What is Love?


Actions arising out of stillness.
Being moved without lifting a finger.
Not trying to pursue a thing.

Being there to hold each other.
Staying present to what unfolds.

I hold you and you hold me.
Until it’s time to let go.
Like a tree branch holds its leaves.
Like the ocean water holds its fish.

All that has to come to light,
Let it come from deep within,
Fear, anger, sadness, frustration, pain.

I remain beside you,
No thoughts,
Not trying to interfere.

Nothing is broken.
Nothing needs to be fixed.

Being fully present is the way,
that sets us free from our self imposed confinement.

I am your timeless self,
The one beside you on our journey,
The one to hold the space when you feel stuck,
A gentle nudge, a wink, a touch of the hand.

No judgment.
Never pushing you away.

Only space.
Space that holds you as you begin emerging from your secret den,
Trusting that you can,
Knowing you are held by grace.

Fear, anger, sadness, frustration, pain.
They start to melt away.
Left behind is empty space.

All you have been taught begins to fade away.
You are on the way to find your self again.

I hold you and you hold me.
In that longest-lasting moment.
The worlds we knew, they disappear.
Just you and me.
Infinity of possibilities.
Tears of compassion.
Everlasting song of silence.
Heart at peace.
Mind comes to rest.
Searching is no more.
I enters the flow.
Emptiness infused with love and light.
I am home.

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