The Matrix Attraction 2022

My fairy friends

Every Soul who has ever crossed this earthly realm is precious and special. And it’s not even an April’s fool day joke. I mean it, wholeheartedly. You are special.

You are not alone. There’s no need to go looking for aliens out of space. There are countless different beings who permeate this very realm we breathe and walk. They don’t even have to hide.  For any particular reason? I don’t know. Dear fairylike folks. Thanks for gracing us with your elusive presence. Thanks for your sweetest sprinkle of fairy dust.

I love dancing to various tunes on the wondrous planet Earth. Mama’s world.
Different worlds collide, reminding us there is more to this world than the eye can see, but the heart already knows. We all come here to do what we like most, to play.

Sometimes we get carried away. Sometimes we lose ourselves just to be found again. And that’s ok too. Whatever as to happen, may it happen wholeheartedly. The experience we have to taste in life will manifest itself in different forms and shapes. All that for me, so I can taste life. Full flavor…. umami.

How long will I go on tasting? As long as I had enough. Until I start asking a question: “who are you?” Only to realize you too are on the journey of finding your way home.
No judgement for how you are or what you do or have done. Only gratitude for having come to play with me when my heart called / desired for a playmate. Even if you suddenly disappeared one night and left a big void in the space your presence once commended. Life is full of mysteries. And I am game.

Fairytales I have absorbed as a child are as real now when I’m all ‘grown up’ as they were when I was a child. I loved them full heartedly. Once upon a time they were my reality. I love them now when they represent part of my current reality. Not even 8 years of institutional indoctrination of fear mongering, trying to make me believe there is this external heaven and hell and that I’m an eternally condemned sinner were able to take that away. In fact, they have failed to take me away.

And it’s perfectly OK once you recognize and learn to navigate through life. It’s ok to live an unconventional life. Matrix is all around and that’s not perfect either. Even Matrix has cracks, and yes, just like the movie tells, there are older and bigger stories than the Matrix itself. Even Neo gets lost for a while. And it’s ok. Truth sets him free. His heart was pure. The life, the bond, the call of the heart was strong. He wanted to go home. A perfect journey, with a perfect ending that never ends. It’s still going on, in my heart. In your heart. In many hearts. Making the Matrix fully aware that things are not to be taken for granted, not even human ignorance in this day and age.

Let’s keep on cracking this veil and dodging the bullets. I’m game.

This feels nice, it makes me smile and feel warm from within, it gives me the buzz. I tune in and hear the hum. I could listen to this hum, the sound of silence, the eternal song, forever. Oh the joy of feeling alive, the truly everlasting joy divine. All this, and so much more.

Om Namo Gurudev Namo ॐ

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