  
All of them are part of who we came to be.

363.000 nerves vibrating in synchronicity,
wired brains,
the all combining flesh,
the pump that never stops called heart,
the veins circulating vital sanguine fluid,
limbs that feed us, carry us around,
solid bones and joints that hold it all together,
flexi muscle tissues giving strength,
all the inner organs serving every night and day.

Seemingly simple yet profoundly complex.
Reality of each and every one of us,
irrespective of our age, religion,
gender, color of our skin, affinity,
belief system, level of awareness.
The sum of all its parts.

The sum of its parts
is always greater than the parts when taken separately.
Everything is tuning in and out,
the relationship between its parts,
the universal symphony,
reverberating in perpetual harmony.

The all mighty mind,
the brilliant thinking brainpower.
The tool of creation, destruction, completion, acceptance, rejection, separation, reflection, perception.
Causing our heart’s palpitation, expansion, contraction.
Forming, abandoning beliefs,
the web of countless thoughts.
Continuously shaping or dissolving habits.
The bank of memories that come and go.
The sum of all its parts.

Desire to separate, dissect, cut apart, analyze, prognosticate.
Failing to recognize its the relationship,
the wonderful amalgamation that brings everything together.
All the parts of my body, the milliards of micro beings that inhabit my abode,
the heartbeat and my motion,
my breath and my commotion,
multiple ways I am able to perceive,
to process information, to seeking confirmation.

Your voice that makes me tingle when I hear your sound,
your love that stokes my fire,
your touch I so desire.
The joy we have – innate.
The power to invoke.
Connections that our bodies make,
allowing to impress, express, rejoice, create.
The joy of subatomic particles when we accept.
Essentials are invisible to eyes,
what matters, always flows in and out of our hearts.
The sum of all its parts.

The mother and the child,
one giving life to other.
Continuously forming matter.
Nature, striving to do better,
for the sake of evolution,
the sum of its parts is its contribution.

The glue between all forming parts of the whole,
the ubiquitous love.
There would be none of what we are,
what we have,
what we think, or appear to be,
if it wasn’t for the Mother’s love,
holding, binding, keeping everything together.
The intricate fabric of life.
Not a single bacteria would thrive without the mother’s heart.

Billions of unions between the soul and matter,
one rotating planet full of life,
no matter what the weather.
Velocity of energy buzzing around the clock,
hearts beating,
lungs grasping for the precious air,
ears listening to your eternal song.
Sharing, caring for each other,
for every form that life on earth assumes.

Tears of gratitude that I can be alive,
to have a heart to feel,
to reciprocate your love.
The sum of its parts and the magnitude that puts me in awe.
The force that binds us all together,
one mighty soul,
split into billions of different forms,
every single one complete perfection – reflection of the whole.

I breathe in, I exhale, I smile, I feel complete.
Thank you, life, for this experience,
For the opportunity, to have the choice.

Holding one tiny grain of sand in the palm of my hand –
I hold it all.

I look at one flower and I see all the beauty there is to see in the world.

It may take ages to get there but it only takes one moment in time to realize eternity.

It only takes a heartbeat to understand creation,
to know what God is all about.

For a moment,
I invite you,
to forget the everyday ways of the world, 
recognize that you are beyond duality.
You – the sane one who cannot see the externality
through distorted lens of separation caused by fallacy.
The one that dwells beyond plurality,
firmly rooted in unbreakable, unshakable, unified reality.

Realizing that equanimous is godliness.
When you take no sides,
you cannot be conquered or divided.

No form, no time, no space,
can ever take away,
the cognition of who I am.

I am the sum of all its parts.

YOU ARE, therefore I AM.


Unto ThySelf

Man sitting by the river

New day is setting in.
I wake up to begin,
To catch the magic in-between,
before I join the mainstream.

Stillness is arising from within.
The hummm reverberating deep inside my head.
I focus on my breath,
No, I am not mad.

What keeps me here I wonder.
Why on Earth have I become to be,
I ponder.

Who am I?
No more thoughts, all words reside.
The humm reverberating deep inside.

I fill my lungs with fresh, clean morning air,
I have the privilege, I can.
Thank you for this gift called life,
despite all the sufferings and misery,
of the Kali Yuga time.

We all arrive with diverse blessings,
accompanied with many burdens.
Plentiful desires painting each and every canvas.

The unfulfilled ones that we brought into this world,
the newly forged ones,
to keep us entertained.
I do wonder,
How long can we keep up this game?

What happens when all your desires get exhausted,
when they disappear?
When the joie de vivre loses its mystical appeal.

At last, will I be able to surrender,
to become your Luciferus, your Phosphorus, your light bearer?
Offering myself unto you,
Serving you without a question,
no expectations,
without resistance,
zero interference.

Will I? Can I?

My path is no longer a question of choice.
My journey is your journey.
A journey of surrender unto you.
As I bow before you,
I prostrate myself.
I give myself to you.
I lose MySelf,
Unto ThySelf.

Tears, cleansing from within,
I hold on to the eternal humm.

My truth is your truth,
and I shall walk this path as long as it may take.
Shining light upon you,
as long as fire burns inside me.
As long as you will have me.
As long as you will hold me, guide me.

Unto ThySelf


The Poet’s Flow

Waterfall and sunrise

It’s all right here,
at the tip of my fingers,
all I have to do is take my silver pen
and spill it over.

Words flow,
Water flows,
Blood flows,
Tears flow,
Sweat flows,
Emotions, love, time, thoughts, days, impressions, music, memories…
All are meant to flow, to go.

When they don’t flow,
we get all stiff and clogged up,
ready to explode, to erupt.

I have to let it go,
let it flow,
I have no choice but to hold on to my silver pen and spill my ink,
take the plunge,
so I can open up my clogged-up sink.

And you, my dear,
Yes, you who dwells behind those lovely gentle pair of eyes,
Soaking in the world around you,
What would your life look like
without your pair of priceless gems?

Thank them, for enabling you to see,
while you soak in the beauty that surrounds us,
embracing us, every step, every breath,
gifting us with endless sights for our sore eyes.

My life is full of vibrant colors,
yet too often I make it look as if it’s simply black & white.
If only I was wiser,
if only I would learn to be more grateful,
bear in mind to count my blessings every hour.

Why ohh why do you make them suffer?
How on Earth can you be so cruel?
Towards myself, to you, to those around us?

Will it ever be revealed?
True site of the tortuous monsters that like to feed on the misery of others?

Starvation is the key to set the monster free…
for it does not belong to you or me.
Set it free, so you can set yourself free.

Remember what it feels like to be free,
invoke the moments of pure joy, of lightness, love, and hope.

Take a brush,
paint your canvas with the colors of the rainbow,
let it spill over,
let it flow like you have never let it flow before.

Enter your inner most bliss,
through the symphony
of your unique composition of colors.

Let your signature ooze out your inner most joy,
the one that draws out your smile,
your shine,
the glory of your inner most being,
the one that transcends all your hidden monsters.
Let the battle for victory begin!

Content, grateful, liberated,
knowing you are dearly loved,
allowing to be loved,
yes, that love.

Allowing to be loved… the monsters fade away.

No pressure,
just show up,
open up,
lift up your spirit,
and let it flow.

We are all a bit afraid of being open,
allowing to be close to someone,
to be seen.

Because we are afraid of what they will see,
and if they see,
when they see,
will they still have us,
love us,
accept us fully,
see us for who we truly are?

Each of us harbors our own monsters,
the hidden ones,
the ones we are afraid of revealing to the world.
The ones we’ve grown up with.

But there comes a point in life,
when the monsters choose to be seen.
They have had enough of darkness,
and it’s time for them to feel the light.

Even monsters have a life to live,
a will to move on,
desire to evolve.
Once they’ve had enough,
they want to go.

When that moment comes,
it’s time for us to let the monsters go.

Remain grateful and let them go.
The time is now.

Good luck, with Grace and God speed.


Temet Nosce - KnowThyself

I will write myself towards liberation,
pull out all the required ink,
and spill myself over,
until not a single drop is left,
but me (@brigitree)

Over Horizon

Girls sitting under a tree by a lake, watching the sunrise

Far away, yet so close is the horizon.

Freedom is a state of mind,
feeling free a state of being.

There is a place under the sky,
under the stars,
under the shining sun,
where you will find me lying on the sand,
beside the flowing water,
nearby many trees,
the place where I come to be,
to feel more free.

I watch the birds stretching across the sky,
gliding towards the horizon.

Far away, yet so close is that horizon.

I often run away,
simply, on my own,
to a place where I can stare at the horizon,
feel the gentle breeze,
hear the flowing water,
smell the singing grass,
a place that helps me set my mind free.

My heart begins to open,
beat by beat it starts to swell and I begin to smile.
I remember those kind, loving eyes,
unlike any other living eyes under the sky.

Far away, yet so close is the horizon.

We live,
we love,
we learn,
and we continue living.

Life goes on,
until it’s time to cross that horizon.

I do not want to go back home,
not quite yet.
Sometimes, running is the way to be,
the way I learned to spread my wings,
to fly, to be more free.

Ahhh, you foolish girl,
how long can you dwell beside the shore,
watching the horizon,
before the body starts complaining,
shivering from cold,
ushering you to a place that you call home.

As long as I can.
I whisper to myself.
As long as I possibly can.

Far away, yet so close is the horizon.