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Meet Me Where I Am

Robin Bird sitting on a branch

I’m standing still,
ears caught by the song of birds and humming drops of rain,
by the swoosh of passing cars and scheduled trains.

Again, I find myself aware of a rushing world,
a few days, a few miles away from sacred place
well-sheltered from the mechanic race.

I find myself at peace,
despite the traffic of the busy world.
I am what I have always been.

Eyes glance around the whirling Mother Earth,
gazing across the tangled web of restless thoughts
through space of manmade noise and ceaseless clutter,
with less and less remaining space,
where spirit comes to meet the matter.

Eyes peer toward the happy song of a Robin,
towards the chitter-chatter of three smiling ducks,
towards the graceful crane,
standing in the stillness of the flowing water,
waiting to receive its faithful share.

Fly high and rise above the plane of fear and worries.
Dive deep into the wonder of Gaia’s stories,
from mountain peak to ocean shore,
to steep valley through wind and storm,
until the day you reach the core;
There dwells a need to search no more.

The sun shines brighter when you live to love,
when your heart is open,
when you smile with childlike joy.
It’s all that really matters.
It’s all that really matters,
as we journey on,
hand in hand
heart to heart.

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