Writing – The Journey of Self-Discovery

As days go by and we look back, we notice traces that we have left behind. Some are visible, some invisible to the eye. Words emerge out of empty space, out of silence. As you read and engage, you get the feel of the invisible space tucked between the words we leave behind.

For this very reason I choose to write and create traces of my invisible thoughts, making them visible by following the wonderful process of transformation. Isn’t it exciting when you think about this whole wonder? Being born as a human being, we have this precious gift of thinking, reflecting, speaking, writing, sharing what we think & feel, simply by using the ink. The whole process has become so prevalent that we take it for granted. I think it’s a privilege and a miracle that we are able to communicate.

Writing has always been one of my main ‘go to’ ways of resolving many questions that have been brewing on my mind.  

Hence, it often feels like a quest; content full of questions, topics, and thoughts I have been struggling to comprehend, understand, grasp. Mostly questions about life, nature, trust, love, ego, courage, clarity of mind, suffering, pain, balance.

I feel that my initial burning quest for finding the answers is slowly turning into a flow. I have never had any plans of what I am about to write or when. It comes on its own, often in the middle of the night when I awake and I have to write.

Writing is like a journey, but without the GPS, or Google maps. I know I have to keep on writing, but I don’t know where the story is taking me. What comes next is always a mystery, even to me, and I am as much surprised as you are. I suppose that’s what makes it exciting. It feels like being on a journey of discovery through a written word. That feels nice.

A journey of self-discovery through reflection, writing, and sharing what I write. No plans, simply becoming a flow. What happens next ‘I don’t know’, I’m trusting the flow and I’m looking forward to all that unfolds. It feels special, it feels nice.

And that’s it from me, for now. 🌹

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