Mirror Reflection of Ubiquitous Self

Sweet little poem.
Mirror reflection of ubiquitous Self.
A reminder.
For me.
For you.
For us all in this round circling, wondrous, wide world.

I come to this world to play;

All that I see around me,
It’s all me.

Different expressions of me;
Shapes, sizes, ages, colors, genders.

It doesn’t matter how I see,
It’s all me,
Full circle, me.

More or less me;
Whatever I see,
All around,
More or less of me.

I see;
It matters not what you can see,
Whatever you see,
It’s all me.

Is that what you seek?
You are a part of me,
You see,
It’s all me.

I see;
It’s all me,
All around

I close my eyes and I can see;
It has always been me.

All of it;
Just me.

And I;
I come to this world to play,
And to be what I am.

Me ~ the ubiquitous Self

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