Black Magic Pen

The black pen starts to sing,
I begin to write,
a song yet unsung,
unheard to any human ears but mine.

Teasing out my thoughts,
it makes me smile,
I never noticed how smooth, elegant, graceful is your flow.
Forgive me, I did not know.

Silver pen in blazing fire, fading my desire.  

Sweet are your words,
yet, you slack in some actions.
Don’t grumble, be grateful, be humble!
Let go of certain expectations,
loosen up, reset,
and drop your idea of perfection!

Illusion is strong,
the spell is quite binding,
but no earthly attraction could keep me from finding, 
the truth you were hiding. 

Silver pen in blazing fire,
smoke arises, 
higher, higher,
all consumed is my desire.

The nib is bent,
beyond repair,
the ink that spills no more is spent.
I smile…

Life lessons of a different, peculiar digression,
that takes me on a ride I willingly take part.
A side of me I no longer wish to hide.
The wholeness comes with all its parts.

Fleeting memories of a little girl,
who once took fancy in a froggy tale…
It all began to fade away.
Has this chapter come to end?

I gaze towards the sky,
the hum so perfectly aligned.
I hear the ocean in my veins,
I feel the coming waves,
sweeping me away.

The tide has reached its height,
I can no longer linger, stay behind.
The bond is strong,
the calling of the heart,
more powerful than any sound.

I don’t look back, towards the shore.
My gaze steadfast towards horizon,
I break the spell.
My breath, my inner fire, my heartbeat.
My dear chaitanya*, unconsumed, pure, free, everlasting.

In my heart, 
I reignite the flame,
that keeps me present,
it keeps me sane.

On this faithful, cloudy night,
I’m pulling out this stream of thoughts,
with my good old, reliable, black magic guide.

And that’s it for now…
because no matter which one I choose or when,
black, silver, or white,
purple, yellow, red, or any shades of grey.
It’s all ok, as long as I don’t lose my way.

I thank you, I thank you, I thank you,
I thank you for always being here for me,
I thank you for showing me the way,
to be and not to be.


*Chaitanya (Sanskrit: चैतन्य) refers to ‘awareness’, ‘consciousness’, ‘Conscious Self’, ‘intelligence’ or ‘Pure Consciousness’.

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