Time is Now

Sundial, park, fountain, sun

Time is now!

Time is always here and now.

The question is,
where are you now?

Are you now?
How much are you now?

Knowingbeing, and loving
the three pillars that lead towards eternal bliss.
Knowing who you are,
Being who you are,
Loving who you are—
the whole of the existence.

How confidently do you know to be yourself? If fragmented – how fragmented? Are you easily taken over by passing thoughts? By changeable emotions? Are you often getting stuck somewhere, marinating, regurgitating, reminiscing?

It’s ok to be wherever you are, as long as you remain aware- watching, being as impartial as you can, seeing what is going on, without reacting, no clinging, aversion, or remorse.
Then, merging back as one whole unity, with more awareness. You disperse your thoughts consciously – only to fuse them back again. You return to your core self.

On the other hand…

When unaware, taken by the whim – unpredictability becomes a poor man’s excuse. A poor man’s choice.

It occurs when you are unable to hold yourself accountable for your actions, and instead, you sink into your unreliable, whimsical reactions.

It simply means you do not know how to hold yourself well and you do not hold yourself long enough to know.

A bitter pill to swallow for the parts of us that like to brag about being unpredictable.
It all comes down to our own instability; lacking balance within ourselves. It’s a useful indicator, part and parcel of our individual progress. As we journey on, strengthening our awareness muscles, our personality is becoming more and more integrated with our true self – the expression of our soul.

Knowing ourselves, no matter what, how long, or where, or who we’re with, is the paramount of a solid backbone. So you don’t get swayed away.

You know the song: “Che sara, sara, whatever will be will be, the future’s not ours to see, che sara, sara.”
I used to sing that as a child – quite often. Today I know that’s not the tune I want to hum and the attitude I choose to aspire to. On the contrary, I know it’s an attitude that leads to an unsettled, fickle mind.

Knowing, being & loving – they are the three pillars that lead towards eternal bliss.
Knowing who you are,
Being who you are,
Loving who you are and the whole of the existence.

God is Love and Love is God. So are you, and so am I.
Every time I get inspired to write, the purpose is always to bring me closer to where I belong.

Yeah, I like today’s message. It clarifies my mind like the fire clarifies the butter into most delicious irresistible ghee! I’m very grateful for this precious gift.

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