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Couplet’s Glow

The seed, the flower and the fruit


trust is a liberating force.
lack of trust keeps me away
from following the ways of the heart.


being stuck is a reflection of what goes on inside.
there’s no need to pretend,
when creative juices stop to flow,
even pooping takes a blow.


the precious state of mind,
showing where I am,
what I need to see, accept, chew through before I’m able to move on.


only love can move me from within,
wanting me to carry on
where heart whispers me to go.

courage and will

the unassailable force of the heart, the body and the mind,
the move, the view, the thought, the feel.


from the top of the hill,
the ocean shore,
the meadow green,
or my office throne.


to the world and the people,
the loved ones,
the harmony and chaos,
the mother and the sun,
the song and the trees,
the flowing waters,
to life.


from the seed, to a flower, 
from a flower to a fruit, 
from a fruit to the seed.


the journey is the flow,
it’s that simple,
you do know.

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