We Live, We Love, We Learn

Our hearts are the strongest, at the same time, they are also very vulnerable.

The magic, the power that holds love together is very delicate. Yet, its unusual strength appears to be of one single invisible thread to start with.

Never try to temper with such fragile, god given energies. It causes disturbance; all it takes is one small alteration and the blessing can be gone. Such a fine-tuned frequency, razor sharp clarity, so easily gone if one isn’t careful enough. If we try to interfere with the forces beyond our understanding.

It ruffles my feathers, knowing that a minor mind influenced modification can cause such a turmoil. How can it hold so much power? Am I dealing with forces I am no match for? Can we, as humans, be humble enough and learn to be more considerate, gentler with each other’s tender hearts? 

It’s true.

Loving can hurt.
It can get hard sometimes.
Loving can heal.
Love makes you feel alive.
We play, we giggle, we make love, we surrender to its magic.
Sometimes we stumble,
but only to learn, to rise wiser, stronger, more loving.
We see, we feel, we hear, we get to experience the whole range.
I know.

You know.

When I start to shiver,
if my voice trembles,
and I end up in tears.
Hold me closer to your heart, my heart.
I hold you & you hold me.
Never let go.
I love you.

You love me.

I love you & you love me.
You are my eternal fire, my everlasting kiss.
I am your part, as you are part of me.
The bond, the thread between us runs deep, beyond, and above.

It’s so easy to forget, to get lost in this world filled with mind driven activities, goals, expectations, distorted priorities, packed schedules, disturbances, jealousy, resentment, crude use of power, fear mongering, acidic anger, caustic sadness, chaos, and confusion. In this day and age, it often feels, as if nearly everyone is so love deprived, they just want to squeeze out every ounce of you once they sniff out the irresistible life force. As soon as they get a chance. Some consciously, some subconsciously. Can’t blame them. It’s what starvation does to us, human beings with gentle hearts and mighty souls.

Where do lovers stand? The rare breed, the visible, glowing few, the chosen ones who stand firmly, soaked in love? Do they even get a chance? How long before the world rips it out of their core, like a vulture rips out the heart of the carcass… out of the empty, rotting body, left beside the busy road. A body, that was once somebody’s temple, adorned, filled with grace, love, and life, and now… nobody cares any more, yet alone notice. Though, the vulture appears grateful & content. Such is the cycle of life; I suppose.

Only by being fully present, attentive & always maintaining pure heart, we get to weave our golden thread of love, make it stronger. Ever so lovingly, never in haste, out of caution or fear, else we get all tangled up. Then, the whole affair becomes a mess, it’s no longer fun.

Love is the force of life, it’s a free spirit, the freest, most demanding of them all. It commands all our attention; it requires us to surrender. Love can never be managed, controlled, or conquered; let that false thought and habit go away. For your own good.

Stay humble, forever grateful, be present, trust entirely. When you learn to easily surrender to love, it gives you wings, you grow stronger, you see clearly, you simply know, and you no longer get so easily swayed or lost. May we all rise above and soar like the eagles in celestial kingdom, the highest of the glory.


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