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After many life learned lessons and lots of contemplation I wrote myself a poem.
Here… may this poem be a beacon of light for your heart, if needed be.

That is, if self-forgiveness is what you seek.


I seek forgiveness.
Forgiveness from myself,
for judging what I did or did not do.
Blaming me for failures, 
only I defined as such.

Driven by the force of merciless, self-made judge;
creating events only to give rise to the unyielding force,
wrapped in a dark, fear mongering cloak.

I did that to myself.
Most of the time.
Forgive me my heart,
for cutting you short.

Forgive me for playing so harsh,
for causing you grief, self-imposed strain.

Forgive me,
for not letting you be free.

Finally, I am learning to forgive.
The iron chain begins to crack,
as I start leaning in and letting go.

Be free,
my beloved heart,
invincible source & force of love.
Be free.


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