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Fireflies & Sweet Cherries

Dancer, Cherry Tree and Fireflies

Spring bids us goodbye… when midnight strikes it’s summer time! 

Poets in the Night,
dancing through the day.
The music lifts me up,
my body sways, feet lead the way.

The rhythm of the rhyme
The rising of the dawn;
she sets the pace, the vibe, 
I move, I get into the groove.

The offspring squeaks at midnight, 
the egg of summer cracks,
days lean towards the dimmer half,
we move, slide through, 
unfettered, devoid of getting stuck.

Fireflies glow bright in summer night,
the rising of the sun, 
you make my day, 
you set the tone.

The spirit of the open heart,
beckons me to step outside,
to touch the grass,
to dance, to sing, to interplay,
to feel the joy, to thrive.  

Sweet summertime romance,
Let’s dance! 


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