The Essence of Rose

Boy and the rose

How about if I simply fall in love, and drop the uncertainty.

I accept the unknown, for nothing in life remains certain. Apart from the trap of thinking there is such a thing as certainty, hence paying the price for disturbed inner peace.

Love is a state of being, not doing. We are beings of love. Lifelong lovers of life itself.

Why then, oh mind, why do you fear? There is nothing to be grasped, hence nothing to lose. Love transcends all limitations. Oh, dear beloved mind, you too are loved. Don’t fret, be free from this vicious circle of misery.

When you smell a rose, your thoughts disappear. Your beingness becomes fully engrossed in the sensory experience that opens the door to divine essence of the rose. Yes, my dearest one, that melting is what it’s all about. The moment out of time when you whiffed your own essence.

Nothing to take away, yet everything there. That split moment of emptiness filled with overspilling awareness. Let that moment be your anchor, your shining light, when all sorts of worldly events try to lure you away.

Trust life,

Trust the unknown.
Drop all expectations.

Let the story unfold on its own.

Allow the heavenly rose to show you the way.

Let kindness be your compass, leading the way,

through twists and turns, in every night and day.

An open mind, a heart that’s soft and true,
with a strong spine to bear what life asks of you.

I am a wanderer, belonging to none,
Roaming the earth under the radiant sun.
No worldly possessions tie me down,
unbound and unchained I’m found.

Yet, in the depths of my soul, I hear the call,
a whisper of love that echoes through it all.
I am an extension of your love divine,
a reflection of the light that in you shines.

For you are the universe, expanding and bright,
a starburst of love in the darkest night.
And in the infinite expansion of your heart,
I find my home.

From hereon out my story begins.

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