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Nine Billion of Us

Nine billion of us, drumming the same beat – together.
I chiseled out the following few verses for you, for me, for us all.

Let’s get this vibe right.
Gently close your eyes, breathe in and out.

Only this time breath through your heart.

If you feel the sudden twitch, that’s all right.
Take a deep sigh of relief – that’s a good start.

And so it begins…
My story is but one of billions of stories unfolding
in this moment of time. 
There are many themes we all have in common.
This one is about love and acceptance. 
It’s how it all begins,
with the sweet loving fragrance called life. 

Yet, I’m always seeking something more.
Wondering, what am I here for? 
What have I got to give that can be lovingly received?
How can I best serve in this life?

Am I not enough, the way I am?
This question comes with such unease.
Is it possible to feel too much?
So much, it sometimes drives me nuts.

I suppose we all come with a safety switch –
just like the fuse box comes with the home.
When the surge gets too strong,
the lights simply go out.

If its night time, it gets pretty dark. 

I know it too well – I also switch off.
Going from one extreme to nothing at all in my own magnetic field. 
Thank God for the impeccable heartbeat,
it knows how to drum on its own.

I drove many things to an abrupt close – out of fear.
It’s the fear that kills the flow.
I need to let go of my compulsion to control.
I can be hesitant with the unfamiliar, the unknown – I know.
Deeply rooted imprints of various events
have formed patterns of the fight & flight reflex.
Fight & Flight.

And just when I’m about to shut down,
the lighting strikes,
I get an insight. 

I recall there’s a different, lighter way I can take –
I can breathe through my heart,
and vibrate in a different way.
Not how I was programmed to be,
but what I was truly meant to be.
If you know what I mean.
There’s a way to be.
I know it well, it’s always been there.

Light is right
and often – less is more.

I’ve always been grateful for guidance, words of wisdom,
but I no longer seek gurus to define my way. 
I am ‘the way’.
The wisdom of ages is inherent in us all.
Through billions of us it flows when we open up
and trust the synchronous flow.

I need you to be by my side.
My kind, loving, receptive heart,
most precious in my life.

As I remember and hum these sacred words,
every hour of my day, 
both fight and flight begin to fade away.
A kind, loving, receptive heart is what sets me free.

I thank you for hearing me out,
for receiving me,
with your open heart.
By being received I’m able to give,
to feel and to heal.

I am not just a useless kid I was once thought to believe.
We all have something precious to give.
More than anything else, a kind, loving, and receptive heart. 

There are 9 billion of us, drumming the same beat,
with 9 billion beautiful hearts, each moment, together.
Humming the sacred tune.

I know that the sum of its parts is always greater
than the parts when taken separately.

And I’m also aware that no matter how far on the ‘highway’ I reach,
I’m always the same distance away from the ditch. ☺️

Happy December 2022.
Let’s have a jolly good ride in 2023,
and may the mighty force be with us all! 🍓❤️🍒

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