My Creative Flow

Walking with umbrella

How does it all unfold?
When what comes – comes,
when what goes – goes…

When forces fluctuate like iffy weather,
unknown until known,
right before my eyes,
when sun means warm,
and storm means rain.

At times I get the urge to grab my favorite pen,
I feel the bubbling story itching to appear.
At times I swipe the Notes app on my phone,
swiftly following my thoughts,
packing them all in before they disappear.

There is no consistency,
the passage of the flow is unforeseen. 
Satisfying – yes, to say the least,
by allowing it to flow –
being part of every written row,
how many – I shall never know.

Until the pouring comes to end,
and the weather is no more,
I say thank you,
close my notebook, laptop, or the phone.

Willing to walk the uncharted journey,
what an incredible privilege,
this scrumptious dance of fractals we can all enjoy.

How, why, when… so many questions
I have no answers to explain.
And even if I tried,
it often makes no sense to anyone but me.

Each to their own unique ways,
each of us here to find our own how, why, or when.

You can read as many blogs and books as you may wish,
indulge in stories,
soak in all the podcasts, audios,
take in all the animations, videos.
Nice way to spend your days,
I’m sure it helps achieve a few important goals,
but does it give you what you seek?

You tell me!
Have you found what you’ve been looking for?

Rarely have I found my unique self through interpretations, other’s stories.
Yes, there are some golden nuggets of wisdom, inspirations,
filled with thoughts, charged up emotions, associations, memories,
lots of learning opportunities, motivations.

Yet I find myself most profoundly resourceful when I put my mind to rest,
when I integrate, fuse within my own ‘out of time and sacred space.’
The answers bubble up when temperature is ripe,
when I am willing, ready, open to receive,
when I too become a part of this extraordinary, creative flow.

Just like the ramble you now read and see.
It’s not so much about the content I hereby submit. 
It’s all about the flow,
so you can hop on,
bounce off,
and off you go,
do your thing.

Catch it if you can,
and use it well!


Background reflections:

How does writing occur in my case?

I suppose this process or point of entry varies from one writer to another. Lately, my indication has been counter intuitive – at least for me.

My creative flow happens when I get overwhelmed with incredible sense of boredom. When I’m on the verge of entering another episode of dreading the current reality.

Luckily, I learned to dodge that bullet. All I have to do in is take a pen or a keyboard and let the flow do the rest – allow it to take me for a different kind of spin of my creative endeavors and exciting outpours. I allow myself to become executed for whatever note, message, story wishes to unveil.

And that my friend is my secret of how I enter my creative flow. The secret that’s not a secret anymore.

So, next time boredom, irritation, anxiety, sadness, anger, or anything similar, ‘downward spiraling’ comes to visit… face it with a completely opposite – face it with the unassailable force of uplifting energy. Whatever works for you – painting, singing, playing an instrument, dancing, chiseling, trading, moving, writing, cooking, gardening, etc. Spin its course, chart your own! Just try it out and let the magic of the flow unfold while you become the vessel for whatever needs to happen as you put your naughty mind to rest.

Have a great day and a splendid life


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