Systems thinkering

20160611_074953 Any system, that can no longer sustain itself in its present form is bound to be consumed by another system or it needs to evolve. All living systems are connected and inter-dependent. Take an example of a simple flower pot. Roots are plugged into the soil, plant growth depends on the soil substance, mineral and nutrient richness, soil microorganisms and other bacteria invisible to human eye. It also depends on  provision of H2O, CO2 and sunlight. Receiving from below and above. Don’t forget the bees, bugs and butterflies hovering around, pollinating tirelessly day in day out.

As human beings we represent an inherent part of the system at large. In general, complexity of our lives has increased significantly if we compare a life style of an individual living in a metropolitan city these days with an individual living in a more rural environment ca 30 year ago. Major factors influencing this change are increased quantity of information human mind is willing to process and engage in as well as the notion of the pace of life, rushed in every single way. Mind is trained and consistently encouraged to focus more on the end rather than the means to an end. This means we are always somewhere else, that is not, rather than here and now, that is all there is. Have you ever heard of Allan Watts?

Music and Life

Time serves its purpose. IMO it’s a parameter that needs to be put into perspective and understood in its many various forms. However, governed by a linear time perception  we can easily become enslaved into something that is limited.

I wonder; is our limited understanding of a larger time span compromised due to our short term existence and hence inability to comprehend larger dimension of time? And, am I trying to fit something infinite to my currently limited and finite ability of understanding ?


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