At Your Own Sweet Pace

There is a certain kind of beauty
when you trust and follow your own pace.
Affording you an enticing life of harmony
not getting swayed away by the crazy race.

Often, there’s no need to rush
or try to get ahead of yourself only to crash.

By syncing with your own natural speed
and finding your rhythm,
you tune into your unique unfolding of time—
allowing yourself to listen, to explore fully;
to dive deeper into the source of your own voice;
to experience the grace as it unfolds
in its own pace,
just like the bud of a poet’s wife rose.

I do love the rush and excitement,
but not for the price of getting carried away.

Life is a balancing act.
Try to remember the equilibrium
in everything you do and choose to entertain.

Don’t get swayed away
for the sake of wanting to be among
the first few ahead of the game.
Sure, there can be a reaping reward at the end of the day,
but there’s also a burning price you may have to pay.
Unless, of course, that’s how you were born
and how you freely choose to play.

Either way,
keep your feet firmly rooted on the ground.
Get to know who you are.
Assess your values, your priorities,
your potentials, your most dearest needs and wants.

There will come a time
when your wings will carry you
with a light speed ahead of all those
who once rushed and lost their way
for the sake of fear of missing out,
only to be left behind.  

Find your own sweet pace.
Learn from Mother Nature.
Everything happens in perfect time and space.

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