A long-time coming Comeback…

My passion for writing re-emerged after I came back from the workshop I attended in Costa Rica in February 2022.

There’s been a few posts I shared back in 2012, but nothing consistent or continuous. It’s taken a long time to get where I am today.

Storytelling & sharing has always been an important part of every community. It is how people connected to each other, how they passed on their experiences, knowledge, wisdom. It is how they learned from one another and showed their appreciation and respect for fellow members of community. Through music, stories, communal activities, song, dance. I’d like to honor and continue that tradition in the ways I can – through a written word.   

Over the past decade I lived a quiet, inward focused life style. I lived in London UK, Mexico, the US, Canada. I traveled a lot, moved frequently, completed my Master’s degree, progressed professionally, lived an interesting life.

Looking retrospectively, it seems like the main purpose of the past 10 years was finding stability in my life. In my pursuit of better understand who I am, I dedicated my time and efforts towards various spiritual practices, yoga, and meditation.

In October 2021, a dear friend, Kathy, told me about Gabor Mate and his work on trauma. I started reading and listening to whatever was available online. I signed up for the Wisdom in Trauma online course, and the course offered in Blue Spirit in Costa Rica in the beginning of February 2022. All that helped unleash the final few obstacles I never knew I was being confined by.

Many of us can spend a life time struggling, pursuing various spiritual practices, hoping that’s the only way we can free ourselves. We can try very hard, and it still isn’t enough to break through, to be able to live a more authentic, free-flowing, stable life.

For me, meditation and yoga didn’t seem to be enough. Mainly because I had no awareness about my childhood trauma, the scars it has left on my cellular levels with all its consequences that play out in daily life. Starting to learn about trauma, acknowledging my experiences, healing trauma, I have gone through a series of small breakthroughs and that feels very liberating.

I’m glad more people are talking about trauma. It is becoming less of a stigma; people are realizing the impacts of trauma, they are becoming curious, less afraid to start exploring their childhood related experiences and how that might manifest in their lives. I see it as the beginning of a journey when we finally embrace all the memories and association we have stored, start healing ourselves, and finally letting go. Making this world a better place for us, the ones around us, the environment, and the generations to come.    May this new chapter begin and may I be able to write and share stories that are of value to my dear fellow travelers.