This Bird Was Born to Fly

Flying Eagle

Birds – incredible, multidimensional wonders of nature.

Just think about it! Have you ever seen and observed a cormorant in action?

You can see them just about anywhere where there’s a water body full of fish – in rivers, oceans, lakes, you can even see them in London on river Thames, basking in the sun between Tower Bridge and London Bridge on one those remaining wooden pillars sticking out of the river that used to support an old bridge many, many moons ago.

Cormorants can walk the solid surface of this earth, they can spread their winds and soar high up in the sky or they can plunge through the surface of the water, dive in like a pro and catch a fish or two.

What a multiskilled expert – the cormorant.

I love analogies – I love stories and I love observing the interconnectedness all around me, realizing how nothing happens in isolation. Not me, not you!

Human beings – we are a lot like birds, but not necessarily living our fullest potential.

We wobble and hobble quite skillfully on a solid surface. Some of us are also good swimmers.

But how many of us can spread our wings and not only fly, but soar in the realms of the open limitless sky?

For that to happen, balance is required. What balance am I talking about?

For example, let’s go back to our bird. Birds spread their wings – they flap their left wing, right wing and they lift up towards the sky. Both wings have to be in perfect balance, perfect harmony in order to fly. No harmony – no flying.

How does that translate into human experience? Well, let’s say you have wings. Your left wing represents your spiritual state and the right wing your material state of being.

In order to fly you need stability in both of those areas – both need to be in perfect balance so we can fly freely, to soar above the ground.

Message – you need both sides in equilibrium – spiritual and material.  When I say spiritual, I mean all that goes on inside your mind – all your thought processes, moods, emotions, memories, associations. When I refer to material I mean action – your external world – solid tangible manifestation of what you see around you – money, friends, assets, thoughts – everything that goes on inside your mind converted into matter.

Today, I’ve started playing a new, exciting game because I need to achieve a much better balance in my life. This post marks the beginning of the play.

Here’s where I draw the line for now. To be continued…   

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