Roller-Coaster Ride

Having a human experience can sometimes feel a bit like a roller-coaster ride. All them hormones and emotions that get stirred up at times, when we bump into something or someone out of the blue. There is much more to tell, with all the lessons that have been revealed to me lately. I think its time is due.

I don’t have many secrets. I don’t hold on to any thoughts for too long. I live with my heart. I flow. I try as much as I can. Of course, I also use my brilliant “god” given mind, I’d be silly not to.


To live is to live with my heart. I only think with my mind. 

Train wreck alert… beep, beep, beep

I’ve been saved by the grace before doing anything stupid I would later on regret in my life, many, many times.

Consequences of any sudden decisions we make (non-life-threatening situations that is) fueled by charging hormones and rampant emotions can have substantial effects on our lives and the lives of those around us. Happens at work, in relationships, marriages, families, business affairs, and we all have certain share of responsibilities. Word of caution, be careful, and stay alert. Castles you took decades to build can vanish overnight.

Especially when you’re on the cusp of some pivotal breakthrough, nature will pull out all the tricks of her trade she has mastered to perfection, only to suck you right back into her perpetual game. But even nature is kind. Nature respects the wisdom of ages, abides by your free will – but only when you’re free enough to know that you have a free will to apply. Tricky, I know – because nature is tricky, it has to keep up the game.

I know that quite well; I have recently played that game.

Here’s an example. Imagine being a trader Jo, managing a portfolio worth few millions of dollars, then one day you get carried away, because you’ve gotten yourself into a pickle and became a bit of an emotional wreck. You fall out of the flow and puffff… wrong decision, most of it gone. In a split second. That stash that never comes back. It probably took years to get there, and it will probably take a few years to build it up from the scratch again, hoping you haven’t been totally squashed by the guilt, disappointment, and most powerful of them all – all mighty fear. However hollow it may appear. In those situations, fear is as real, as real can be.

I’m glad I’ve always followed my heart, took a leap of faith and had a few light-hearted, crazy adventures in life, before I was ready to take on more responsibilities with stronger ripple effects. I would never have learned the lesson have I not been a bit crazy.

That’s because I trusted my heart, I trusted life. Some may disagree, perceive a few things I’ve done to be slightly irresponsible and foolish. That’s ok too. For me it was important, empowering. Without those lessons I wouldn’t have learned and realized who I am right now. All those adventures are part of my tapestry and I’m grateful to everyone who has been on this journey with me – physically and in my heart. It’s the way I regained my clarity, strengthened my courage, fell in love with life all over again.

We are all here to play our roles, the best we can, in the time that is given to us to play; the rest is history. And so we sail on.

I could say so much more. but I have to brace myself at times. It can easily become too much. Sometimes less is more. And just because I can, it doesn’t mean I have to. I have a choice. And that’s a great place in life to be.

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